Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ace and his mommy are off on another adventure while dad is busy working! :) We are enjoying California once again. After a successful flight - Ace's first at accumulating his own frequent flyer miles - we arrive on Saturday at Grammie's house. Ace was excited to be here! Grammie has some pretty cool toys to play with and he enjoyed playing with all of them more or less on the first day.

On our second day we got to visit Grammie's church and attend her Sunday School, and a visit from Aunt Becky, whom he stole an apple from out of her purse. :) Silly boy - but man did he inhale that apple! In under 5 minutes, for sure. He loved seeing Aunt Becky, and mom always does as well! Later that night Shelley came over and watched a movie with me after Ace went to bed.

Sleep wise he is sharing a bed with me, so while he's sleeping through the night so to speak he still rolls over and hugs me from time to time - so I don't count that as the same thing. He isn't taking too much to get to sleep, which leaves my evenings pretty open and free to spend some time with my mom.
Upcoming posts to look for... Day Three which was Mickey Park day!!! And in less exciting and more discouraging news, he appears to be having a set back with his C. Diff bacteria... more on that later.

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danielle said...

O-dear reallly????? Ack! Well hopefully it goes away this time and stays away!!!
Hope you guys still have fun with the fam and everyone at Disney!