Wednesday, May 10, 2006

History Keeps Moving On...

I've been thinking about this phrase "history keeps moving on" ... it's what my dad wrote in my mom's scrapbook from her 50th birthday party. So much wrapped up into it. And although it sounds strange, I find it ever so perfect to describe life in its current state.

Today, May 10th, it has been 6 months since my grandfather died. It doesn't seem quite possible that that much time has gone by. But it has. And yet the last 4 months has seemed like a dragging struggle in my dealing with my dad's death. Time is most certainly a vacuum in and of itself. I go longer periods of time now between crying, but I still do ... history keeps moving on.

5 years ago next week, I moved into this apartment with two other girls. In 30 days, I will move out of it - the sole survivor for that period of time. It was my first apartment, my first home on my own. I've celebrated in this home, I've survived a couple rocky roommates in this home, I've had my heart crushed in this home, I was in this home on that fateful 9/11 day, I've had 5 Christmases in this home, I've made a best friend in this home, I've had amazing dinner parties in this home, I've had many game nights in this home, I've had traditions started in this home, I've graduated twice out of this home, I've gotten ready for my wedding in this home, I've made it my first home with my husband, I've lived alone for the first (and only time) in this home, I've been through so much in this home. It is hard to believe that at the age of 20, I moved into this apartment with Alyssa and Carrie and then Faith shortly after that... Getting ready to start my senior year of college. And here we are now... 5 years later- I am the only one left in the apartment, I am wrapping up my first year of teaching college, and I am headed to the NW to start a new chapter in my life ... history keeps moving on.

Everything is changing...

Monday, May 1, 2006

Birthdays, Moving & Soreness. Oh My!

What a weekend... lots of food, moving and excitement. Where was I? Carrie's! Hehe... I drove up to her place on Friday afternoon and enjoyed a weekend of packing, moving, and unpacking... laced with a little birthday celebration. Yay! Carrie turned 26. And no, she's not old, because that would make me ALMOST old, and no thanks.

It was a great weekend to spend time with Carrie and just hang out. Her poor kitties are rather traumatized, but hopefully they will acclimate to their new surroundings soon enough. Carrie's new roomie is super cool. The two of them will have fun together living in their cute little house.

I am just glad I got to have that time with Carrie. Yes, I do get her for a solid 5 days for our road trip. But this was different. This was like old times when we used to live together. I miss those times, and I was glad that I was able to spend the weekend helping her out and celebrating her birthday with her! I'm a little sore, but I can't complain... with all that work - I don't need to go to the gym all week. hehe.

I'm off to start a new book... number 11 for 2006!