Thursday, October 14, 2004

Another one bites the dust

Oh how I am counting down the weeks... I only have six remaining for classes and I am oh so happy. I am currently sitting in my advance legal research class. It hasn't started yet. It is so incredibly boring. There is nothing advanced about this course and that is frustrating. Enough complaining.

Today is Thursday which once again means Thursday night TV with Carrie! It is much fun... we have dinner and watch TV for 3 hours... how grand is that? We enjoy it, but sadly we will only be enjoying it for another 2 months because Carrie is going to move to LA. :( She wants to be closer to her sister and Aly, which I can understand... but will be very sad to see her go. Who will I watch TV with on Thursday nights?! No not my husband he dispizzzzes all the shows. SIGH... Well, I'll enjoy it till it ends. And tonight we are making yummy chicken pasta.

Debate tourney this weekend! Sooo excited. But I have just been informed I will have to be here the entire time of my class... not happy. I must go and cry now.

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