Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Best of 2004

Pals and other friends, I wanted to say that it has been a great 2004. I look forward to an even greater '05 which will include finishing law school (yipee,) taking the bar (ugh,) and (cross your fingers) passing the bar! I hope you all have a wonderful end to your year. Here's a recap of my thoughts on 2004.


Best Event: My Wedding!

Best Movies: Shrek 2, The Incredibles, Harry Potter

Best Over-Played Song: Hey Ya'

Best TV Moment: Friends Finale - Especially when the tape ran out with like 3 minutes left and there was sheer horror for all of us present. Good thing we were taping two things that night.

Best Book: East of Eden

Best New-ity of 04: GMAIL!

Most Shocking News of 04: My little brother's plans to wed.

MW's Word of the Year: Blog
Jo's Word of the Year: Clearly

Other Memorable Things of 2004 in no particular order:

1. I got a new car!!!!
2. My brother and his wife moved to North Dakota. :(
3. Shannon got a job at PL!
4. Carrie moved to LA. :(
5. Loving Husband got a job at That Electronic Maker.
6. Becky joined the Army.
7. I had knee therapy for 4 months.
8. Janae moved to TN :(
9. My brother bought a house.
10. We all started our lovely livejournals.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Saturday, December 11, 2004

I'm D-O-N-E!!!!

One more semester!!!! EVER! Oh I am so happy.
I must go celebrate.
Oh it's excellent!!!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2004

Merry Finals Season

December is here! Finals are here! But most importantly -- time to decorate and celebrate the holiday season has arrived. This season always makes my mood 100% better than it would be during any other time of the year. I love it. The icon is that of our home :) Yep, all decorated as of yesterday. Loving Husband helped me put up the tree and decorate that on Tuesday night and then in a method of procrastination I finished decorating the rest of the apartment. It is quite festive.

Update on Derek and Co....
The check has arrived! Now we just have to deal with the hold at the bank and in 10 business days they can have their home. However, nothing is smooth with my brother - as said previously they have FIVE dogs all which were bought well before they should have acquired the house, but now, 10 business days away from moving in, my brother - my oh so dumb but loving brother sold one of the dogs for $50! A STEAL (for the new owner). He paid over $300 for that dumb dog (the boy weenier dog) and they are trying to find a home for the Golden Retriever. And their logic? Oh yes that do have it. It is because the kennel fees are too big to handle. NOW. NOW they are deciding this - not before they paid $300+ for each of these animals, not before they paid over $500 in kennel fees for the last month - no NOW when they have 10 business days before they move in their home. Sigh -- and it isn't "Oh good now they will have three dogs" No you know, just as well as I, that they will simply go spend a different $300+ to replace the dogs.

Dead week is progressing nicely. I have about 300 note cards made - I know about 50 of them. My first final is on Sunday and my last one is next Saturday. 5 in all. I might be dead after next week -- but at least then I'll be able to officially say -- only one more semester EVER!

Thanksgiving was nice -- the inlaws were here. It was nice, but I like having our house to ourselves again. I hope that all of you had a nice Thanksgiving and that all is well. It's been forever since there has been substantial updates on these here journals. How are all of you?

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Watch Jeopardy. Do it!

If you are a follower of the great rise of Ken Jennings --- perhaps you'll be interested to watch his mighty fall tonight. Where almost certainly he flubs it on purpose. If you'd like more information - I have it.

Stats of Mr. Jennings:
Earnings through Nov. 29

2,613: Correct Answers
2,848: Answers Attempted
-- Not Including 'Final Jeopardy!'

2,575: First Ring-ins
93: Category Sweeps

132: 'Daily Doubles' Correct
157: 'Daily Doubles' Attempted

51: 'Final Jeopardy!' Correct
74: 'Final Jeopardy!' Attempts

Monday, November 22, 2004

Minot Madness

So I am in quite the festive mood - I started working on my grandma's christmas present. This year she will be receiving a photo album of many many pictures of all the family as we have grown up over the last 20 years or so. It started out that this would be an easy, inexpensive gift... well - at least it is still easy. Several pictures to develop, the album, the scrapbooking goodness, adds up fast. But it is great fun, and I am sure that she'll cry and clearly that is the best sign of a good gift - making grandmas cry.

But back to the subject matter at hand... MINOT! Oh let me tell you - this place is almost as great as Calimesa! Yep - Britton might be the only one to get that reference, but that's about it - in a nut shell. The town itself has all the essentials, Target, Taco Bell & Tailgaters - Minot itself is a decent size, more so than I would have thought. However, where they are moving to, Bottineau, they have ONE "market" and 5 whole gas stations and ummm Mae's Beanie Baby Shop. Yep... I know.

It was nice- rather enjoyable visit... the actual purpose of dropping over $700 for a weekend trip was to close the house and help them move in, but instead we simply did a walk through. Why because Mellon Service Investors didn't sell the stock. Theoretically today after yelled and screamed to 7 different people (each one higher up than the previous one) the stock sold while we were on the phone. They will expedite the check. Written apologizes will be drafted. I will have daily updates on the status of the check being issued. (I can be scary when need be, clearly.)

So Minot was great - it was supposed to snow while I was there but I guess instead it decided to snow back in the 909 - yah, what the hell?! I just watched The Day After Tomorrow --- Maybe it's happening!!?!!! Or not.

Well anyway - a happy birthday to Leann. I am sorry I couldn't be there to par-ta' down... Congrats on debate - I heard you kicked a**

Monday, November 15, 2004

life's amusements

Can anyone believe that Christmas is so close? I mean, I can almost legitimately listen to Christmas music without being scoffed at. This month is half over, that is crazy. However, I am quite excited that I have a week and a half left of classes. It's been a rough semester, but guess what!! I HAVE ONE MORE SEMESTER LEFT... EVER!!!! Oh it's so happy.

Besides being elated that school being done is just around the corner... life is pretty uneventful. Loving Husband and Co. took mere hours to beat Halo 2 and were unimpressed with the outcome from what I have heard... which is quite unfortunate. Work and Loving Husband are getting along nicely. I am balancing well between school, work, and playing accountant/Realtor for my brother. So for all of you that are amused my brother's antics feel free to read on...

Latest Update:
First of all I have been selling stock so that my brother and his lovely wife can purchase their home outright. Well, in order to get the deed, you kinda need to have the check in hand. A tradeoff if you will. This makes sense to you, me, the Realtor, the lawyer, and anyone else besides my brother. The long and the short of it is that Mellon Investors Services screwed up royally and have YET to sell the stock as of 2:00 p.m. EST on Monday 11/15/04. We have invested in a $600 ticket for my lovely self to fly to Minot, ND on Thursday night to be there for the CLOSING (that lovely hand over the cash get the deed ceremony) Funny enough though, we don't have a check to hand to them!!!! Yay, pissed! So I had my words with good ol' Mellon employees for about an hour today... and then another hour spent explaining to my brother that, no we can't just move in and tell them we'll give them the check as soon as it gets here. So, yes I am indeed going to Minot on Thursday night and yes I will be there for a full business day and yes there is plenty of time to sign all documents. But no, we will not be doing anything productive regarding purchasing the house.

Besides the house, my little brother has also added to his family size. Now don't panic, no small children are on their way (that would have been a headline of the post, if that were the case.) However, the happy couple have invested in 4 more dogs in addition to the lovely Droopy, still featured as my icon. Yes, that is right, 4 more dogs. 2 short wire-haired weenier dogs named Jewel and Max (they are going to breed them so they can sell the pups and still afford to EAT!) 1 cocker spaniel named, what else, Lady. And finally 1 Golden Retriever pup named Claire. Yep, and they have 5 baby hamsters in addition to the already large populous of hamsters. So they aren't moving into a new home, they are moving into a zoo.

Well, that is about all as of late. I'm off to Minot on Thursday, and I am sure I'll have plenty of adventures to share when all is said and done with that. Shannon - what have you been up to?!

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Election is OVER

I must say I am pleased with the national results. Not only will we keep our president, we will also keep him free and clear of any legal mumbo jumbo. Thank GOD Kerry didn't feel the need to contest any state. Unfortunately there is about 48% of America out there that is pissed, sad or fearful for our country now that Bush has been confirmed for another 4 years. To those of you I say, it might suck from your point of view, but the best you can do is join the other 51% or lobby your congressman (at least that's what the persuase speech would tell you to do in debate.) We can hem and haw over the idiocies of the past four years - or we can look to the future. Give this man some credit and let him do the job that over half of America thinks he can do, has done, and will continue to do. I am not one for a political soap box so on the matter of the President, I am done.

On to the local... What the heck is with the Write-In winning??? Donna Frye -or Mickey Mouse- our Mayor. Interesting... Yep that's all I got there. Interesting. My favorite was that our Good Ol' Mayor thought it would be a good idea to give a "congratulatory me" speech - when the polls sat at 33%, 33%, 33%... guess he didn't want the speech to go to waste and that might have been the last time to use it. :)

Thanks to Britton for watching the polls come in till the wee hours over the WWW. It was pleasant even if his Independent views kept honing in on all the excitement. Er or something :) Go Nader!

One final thought on all of the elections: Prop 66. WHY WHY WHY? Working in the legal community and being immersed in it for the last three years I have to say that although the general principle behind this proposition was well founded. The wording of what has passed is a serious and detrimental blow to the legal system and the safety of our state. I agree that Three Strikes should have been changed, but not this way.

Ok that is all... no mas on the elections :) Just coy smiles here and there--

Monday, October 25, 2004

Christmas Music!

Yes, I am aware Halloween hasn't even happened yet... but oh how I love to the holiday music! I've been listening to Christmas music ALL DAY LONG! I'm ready for Christmas! It's my favorite time of the year!!! And the beginning of the Christmas season is the end to the horrid semester :) YES!!!! Josh Groban singing "Oh Holy Night" how could a day get ANY better?!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Randomness from the rain

It's still early today, but so far today this is what I have seen:

1. The Vandekamp fish sticks man walking down the street,

2. A man screaming at the pavement, while violently thrashing his pink and purple umbrella... and finally;
3. A bus totally soak 5 people walking carefully over a puddle that had formed in front of them.

Does it make me a bad person that I was completely amused by all of this?

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


I love the rain and right now it is pouring... it's so great! Why can't we have more days like this? Why, because So Cal is ill-equipped to handle rain. I.E. Floating dumpsters, 7 accidents between Sunset Cliffs and the 163, and the floods in the offices next to ours. Yes, rain is nice, but So Cal can't handle it. Pansies!
So allow me to introduce you to the cutest dog ever! Her name is Droopy and she is featured as my icon currently. That is the latest addition to Derek and Jennifer's home. (an illegal addition) Allow me to share what they are up to...

My brother has some interesting ways of thinking... he is currently stuck in a lease for a year (or 10 more months) and he found it to be a brilliant idea to put a down payment down on a house! So now, my little brother and his clueless wife will be purchasing a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom home that they have only seen the outside of. If they chose to drop the pursuit of this house, they lose their down payment. (I think I got the common sense in the family.) Anyway... the only positive thing is that they seem to be really excited about this new place, the neighborhood and the OUTSIDE of the house. :) Jennifer is excited that it has hardwood floors. I think she'll change her mind when it's 2 below zero outside and the floor inside is like walking on a frozen lake... but maybe not.

My brother also got his wisdom teeth out today... the full effect: drugged up, knocked out... and sent packing home. Jennifer has been taking care of him today.. but he insists that he is fine. Although has asked her 12 times so far today if he could take his teeth home with him. Fine is a relative term I guess.

Besides trying to keep my brother from the clutches of the collection agencies... Life is pretty uneventful here. Currently breaking from work, not much is going on. Had a fabulous weekend with the debate team. Enjoying the team, the event, and the good ol' times with Shannon and Co..

That is all for now... off to actually get some food and then float my car back to the office and pray that I am not the 8th accident between Sunset Cliffs and the 163 today.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Another one bites the dust

Oh how I am counting down the weeks... I only have six remaining for classes and I am oh so happy. I am currently sitting in my advance legal research class. It hasn't started yet. It is so incredibly boring. There is nothing advanced about this course and that is frustrating. Enough complaining.

Today is Thursday which once again means Thursday night TV with Carrie! It is much fun... we have dinner and watch TV for 3 hours... how grand is that? We enjoy it, but sadly we will only be enjoying it for another 2 months because Carrie is going to move to LA. :( She wants to be closer to her sister and Aly, which I can understand... but will be very sad to see her go. Who will I watch TV with on Thursday nights?! No not my husband he dispizzzzes all the shows. SIGH... Well, I'll enjoy it till it ends. And tonight we are making yummy chicken pasta.

Debate tourney this weekend! Sooo excited. But I have just been informed I will have to be here the entire time of my class... not happy. I must go and cry now.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Life is too short sometimes

Wow, so I just heard from Faith, and her younger brother Daniel, died yesterday. He was only 21. 3 years ago he went to his chiropractor and his life changed. A "knot" in his back turned out to be a tumor the size of a football. A couple of surgeries, 3 ribs removed and 42 staples in his side later he was tumor free. He went through Chemo and after a while seemed to be on the up and up and even went back to some classes at a JC. Then because fate wasn't cruel enough to him, he ended up with secondary "kids" leukemia. At one point he had no white cells ... but he fought on. From what I am told, in June the doctors told him to go live the rest of his life the way he wanted to, there was nothing more they could do. So Daniel went back to Roswell to be near family, friends and his church. And that is where his story ends as of Thursday evening.

It's just so hard to imagine that someone our age could be gone just like that. He led a normal life just like the rest of us ... but it wasn't in God's plan to have him be with us longer than those 21 years. He is in a much better place now. But for the rest of us left here it's a tough blow to reality, life's frailty and what really matters.

May you rest in peace, Daniel. You were an awesome guy.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Life as it were

It was a good weekend around here. Everything with our apartment is coming together nicely. It's starting to look like a home now. Most everything is in order. Our office no longer looks like it exploded. My tire has it's second patch and second nail removed. And my brother came down to visit and to remove the bed from the living room!

My brother down here was the final time that he'll visit here. Derek and Jen are leaving for North Dakota on Wednesday. It makes me kind of sad that the only time I'll see him now is when I fly to exciting MINOT! I will be doing that in January, the dead of winter... if I don't come back, send out the snow dogs.

So to mark his visit we spent Saturday night watching movies,forfeiting game night...deep sadness, next time guys. Today we got ourselves up for church and then Derek and I headed to the zoo for the afternoon. 5 hours of hiking (4 miles) it was a lot of fun to just spend time with him and I am glad that we got to do it before he took off to start working with the missles. (Scary thought by the way.)

The weekend is now over, and I must return to work and school. ECK! Another week to go. (Hopefully fast.) Is it bad to wish for the weekend before the week has even started? Hehe

Enjoy your week everyone!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Back to the swing of things...

So for all that haven't heard, our honeymoon was in JAMAICA! It was so fabulous. The water was super warm, we just laid out and relaxed. We stayed at this all inclusive resort, where everything was free (well once we paid the extreme upfront costs) but it was so nice. We ate at 5 star restaurants, room service 24 hours a day, and a gorgeous view. Our first room was literally 10 feet from the ocean, then Hurricane Charly came and we had to move to a different room, still nice, but not as close. It was so nice to be able to just spend time with each other and not have to run off and be somewhere at a particular time.

Again I still have to thank everyone that helped out with the wedding so so much! I couldn't have done it without any of you. And I have pictures, oh so many pictures. We have the professional ones back from the photographer already too. They are really really good. Stop by and see them some time.

Yesterday I started back to classes, so not ready to, but it wasn't that bad. I think I'll actually enjoy my remedies class (the one that I didn't want) but my real property transactional class I am a bit skeptical about still. I have two more classes today and then I have Fridays off! (at least this one)

I myself head back to work on Monday, but I don't have nearly as cool of a job as Shannon. I am so happy that your job is kick-ass Shan. But I'm even more happy that it's a kick-ass job in So Cal. (Can I say ass on "Livejournal"?)

Loving Husband and I are slowly getting our house into order, and I do mean slowly. We opened all of our gifts and they were rad, most people gave us cash and we aren't complaining at all about that. We have the reception up in our hometown on Saturday from 4-8... all you peeps are welcome to come, just email me for the directions and info.

Must start my day now. Enjoy yours.

Wednesday, August 4, 2004


Guys, it has been a glorious time. First, I want to thank everyone sooo soo much for making the wedding day super great! IT wouldn't have gone off so well without everyone that helped! Shannon!!! Seriously thank you for all your help. I am so glad that you were able to be a part of it, and I hope that your mouth didn't kill too much from all the pictures. :)
The wedding was marvolous and ON TIME (much to Joann's shock and dismay I do believe) Yes, that was my one mad-bride-ism (that I am aware of) But it was on time and I was super happy. The ceremony was great. The pastor/priest blessed me by banging me on the side of the head, talked over me on one of my lines... I think it was the "Honoring one another line" so I think I get to skip that part.... but despite the loon of a pastor/priest... it was beautiful. Kelley and Dawn worked their asses off to make it look wonderful, and everyone else did great to get everything in order before hand.
Seriously though, I owe the most graditude to my dear maid of honor. I would have died without Becky and she seriously did way above and beyond the duty of a maid of honor. I was so happy to have her there!
Honeymoon so far! OK guys, I married the greatest guy ever. (I knew this beforehand but he has reaffirmed over and over again) So far every place we have been to (which includes his parents house, stop 3 on our list) there has been a dozen roses, strawberries, and chamagne waiting for us when we arrived. The hotel that we stayed at the night of the wedding... his parents/Troy/and Sister had gone in and sprinkled rose petals on the bed. So nice. We arrived at the lodge, they had music playing and the roses (more pretty than at the wedding!) so nice. We are at his parent's house for the next couple of days since Ryan the groomsman is getting married on Saturday, and it's been nice to just relax and do nothing but lounge around. We've taken some pictures of the places that we have stayed at so that everyone can get an idea of the places.
I am having a relaxing time, unwinding from all of the stress of the event. Again though, serious thanks to everyone that helped out with that. It wouldn't have been nearly as cool or elegant without all of the help that I had on the day or before! Leann! Thanks so much for the well wishes on the day of the event.
Again everyone, please don't forget you are all invited to our party up in Berdo on August 21st! Check our website for further information and for WEDDING PICTURES! There's only a few, but they are pretty good. I get the ones back from the photographer on the 20th of August! So all the proofs from the wedding photographer will be at the reception in Berdo.
Well, I have rambled on for quite awhile. Loving Husband and his dad are off playing Soccer, so I think that I am going to go read a book. It's cloudy here, but I am still convinced it doesn't rain here. Hehe. I can't wait to come home and have a girls night, game night, or something so that I can see everyone!
Hope all is well! Shannon have a great move! When are you coming!?
Much Love.

Saturday, July 31, 2004


I'm getting MARRIED TODAY!!!! Yay!

Shannon's moving to the SD! Yay!

Happy times are here and ahead!


Wednesday, July 28, 2004

We moved Carrie out today. The room looks so sad. I'm all alone in this big house. I've had two other roommates move out, but who cares I was angry and glad to see them gone for the time being (good friends, bad roommates.) But Carrie and I were great friends. Yah we had our moments where we wanted to kill each other and our pet peeves about the other, but all in all, she was the best roommate I could have asked for... and now she has to move out and I have to live with a boy. :(

I am really happy about the whole getting married thing, but on a different level I am really sad that Carrie and I won't be roommates anymore. :( We had our final celebration last night with our standard bottle of Champagne. It was great fun. I can remember back to all of those times and be super happy. AHH. Ok, enough memory lane. Carrie might be moved out, but she's just up the freeway. I refuse to turn into one of those new-married people that cut off all contact from the rest of the world and gosh darn it, we will hang out together. That goes for you too Shannon. Speaking of heard anything about the job?

Well, Carrie might be gone out of this apartment, but it is now time to head over to her's to help her make it a nice place to call home.

Back for wedding progress later....

Monday, July 26, 2004


Less than a week! Crrraazzy! Things are coming together though. A lot of the list has been chipped away.

1. Program - 90% finished
2. Finish the slideshow.
3. Make the play list of music for the wedding reception. 1/2 DONE
4. Print, Address, seal, stamp all announcement/invites to August Party. 1/2 DONE
4a. *find all address for those that I must send invites to.
5. Still working on the money tree thing.
6. Make sure that all bills are paid before leaving for honeymoon *SHANNON still will need the help.* 1/2 DONE
7. Pack for the honeymoon.
8. Still searching for a walk out song.
9. Get my runaway dress altered.
10. Go to the chiropractor while I still have insurance.
11. Breathe (someone will have to remind me of this from time to time)
12. Find makeup for the event. New lipstick is a must.

Really it's just down to the little stuff. Loving Fiance is working on the remaining pictures that we need for the slideshow. Then that will be done. He is also getting more music and then the reception music will be done. He thinks he might have found the song to play during the ceremony.

More to come later :)

Friday, July 23, 2004


I have made progress.... Still need to do the following.

1. After meeting with the Pastor create the program for the wedding.
2. Finish the slideshow.
3. Make the play list of music for the wedding reception. 1/2 DONE
4. Print, Address, seal, stamp all announcement/invites to August Party. 1/2 DONE
4a. *find all address for those that I must send invites to.
5. Finish purchasing gifts.
6. Wrap gifts.
7. Invent money trees to pay for all this nonsense.
8. Make sure that all bills are paid before leaving for honeymoon *SHANNON still will need the help.* 1/2 DONE
9. Pack for the honeymoon.
10. Find a song to walk out to. (After meeting with the pastor it isn't going to be as fun as I would have liked. :( )
11. Get my runaway dress altered.
12. Buy flipflops for the reception. (Doing that today)
13. Go to the chriopractor while I still have insurance.
14. Breathe (someone will have to remind me of this from time to time)
15. Find makeup for the event. New lipstick is a must.

It might seem like the list is still pretty long. However, we met with the pastor, I finally talked to Madame Patrick, ordered the wedding cake, ordered the limo, and got some more invites printed up. Items 5, 6, 12 will be taken care of after work today. Things are moving along swimmingly.

Alas I must get me to a shower so that I can be presentable for work. Eck... work.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


The final day of the double digits and I have been rather productive.

I have ordered the cake and HA-ZAH talked to Madame Patrick! Yes that's right F-I-N-A-L-L-Y. GEEZ.... the good news is, by my calculations... catering will only be right at $1,000. Unless he finds some secret way to calculate.

More to come later.... but I was just so excited that I had to share!

Monday, July 19, 2004

12 days!

I have moved out of the teens and into the ... not teens. Today I made "to-do" lists for all of the peeps that I will have near to me. If you are staying in this house the night before the wedding, you will have jobs the next morning. Fairly warned I do say (even if Shannon is the only one of those peeps that reads this fine journal of mine.)

**** SIDE NOTE *****
My roommate just walked in and she is the color of Target! Yes, bright red! She was at a wedding, well in a wedding today, one held at the beach (awww...) and she didn't wear sun screen. I'm not exagerating. She is the color of Target! Oow it hurts to just look at her. (She does look super cute in the dress she has on)
**** END SIDE *****

Yah, so 12 days. Shannon says she'll do whatever I need, thanks man! Becky, same thing. I am actually much calmer than expected. Besides still needing to meet with Madam Patrick and give him loads of crap and establish that we are on the same page for how I want the room to look, everything is put together. Mark has some rough numbers that will be solidified later this week (he's so nice, he said that he could wait as long as next Wednesday before putting the order in) I'll give it to him before that, or I'll forget.

Photographer is confirmed, Food for wedding is confirmed (damn that patrick, freakin' call me!), flowers are bought and paid for (as soon as I take the check over there), all the supplies for the decorations of the church are bought and in one location in our living room, almost everything for the reception is in a bag and ready to go to Patrick (if he ever FREAKIN calls), presents for everyone are established and finalized purchasing will commence this week.

Those are the big things currently. To update my list from the last entry....
2. Meet with the Pastor. - Meeting with him on Wednesday night.
3. After meeting with the Pastor create the program for the wedding. - Will do after Wednesday night.
4. Finish the slideshow. - Still need to do.
5. Make the play list of music for the wedding reception.- Still need to do.
6. Print, Address, seal, stamp all announcement/invites to August Party. (P.S. anyone that is reading this is invited... ok not anyone, but anyone on my "friends list")6a. *find all address for those that I must send invites to. - Still need to do (thanks for the back up Shannon on the addressing, etc.)
7. Finish purchasing gifts. - 90% done!
8. Wrap gifts.- Still need to do.
9. Invent money trees to pay for all this nonsense. - lol riiiight.
10. Make sure that all bills are paid before leaving for honeymoon *SHANNON you must help remember this. This is one of the jobs I am giving you as a BM*
11. Find someone to do all of our hair.- Working on, but mostly done... will cost $40 Shan.
12. Pack for the honeymoon.
13. Find a song to walk out to.
14. Get my runaway dress altered.
15. Buy flipflops for the reception.
16. Go to the chriopractor while I still have insurance.
17. Talk to Olive Garden to establish rehersal dinner details.- Rehersal dinner is taken care of - transfer duty to Loving Fiance.
18. Breathe (someone will have to remind me of this from time to time)
19. Find makeup for the event. New lipstick is a must.

Wow that didn't make me feel much better. I still haven't done most of this crap! what did I do all week!? Geez.


Monday, July 12, 2004

I am now into the teens...

19 days. Ok, now... time to panic. Not in the oh my gosh I'll never be single again, but oh my gosh I still have tons to do!!
Enjoy my list with me will you.
2. Meet with the Pastor.
3. After meeting with the Pastor create the program for the wedding.
4. Finish the slideshow.
5. Make the play list of music for the wedding reception.
6. Print, Address, seal, stamp all announcement/invites to August Party. (P.S. anyone that is reading this is invited... ok not anyone, but anyone on my "friends list")6a. *find all address for those that I must send invites to.
7. Finish purchasing gifts.
8. Wrap gifts.
9. Invent money trees to pay for all this nonsense.
10. Make sure that all bills are paid before leaving for honeymoon *SHANNON you must help remember this. This is one of the jobs I am giving you as a BM*
11. Find someone to do all of our hair.
12. Pack for the honeymoon.
13. Find a song to walk out to.
14. Get my runaway dress altered.
15. Buy flipflops for the reception.
16. Go to the chriopractor while I still have insurance.
17. Talk to Olive Garden to establish reception dinner details.
18. Breathe (someone will have to remind me of this from time to time)
19. Find makeup for the event. New lipstick is a must.
20. (don't have time for 20... I'm in the TEENS!)

Hope all is well... I might just be getting down to that crazy-mad Bride time. Hurry so I have spectators.

Much love!

Thursday, July 8, 2004

23 Days!

I am getting married in twenty-three days. That's almost only three weeks! Oh my word. Crrrrazy. What is exciting about all of this *besides the whole getting married part* is that Shannon and Becky will be in town!!!!! YES! This summer has been crazy, yes, but super boring without my friends around. I have Carrie, but alas she has to work and participate in life herself. That's why I need Shannon to come back and STAY in So Cal! New Mexico... not nearly as fabulous as So Cal with Me in it. ;) Come on you know it's true.
Yah, so 23 days.... 23 days and 8 hours right now. It's a little strange to think about it, but a little nerve racking as well. Nerve racking because I still have stuff to order and have delieved to the house and to have things ordered and delievered takes time, time of which I am running out.
Becky asked me the other day if I was in panic mode yet. I told her then that I was still fine, but I think the panic mode is en route here and will be arriving in the next couple of days. I think that both Shannon and Becky should come for 2 weeks and take care of that panic mode, but I am sure that they both would if they could but they can't. Dern those jobs and the military.
Besides the wedding bliss/stress, I still have to work and with work comes the mundane annoyance of attempting to find that perfect case that fits our argument (THAT DOESN'T EXISIT) I am doing research for both attorneys and they want me to find this golden case that will fit perfectly into this little jagged space they have carved out for their argument. When I go back after 6 hours of research to tell them that it doesn't exist, this is what I have found... They send me back into the desert to find the water. BASTARDS, get a clue! Yah so that is what I am "doing" now. I am at home using the internet to search all of Lexis to attempt to find something I can pass off as acceptable for their retarded criteria. HA! Fat chance. *but it means that I am postpone a shower for an additional 2 hours and laze around the house and not answer phones at work so I'll take it.
Hmm updates in the other parts of my world? Not really, my life has been consumed with work and wedding. Which isn't the worst consumable place to be. I'll deal with it and enjoy some of it as well.
Seriously though, if I could alter time I would speed it up to get Shannon and Becky here! Hurry here man! And SLLLLOOOOW time down considerably to get everything planned and ready to go for this fantabulous day that is approaching almost too rapidly.
See you soon! Back to the search for the non-existant cases.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

My Brother is Married

Yes that is right, my little brother has been married before his big... er... older sister. It was a beautiful wedding and I am all excited for him. I got to be a groomsmaid, grooms man, grooms person? Yes, my brother went the nontraditional route and had both myself and our friend Kelley has his groomsmaids and his friend Philip as his Best Man. Interesting, but we enjoyed the odd job.

The last three weeks have been some serious madness. My little brilliant brother decided to wait until just before the wedding to set the date for the wedding. So all the planning and preparation was completed by myself, Kelley and our family within this short time. And it wouldn't be our family if we hadn't attracted drama along with it all.

Poor Jennifer (my new sister-in-law) Her family is crazy. Correction. Her mother is crazy. Over the last three and a half weeks in which we have been planning this wedding and sending out invitations and telling everyone that there is a wedding going on, invitations have gone out, etc. The crazy mother is fighting like a cat avoiding water to NOT have her daughter marry this awful military man. (Has he even been in the military long enough to be called a military man?) Anyway, she doesn't think that Derek is good enough for her little (oldest daughter) girl. Yadda Yadda Yadda.... Jennifer is constantly greeted with anger, and childish behavor for a few weeks and she moves out and into my parents house. Fed up and still planning to get married, dispite every attempt at following her parents wishes (minus that one about not marrying Derek).

Psycho Mom calls my mom last weekend and goes off on my mom, poor confrontation-avoiding woman (I get it all from my dad) and Psycho-Mom just rips into my mom attacking her character, her education, my father's inability to work because of his disability, and their finiancial status. What a bitch! If I could have reached through that phone.... I was so amazed that this woman would go to such a length to stop a wedding that was going to happen no matter what.

Oh but it gets even better with Psycho-Mom. She later proceeds (later as in the night of the rehersal) to call up her daughter and tell her that she (the psycho-mom) is divorcing Jen's father and that it is all Jen's fault. What the hell is wrong with this woman?!?!?! Fast forward. Wedding wonderful, all of our breaths held that Psycho-mom wouldn't pop in and object (even though that was discretly deleted from the ceremony) No sign of her mom or her dad (a little sad about Dad not being there) Her dad was not all that thrilled but if Psycho-Mom didn't run the house, he probably would have at least shown up. As it was Loving Fiance walked Jen down the aisle and gave her away. It was very nice. So wedding is nice, reception was good, they got some good loot... then they go to their hotel for a while. Out to dinner with all of us. Then they head over to her family's house. Where Psycho-Mom proceeds to tell Derek that "He WON" What the hell?! She's just deliusional.

But that is the drama and planning and madness that I have been dealing with for a while. But it is good, they are happy. And that is all that matters.

Changing of the gears:
I am getting married in 34 days!!!!! It is crazy! I can't even believe how fast this is all coming up. I got my dress fitted on Monday of this past week, I can walk in it now! Yay! I get it back in the middle of July. Other than that, not a whole lot of planning has taken place for my wedding. Been a bit busy.

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

My brother...

is getting MARRIED! BEFORE ME. I am not sure what I think about that... other than the concept of my brother getting married at all is a bit strange. I just finished printing up their wedding invitations, why did I print them? Because they are getting married June 26th, yes of 2004. Crraaaaazy.

Besides that... not much has been transpiring in sad So Cal. No one is here. I was staring at Cranium collecting dust on my living room floor... and being sad because there is no one to play with Loving Fiance and I. Sniff Sniff.

All the shows have ended for the season, so now we are left with reruns and lots of Law and Order. Excellent.

Shan~ Keep on learning how to skate, and fo sho take a picture. Sounds like an eventful summer if nothing else. Hope it keeps being fun. Poor Carrie feels ya' with the whole sun burn thing. She fell asleep on Shelter Island. OUCH!

Friday, May 28, 2004

My Car

After years and YEARS of driving around cars that you have to hold your mouth just right, as to not upset the delicate balance of the PMSing vehicle I would guide down the road, I F-I-N-A-L-L-Y have a brand new, all mine (although I think Loving Fiance might take it from time to time) CAR! Ahh the happiness!American Idol is over. Fantasia won. As it should be. It was sorta sad without Shannon there :( But I hear that she was busy jumping out of trees so all is sorta well with the world.I get to babysit the cutest little girl tomorrow. My roommate's niece. She's super sweet. 7 Months old. It will be good because then I can get my baby fix :) I need one from time to time to remind me that I in no way need one in any near future.. Hmm besides work, watching the end of American Idol and buying a new car. I haven't been doing much. Sadly. So my future plans will consist of driving, driving and perhaps... watching a little tv.Ahh the life of a student in the summah.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

A free Saturday?

What does this mean!? Hmm so I woke up today and realized I have nothing pressing to do. I don't have to stand in line to watch my friend's graduate... I don't have to get up and be at work... I can just do whatever the heck I want. So I went and test drove my car! Ok well not exactly mine, but within a couple of weeks it will TOTALLY be mine! Yes that's right folks, no more POS for me. I'm moving on... leaving it behind... or trading it in for $1.50.

What does this all mean? This means:* NO more swearing at my car because: it has the hiccups, it's leaking oil like crrrazy, the blinding crack in my windshield has caught the sunlight again. F!.* A ticket to FREEDOM! This means trips to the AZ are highly likely, because I can just take a nice little drive there.* I won't be spending $2.35 per gallon on my car every 3 days because my car only gets 165 miles to the gallon! F!* This means a car payment, but I soo just don't care. (right now) So with that, I am going to go continue to update our registry. You should check it out! It currently is one giant list of random things. Mayhaps Loving Fiance can fix that. Hmmm...

Glad to hear that Camp is going well for Shan-a .... Britton keep on truckin' with the 909, if it doesn't get better, fo sho, you'll just go numb for a few months... that's how I survived before. Peace!

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Ode to Driving in So Cal

No one in So Cal can drive. I am aware that clearly includes me. I am willing to take that to uphold this statement.
First, my boss makes me drive out to the desert to the court house at 3:30 and not a second before rush hour mind you. So I sit, and inch forward on the I-8 waiting and waiting as some dumbass decides what a great idea it would be to cut of a cop and hit him. An innocent side swip. Thus stopping traffic and making for one pissed of piggy. I decide to continue to inch forward and let others be good citizens, because with all the violations my car has... to stop would be detrimental with a pissed piggy. So I move on. That poor dumbass is never getting out of jail now.
Later I am almost run down by a little old lady screaming at me (mind you this is while I am parked in a parking space on the side of the road) to get off my cell phone. She is so busy wagging her finger at me that she nearly collides into another car.
Finally, not only the drivers but those too stupid to be afforded a drivers license. Carrie and I followed a Razor Scooter down the road for a good hundred yards till it decided it was time to yeild to the CAR! I personally thought running him down would be more appropriate than honking... but alas I was out voted.
That in a nutshell has been my day. It's no dog riding a motorcycle... but you can only find that in NM. :)