Wednesday, June 29, 2005

27 Days... and sadness

Tomorrow is the simulated exam, I am about as close to ready for it as I am close to being 80 years old. Blah. I am so worn out... I just don't want to study anymore, but I have another 8 subjects not even discussed yet, along with the other 14 that we have already covered. Ugh...

My energy is low - feeling sad too since I just found out that my Jaggie (Grandma's sister... name is a long story, but I digress) was give 4-7 DAYS to live and it is really sad, but at the same time - it's one of those mixed feelings sort of things, because she's 85. I mean she's lived her life and now what's left of it is mostly pain, so it would be selfish to have her loom on this earth to avoid the sadness of her departure. I wish I was there to be able to say goodbye. My mom and grandma are driving down there  tomorrow to see her. Mom's going to take pictures from my graduation, because we hadn't seen her since then. Just sad, makes it hard to concentrate on anything but that.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Myspace & The Library

***This post was transfered from my Livejournal... which contrary to my statements has been abandoned***

So I have decided to finally give in and join and enjoy the luxuries that are over there as well as what Livejournal offers me. However, UNLIKE Britton - I am not going to abandon my Livejournal, because really - it's home. But if you would like to read rant-specifics about my studying progress feel free to hop over and take a look. :-D But I wanted to double post my last Myspace post because I was so amused by it. So here it is....
The Library

In all my years of school I have avoided the library like the plague. "They are too quite" - was always the reasoning I remembered... and today I remembered the other reason - there are too many crazy people there.

And since my swearing off of libraries back in '97 (really this is an arbitrary date, I'm not so strange as to have created a binding oath to abide by, but anyway I digress...) the people have gotten crazier and louder - So, at least the library is loud enough now.

Since I am up in the NW and not in the comforts of my own home I have had to find different locations to study at. I normally for college and law school simply studied at home. However, my In-Law's place is just too distracting with all the people in and out of the house - and Borders, Starbucks and the like don't provide ample space and electrical outlets with the regular predictability that I need.... so not knowing the area and not having my campus here I set off for the public library.

Now, back to the crazy people...

Ms. Correspondence: I am sitting at a large table for four, there is a lady sitting on the other side working on her "correspondence" she occasionally looks up, looks right at me and bulges her eyes out. Now, before I came in here - I looked normal enough not to warrant eye-bulging and I have only been here for about an hour so it can't be ME that is in need of these eye-bulging nonverbals. Secondly, she keeps randomly saying "Dear" and "Sincerely" and "TTYL" under her breathe but clearly OUT LOUD, hence her name.

Mr. Grunt and Look: A man recently came in and sat at the table next to me with a cd-walkman, a news paper and a few cds... I assume that his grunts are a result of moving piece of the song, but I think he forgets this and looks around (for what I can only assume) is to see who made the noise. He's a happy man, big smiles and is enjoying putting cds in and out of the cases.

Miss Lost Internet Girl: There is a girl in front of me at one of the computer terminals that I can only assume is doing research for "censorship" because she keeps getting the recycled block window from the public library. Haha - THIS by the way has been the cause of Mr. Grunt and Look to crane his neck all the way around to see what she is looking at. (Which currently is a piercing website?! I think.) Mr. Grunt has now decided to be less conspicuous and has moved to the computer next to hers to join in the fun (he's 40 and I am sure Miss Lost is now freaked out.)

So, how's my studying going? You decide. However, if nothing else the library has become a much more entertaining place to sit for a few hours. I'm going to go TRY and write an essay now.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Studying for me & Celebration for others!

I don't think I have ever had to studying this much, this persistently and this tediously in my life. While life continues on as a Saturday for everyone else I am trapped to the confides of essentially a "weekday" filled with class, studying and homework. It's a dismal day here in the NW...


In Southern California there is much cause for rejoicing! Troy and Jackie got engaged this morning at Disneyland at the "perfect" spot and after the event, there was much celebration with a friends and their families! Very cool - and might I be one to say- FINALLY! (they started dating a month before Loving Husband and I... and we are celebrating our year anniversary in less than 2 months.)

Congrats again to the happy couple!