Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I hate money!

Guys what am I going to do?!?!?! This is what I was told today:

"Your stipend for each course taught will be $2100 per semester. At present, Jon believes that you will earn between $6300.00 to $8400.00 depending on enrollment and number of courses taught (If you teach 3 courses over the course of the year, it will be $6300, if four, then 8400)."

$8,400.00 a YEAR?! UMMMMMM I know it is PART-TIME, but seriously?! My LOANS alone are going to be around $19,000 a year!!!!!!!!!! I shot an inquiry back regarding a stipend for being the DOF - Cross your fingers that DOUBLES that figure you see there.

I have to go cry now.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Anything New?

It is raining AGAIN! WHY? I just don't understand this weather. The weekend was wonderful. Great weather. Guess I have to take what I can get. I am still waiting to hear about the budget over at CHC. Hopefully by the end of this week. Cross your fingers for a high salary.

I am waiting anxiously to hear how your weekend went Shannon.
LeAnn, how are you? How was your break?
Talked with Jess this morning - started talking about the fact that we all need to party hard in 40 days. Yes 40 DAYS I will be graduated. You are all welcome to come to the boring event. Plenty of seating at the Balboa Park Pavilion. 10:30am on May 7th.

Hope all is well. Hopefully I'll have real update material later in the week. Post long. Post well.

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Small Towns

1. I am glad that I don't live in them. 2. If you are buying stamps in them, with no cash, they are great. AND 3. If you are buying oil with an accidental rubber check.... BEWARE!!!!!!

Friday I call the Bottineau Oil to see a) if they had gotten the money order and b) if they would recommend the dropping of the charges. He said he had taken the money order to the DA and he was satisfied. I get hopeful and call the DA (excuse me the STATE'S ATTORNEY...I do apologize for such a grave and significant mistake, that I was quickly and sternly corrected for.) The DA pretty much says it's a crime and that it still will be prosecuted. I go through the whole ordeal of what this means for Derek's job... He doesn't care. BASTARD!

So the update on my brother is actually welcomed news and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. At 8 this morning the DA called me and said that he had read the letter I had faxed him (the letter I wrote to the Bottineau oil guy) and had thought about it over the weekend and decided to defer prosecution for 90 days and if nothing came across his desk with Derek's name on it - then he would not prosecute the matter. Well thanks for that mister, I am glad you came to YOUR SENSES!

Really I am super happy for my brother - happy that I didn't have to spend the day tracking down an attorney that WORKS EVER in Bottineau, happy that he doesn't have to pay stupid fees to the court so that the judge can go bowling or something and happy that hopefully all will be well at work again for Derek. And maybe that he learned something - HAHA!

So that is where we conclude with my brother. I am sure he'll get into more drama later that will be cause for great reading material.

The weekend was grand. Worked on my paper. Enjoyed my lovely DVR features. And especially enjoyed sharing the Oscars with Shannon and LeAnn.