Wednesday, June 29, 2005

27 Days... and sadness

Tomorrow is the simulated exam, I am about as close to ready for it as I am close to being 80 years old. Blah. I am so worn out... I just don't want to study anymore, but I have another 8 subjects not even discussed yet, along with the other 14 that we have already covered. Ugh...

My energy is low - feeling sad too since I just found out that my Jaggie (Grandma's sister... name is a long story, but I digress) was give 4-7 DAYS to live and it is really sad, but at the same time - it's one of those mixed feelings sort of things, because she's 85. I mean she's lived her life and now what's left of it is mostly pain, so it would be selfish to have her loom on this earth to avoid the sadness of her departure. I wish I was there to be able to say goodbye. My mom and grandma are driving down there  tomorrow to see her. Mom's going to take pictures from my graduation, because we hadn't seen her since then. Just sad, makes it hard to concentrate on anything but that.

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