Friday, November 25, 2005

He Won!

Grandpa used to play the lottery every Wednesday and Saturday. It was a part of his weekly routine for the latter years of his life to go down to the local store and get a $5 quick-pick twice a week. Thus, in his honor and tradition we decided to get a ticket, so we went and bought Grandpa's final $10 quick-pick ticket shortly after his death... and tonight when I went to cash it in, we determined that he went out on top with a $12 win. We decided to just keep playing until we could play no more. Wish us luck!

Monday, November 21, 2005

All my love...

83 years of life.
56 years of marriage to his lovely wife.
25 years of my memories.
8 weeks spent on summer trips to the beach at Camp Pendleton.
5 weekends spent at cabins in Big Bear.
13 days at home with my family.
3 days sitting by my grandfather's side talking to him in his final hours about my amazing husband and how proud he is of me and when I find out about the bar exam.
1 day solely for an amazing man spent celebrating, crying and rejoicing over his, my grandfather's, life.
An eternity of happiness, sight, warmth and love.

I will miss you, Grandpa - but I know you are in the best place you could ever be. I will see you soon! Until then, whenever I see my humming bird, washing machine, and wishing well, I will think of you and all the memories we shared. I love you.