Sunday, July 17, 2005

It is finished...

That lady sure knows how to write a story! I can not believe how excellent that was. Very unique as compared to other years and such an amazing method of laying out the plot line towards completion... When is book 7 coming out?!

I went to the Barnes & Noble in Bellevue at 4pm on July 15th... around 6pm I got in line and received my wrist band (I was number 43)... and then I waited. I still maintained some level of being an adult and studied pretty consistently until 10pm... then the number of Harrys, Hagrids and Pixies overwhelmed me and I put my studying materials in the car and wandered around for the remaining two hours taking in the excitment. At midnight there was a countdown (ok well, at 12:00:50...) It was like new years but oh so much better. Since I was number 43 I was in the first set of people to get the book and at 12:13 I was the proud owner of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I realized as I was driving home (chatting with Carrie the whole way) that I had not eaten a real dinner, a piece of banana loaf was all I had had since 6pm... It made me chuckle a little (yes, chuckle) to remember back to when Movie 2 came out Shannon and I were consumming large quantities of Pumpkin bread... So tastey breads and Harry Potter go hand in hand, apprently. I came home... to no food. Had a glass of water, got all ready to read. I started at 1:01, I was so exhausted I read to page 57.

I awoke early (for me, volitionally anyway) at 7:50 and opened the book right away. Besides the occasional break for food, shower, checking the internet... I read all day. Calling Shannon (poor you! stuck showing people around rather than reading. sniff sniff) throughout to see if she was able to get BACK to the book. It was EMAZING! I cried. Yes, I cried. I finished at 5:03am (so technically on the 17th)

That is all I will say because I don't want to spoil anything! It's so good... Quit reading this and finish the book!!!!

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