Wednesday, July 6, 2005


So everyone - meet Tortious, Tort for short. :) That my adorable kitten, named appropriately for the time period in which he arrived into our family. It's been a great distraction from studying for the bar. Which for all of those that have inquired and I have shot down or simply not responded, I greatly appreciate all your concern and good thoughts for passing. Studying is a long tedious process which rarely shows signs of progress... but it's coming along. Loving Husband and I are doing well... he's flying up here on the night of the last day of exams, Thursday, July 28th! Yay! It's been so long... but it has gone by too fast! (too fast as far as time to study goes.) Living with Carol and Rich is going great, we all get along well together and seem to have developed a routine in our ways what has eliminated any awkwardness... yay us! Well, there isn't much else going on in life except studying, kittens, and procrastinating. Keep me posted on your lives.

This is Nick :)

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