Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Palm Springs Getaway

We've had a lot of milestone birthdays as of late - and thus us girls decided to come together and celebrate them together. Becky was kind enough to delay her celebration until I was already 'in town' and save me some airfare, and thus we celebrated this past weekend with a trip down to Palm Springs. Grandma kept the boy, and I was going to enjoy 24 hours of freedom, before he joined us for dinner on Saturday night!

Shelley and I headed out after she got off work around 4pm, Ace was happy to venture off with Grammie to Auntie Dawn's for a bit - no fuss at all (PROGRESS!) They had a good time, but something was looming (siiigh) as for Shell and I we arrived in Palm Springs and met up with Becky and Jamie and enjoyed some dinner in downtown. After dinner we went upstairs and started to enjoy some pool. That's when I checked in to see how our little guy was doing... Grammie said he had just thrown up... siiiigh. So we wrapped up playing the last game of pool and headed back to the hotel, where I took Shelley's car and headed back to my mom's.

Ace threw up a total of 6 times before I got home, and once more after I arrived. After that last time he wanted water ... while I am always hesitant to give him a ton during rounds of vomiting ... I figured it would be something to throw up. He drank about 6oz in no time flat and then was his ol' perky self and wanted to play. Really?! So I let him play for 45 minutes and around 11pm took him to lay down to go to sleep. He slept pretty 'normal' and woke up bright and happy. Ate his normal breakfast and seemed totally fine. So I returned Shelley's car to her house and got in my rental and headed back to Palm Springs. Ace and Grammie went to the store to buy some bananas.

After arriving back, I joined the gals at the pool and we relaxed in the desert heat and coolness of the pool. We then enjoyed relaxing and watching some Gilmore Girls in our hotel room and then got ready for dinner at Kobes! It's our favorite place in the desert to eat ... well anywhere, let's be serious. :) My mom and Ace joined us for dinner and we had a good time. Ace ate a good meal as well.

We returned to the hotel and Ace wanted to go swimming, and so we did. He had a great time running around on the 'seat' that was all the way around the pool. He was in there for probably 30 minutes before he started to shiver. So we got out, said goodbye to Grammie, who headed home, and Ace and I got in the shower. It was a good time and I was so glad he was feeling better.
He slept well, and we got up, enjoyed breakfast and then departed ways. Shelley, Ace and I headed back in my car and enjoyed lunch with her family. He had a good time. After that we were off to Derek and Jen's place to enjoy some cousin playtime and dinner with them and Grammie. It was a good weekend, in spite of that slight hiccup with the sickness for 3 hours on Friday evening.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mickey Park

On Monday of this week Ace, Grammie, Aunt Shelley, and myself ventured off to Mickey Park (or more commonly referred to as Disneyland and CA Adventure.) Ace awoke bright and early a little after 7 and said 'I see whales!' ... hehe while we are planning to venture to Sea World next week ... nope *today* we get to see Mickey! Oh boy did that get him jumping out of bed.

We arrived and went into CA Adventure first and got my mom her season pass figured out. Then we headed to wander around. Ace really wanted to 'run around' but we had to find a 'contained' area to do that in. That's easier said than done :) We headed over to A Bug's World and got in line for Ace's first ride of the day. It was a new one for him (since it was his ... and Grammie's first time in CA Adventure.) He loved it so much he didn't want to get off the ride when it was time to go. He quickly recovered from his protest and we continued to wander around - oh and I got a craving for cotton candy. Yum! So we made a stop and I got some. Ace enjoyed eating some as well.

We then collected our purchased 'picnic lunches' which also reserved us a seat for the World of Color show at 8:15pm - and ate an early lunch with those. Ace had a great time playing with Shelley's reflective sunglasses that he could see himself in - and then of course requestingn to ride on her shoulders - which she happily entertained. We walked around the park on our way to see Mater and Lightening McQueen!

After a somewhat skiddish and hesitant visit with the 'life size' Cars pals we headed on into Disneyland! First stop was of course the Mad Hatter store. I was hopeful since it was roughly 1pm that perhaps Ace would fall asleep as we strolled around the park - but he wasn't too interested in that so after the mad hatter store we headed to Toon Town! Ace had a good time running through Mickey's house and said he wanted to meet Mickey - which he did until the minute it was our turn. :) He cautiously observed as mom giving Mickey a hug and we took our pictures.

After that we attempted another long stroll for a nap - which did not happen - we went to find some rides to go on! Buzz and Nemo, Ace is a seasoned pro on (he's been to Disenyland twice before.) So we started with those. He enjoyed them both - and then we decided to try out a new one (for him): Autopia! He had a good time getting driven around and even helping with the steering wheel some. Ace did great (for 99%) of the waiting in line process, and even at times entertained himself by 'styling' Aunt Shelley's hair.

Next up was a ride on the train which we took from Tomorrow Land - over to New Oreleans :) which meant we got to 'go through' the Grand Canyon and Dinosaur Times! Ace enjoyed the brief stop at both of those and then it was onto Pirates and the Jungle Cruise (a favorite of Ace's.) next on the list after that was dinner time! Headed back to Tomorrow Land - where they have the chicken nuggets for the boy - and enjoyed some dinner - followed by some good dancing around by the boy... which was good since we were about to head back to CA Adventure to wait for quite a while for the World of Color show to start. Before heading over - I changed the boy into his pjs and then we were off!

Ace did great waiting for the show to start - he remained in his stroller (since our space was excessively limited) and played with his 'toy' that he had gotten in his World of Color picnic meal. Had fun with that and playing around with Shelley. When it was time for the show to start he got to get up on Aunt Shelley's shoulders so he could see. Which is good - since he's about the only one that could. I could see because I used my camera above my head and tilted the screen down - but unless you're in the 'front row' your full view is obscured. They need to come up with better seating arrangements. From what I could see it was GREAT!

 Ace had a BLAST - seriously loved the whole thing - screaming out the colors he saw or saying 'boom' for different 'scenes' :) He was happy and awake through the whole thing - but as soon as it was over - as you can see in the final picture of the 4 of us - he was on his way out. He finally crashed at 9pm as we were walking out of the park.

He remained asleep even on the tram - was awake once we put him in the car for a little bit - but then was out even as we took his car seat out of the car and brought him in the house. Then even after that the stripping off his flannel pjs (much hotter at Grammie's than outside at Disneyland) and placing him in bed. He had a great day at Mickey park!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

24 Weeks

6 months pregnant! I've been feeling really good lately - I am still able to pick Ace up with no issue and I can holding as well I ever am able to. :) In fact I spent Monday at Disneyland all day and walked around and stood for a long time and didn't feel that I needed to stop any extra than usual. The belly is ever expanding and more weight is going on me and baby (4oz in a week!) both - I can feel it - but that's ok!

Baby Mae is about the size of a ear of corn (8.7 inches) and weighs almost 1.5lbs. Right now her brain is developing rapidly - need to eat more Omega-3s, leafy green veggies, and protein! And things to stimulate those smarts! :) Our baby girl also stands a fighting chance now (about 50%) if she were born this minute. We're obviously hopeful and confidant that she's sticking right where she is for now. Her lungs are developing branches, her eyes are completely developed.

She is quite a squirmer in the evenings - at the moment she still likes to be lower rather than higher in the kicking department - having had Ace in my ribs/lungs kicking me all the time - I'm not sure which is preferable. I think the ribs/lungs FEEL more resilient -so I might have to go with that. I suspect she'll move upward as her space begins to lessen. :)

Ace has been doing great getting ready to be a big brother. He's been helping me clean out her room (formally the office and dumping ground of all things that have no home.) We'll be painting it soon after we get home from California. I'm sure he'll be happy to help do that. He loves to come over and say 'hi' to the baby by rubbing my tummy, and often talks about my stomach moving (regardless if it is) it's great he's so interested in his new sister.

We are all healthy and happy - and I'm enjoying my numbered days in the honeymoon stage! :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ace and his mommy are off on another adventure while dad is busy working! :) We are enjoying California once again. After a successful flight - Ace's first at accumulating his own frequent flyer miles - we arrive on Saturday at Grammie's house. Ace was excited to be here! Grammie has some pretty cool toys to play with and he enjoyed playing with all of them more or less on the first day.

On our second day we got to visit Grammie's church and attend her Sunday School, and a visit from Aunt Becky, whom he stole an apple from out of her purse. :) Silly boy - but man did he inhale that apple! In under 5 minutes, for sure. He loved seeing Aunt Becky, and mom always does as well! Later that night Shelley came over and watched a movie with me after Ace went to bed.

Sleep wise he is sharing a bed with me, so while he's sleeping through the night so to speak he still rolls over and hugs me from time to time - so I don't count that as the same thing. He isn't taking too much to get to sleep, which leaves my evenings pretty open and free to spend some time with my mom.
Upcoming posts to look for... Day Three which was Mickey Park day!!! And in less exciting and more discouraging news, he appears to be having a set back with his C. Diff bacteria... more on that later.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sleeping through the night!!

Wait, didn't you blog about this yesterday? Didn't you already tell us that he slept nearly 12 hours?! Didn't that happen two nights ago? It did and guess what it happened AGAIN! Last night, we again started the bedtime routine at 7:30 - we brush his teeth, get him in pjs, read a story in the chair, another one in bed and then we say prayers, sing songs, and chat for a few minutes. The process is about 20 minutes, and last night it involved no revisits to his room (often there is usually one.)

I actually woke up at 7am and was done sleeping, I don't think my body is used to uninterrupted sleep. Don't worry body, you don't have long to enjoy it anyway. :) But I woke up at 7 and enjoyed laying in bed until about 7:40 when Ace started to stir, and I went in with the camera and captured the little guy awake and starting to stir.

There was much praise and hugs and high fives for another great night of sleeping. Mommy is so proud of her little guy!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A New Bed

Back in May our crib was recalled. Since then Ace has been sleeping on his mattress on the floor. His sleep pattern remained the same really, maybe regressed a tad (waking a bit earlier to come crawl into our bed.) But otherwise he seemed unphased. Boy was I wrong!

One of my friends is preparing for a 3rd addition to her family, and thus her two boys are getting ready to get themselves some bunk beds! Which means she had a steal of a deal for us on the bed. They even delivered it for us! What service.

I went to work setting it up and putting Ace's bedding on it - and when it was all done I let Ace explore his new bed. To say he was happy would be a super understatement. He seriously was thrilled. He loves it.

Now sleep - what a blissful difference an actual bed makes! On Monday night, Ace's first night in his *new* bed, he slept until 3am. I was excited but him waking up at 3am while more rare than most nights of his 1am crawl into our bed time, wasn't unheard of. I still appreciated it. Tuesday night, he first woke at 4:30am! Wow I can't recall the last time that happened - I was loving this new bed for sure. Last night, he went to sleep a little after 8pm a bit earlier for him than his typical bedtime - so perhaps that also helped... he did sorta wake up at 10pm because he felt like he was falling out of bed (he was on the wall side, so he wasn't) so I readjusted him and he was asleep before I left the room - and when he woke up it was 7:50AM, nearly 12 hours! That is the FIRST time that he's slept much past 7am when he's slept through the night and seriously it's only the 3rd or 4th time he's slept through the night and the first that it was an uninterrupted length that was that long. Did I mention I love this new bed?! :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Big Brother in Training

Ace is going to be a great brother. I am sure he will be jealous occassionally, I'm sure he'll want to be the center of attention and not sharing it, and I am sure he will act out that he is not the only kid in the house anymore - but I think for the most part he is going to be a very loving and protective older brother.

As of late he has wanted baby Mae to come out so he can hold her. So we've substituted baby with Tigger and 'practiced' holding baby sister. He also likes to touch my stomach and feel the baby move. It's really sweet and makes me so happy he's excited for his sister to be here... even if he doesn't totally understand what that will mean for his world entirely. :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Stacy's Shower

Last weekend was my friend Stacy's baby shower. She has had a rough go with some details of her pregnancy - mostly that she's been on bed rest for... a long time. She went in around 18 weeks and discovered her body was ready to deliver! Obviously FAR too early. She had a procedure done to help ensure baby Haly stayed put, but as a consequence of that she was put on strict bed rest. As the weeks have gone on this past month her bed rest has been relaxed some, and she's finally able to drive a little. Baby Haly and Mom are both healthy and that's what is important!

The party was a good time to celebrate baby Haly and Stacy got some really fun stuff. She is going to be doing cloth diapering, so we enjoyed a game of diapering the balloon without popping it. :) It was fun and amusing. It was nice to meet some new people and see some old friends that I hadn't seen in a few months. It was a nice afternoon.

21 weeks and 28 weeks