Monday, March 17, 2008


I like to move it, move it! Well Baby sure does! As we have yet to determine whether Baby is baby Mae or baby Ace, thanks to Carrie who creatively suggestion the combination of the two into baby Mace. So while many people would detest the thought of referring to one’s child as a weapon by name, it is only temporary. In fact in my attempt to find a silver lining definition of mace I actually came across the fact that mace is not only a spray but also a "club which has a heavy head or solid shaft used to bludgeon opponents" isn’t that quaint; but don’t you worry Merriam Webster saves the "name" with this definition "an aromatic spice consisting of the dried external fibrous covering of a nutmeg" And so we can call Baby: Mace until April 7th when we can no more definitively whether it’s a baby Mae or a baby Ace. So onto the real reason for this post! Baby Mace moved on Thursday. It was like two swift kicks to my lower abdomen, it was so exciting. Some people say it feels like "gas" and I suppose I can understand that because when Mace simply moves around in my tummy it is like a swirling feeling. However these were more like internal kicks, which really felt as if I was tapping my insides with my fingers a few times. Since Thursday I have continued to feel Mace move around and thump at me a few times. Mace isn’t kicking strong enough for Loving Husband to feel it on the outside of my belly, but he’s equally as excited.

More to come as Mace continues to grow inside me! Stay tuned!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Woosh woosh woosh...

Yep we heard the baby's heartbeat today. It was very sweet. Sounded like a girl to me. J Well, again I still really want it to be a girl. A lot of why I want a little girl is because many of the babies being born around me at the moment are girls, and let's be serious, although the baby girlfriend/boyfriend combo is super cute for a while... Let's be honest, the second we ladies realized that those little beings aren't also wearing dresses and are eating their own snot and that we could do better sticking with our own kind, toddler girls didn't cease to think toddler boys had "cooties" until they were pre-teens. So the short-term adorable romance that the parents enjoyed fades quite quickly, leaving my could-be-little boy alone, no other little boys around to play with. Oh sure we'll talk about Baby Ace marrying Baby Sabria… but the odds of that happening are rare. So that is one reason I want a baby girl: playmates for Baby Mae!

I talk often about the desire to have a baby girl, but I truly would be equally blessed and equally as happy to have a little boy. Just the same as Loving Husband is very much hoping for a boy, but equally as happy and blessed if it were a girl. I don't have a "feeling" one way or the other. I just have a strong desire, and those "old wives" also seem to think that we're having a girl. Heart beat was 152 today. All signs those "old wives" have point to girl. So while we must wait 27 more days to see if the "old wives" are correct or it's all a bunch of hooey, we are very happy and glad that baby Ace or Mae is doing so well.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Second Trimester

It finally has arrived. The risk of miscarriage drops off considerably soon, the proverbial time all pregnant women hold their breath and wait for. Whew… 15 weeks is a long time to hold ones breath. I am nearing 16 weeks on Thursday and that means we officially only have 4 more weeks until we can find out the sex of the baby, but for me almost equally as important is the half way mark! Yep I'll be half way through my pregnancy. Hard to believe than in 24 more weeks we'll have our little one with us.I am looking forward to getting the nursery ready and getting everything in it. We're still a ways off from all of that, but it is painted and ready to go. Currently the kitties are enjoying it as their room. Hopefully that won't be too big of a problem later when they realize it is not.I'm excited for our next doctor's appointment which is less than a week away, looking forward to hearing baby for the first time. On Friday this week our baby's eyes and ears have moved into the final spots… so hopefully Baby will look less like a lizard his/her father thought s/he looked like at the last ultrasound.

In other news I am busying myself with web designing and learning new things while avoiding the actual code work In a bit I need to head to the kitchen and get started on making some meatballs for our Swedish meatball dish we'll be taking to community group tonight. Yum!