Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Road Rage & Bar Exam, II

Life is just out to get me yah Im fatalist, but come after a day like this or certainly a morning like todays? Oh boy howdy

The morning started out just fine, it wasnt like I woke up late or anything, I stumbled outta bed just fine at 6:45. Exam begins at 8. We are required to be in our seats by 7:45. No problem, leave the house by 7, get some breakfast and get there in plenty of time to do a read through of notes.

OOOR I could leave the house at 7:05, get breakfast at 7:15 and while sitting in the drive-thru realize OH SHIT! I left my golden ticket and drivers license at home (shit shit shit shit!) Golden ticket? Read last years blog, its not nearly as interesting to describe the ticket a second time around. Yah so Im a not terribly far from my house, but I am a lot of left turns and straight through intersections from my house all of which have ridiculously long lights.
7:27 arrive at my home get the ticket
7:28 leave turn onto 30th (the last residential road) I plan to still do 50-60mph down it until malevolent woman pulls out from NOT stopping at HER stop sign, I SLAM on my brakes, oh yah theres marks on the road. She then proceeds to be annoyed by my tailgating aka near rear ending and slows to the passive aggressive crawl, f*ck that! (yah I know language, but I am STILL PISSED) So I start to veer into the oncoming traffic lane to pass her and she speeds up! FINE BY ME AT LEAST WERE GOING FASTER! (40mph now) She is so enamored by me, she gets her due when she goes over the speed bumps (recommended 15mph) at 45 mph! Hahahahaahahah! She flips me off I smile and wave at her, I went over it at 30. J Then proceed to get back on her ass because she is slowing again and then we are almost to the end of the road and I am screaming (she might have been able to hear me, actually) PICK WHICH DIRECTION and IM GOING THE OTHER WAY!
7:30 speeding down toward Redmond the longer route to the freeway but at least Im able to do 60 mph (recommended 40)
7:35, I get on the freeway 80mph, ahh feels like home.
7:38 ahh brake lights shit shit shit ok get over to the lane I need to connect to for the 405-S, also a bonus to get out from behind the 70s water truck going 80 still calculating my slow down to about 45, Ive got it timed fine until Water Truck gets over!!!!! SHIT! I hit my brakes, harder than I would have needed too, but not black smoke leaving rubber this time. However, HE got over and hadnt calculated for the 45mph traffic and HE spits up black smoke and tire shit everywhere Yum.
7:40 Im on the 405, less panicked, traffic is moving at 60mph and its only 2 exits up. I pull out my computer and turn it on so that it will boot.
7:44 pull into parking structure, park, go inside and sit down. HOLY CRAP! And Begin. 3 essays, 2 hours later I have the worst headache of my life. Goody only 6 more essays!

Lunch? Get out early, beat the crowd and head out to get lunch I get that no problem then I am again on the freeway and I notice hmm I dont appear to be speeding, my nerves are calming and Im trying to give my poor transmission a break. So, I look to see that Im going the speed limit at least, and not driving like an ol lady in my current catatonic state (due to the still horrific headache that remains at this point) and so I look at my speedometer wanna guess my speed? 0mph zero! So due to the world hating me and increasing my road rage skills, my speedometer was too tired to continue to live. But wait, when I got on the 405-S again, I went from 0 to 60 in less than a second. And continued to appear to work the rest of the way to the testing center. WHAT THE HECK. Guess its God telling me to slow down or to take my car in for that desperate need for an oil change. Not tomorrow, tomorrow Im just not getting out of bed.
The bar exam is overI will not be passing, this is not pessimism but knowing what I studied, what I wrote, and what I certainly didnt write. Example: Tort questions my answer? He certainly will be found liable for an intentional tort if so in fact committed it with intent. Haha!

Cheers, Im done .... until February!