Saturday, December 30, 2006

Best of 2006


Best Event: Trip to Boston!!!
Best Movie: The Devil Wears Prada (maybe not the best, but the one I was most excited to see)
Best Over-Played Song: When I Get Where I'm Going (reminds me of my dad)
Best Books: The Circle Trilogy
Best New-ity of 06: the NW
Most Shocking News of 06: Derek & Jennifer getting back together! Yay for them!

MW's Word of the Year: truthiness
Jo's Word of the Year: DELICIOUS!

Events of 2006:
1. Moving to the NW!
2. Helped get Carrie's engagement ring.
3. Disneyland trips!!!!
4. Road trip to the NW with Carrie!!
5. A trip to Vegas with the family
6. Moved out of my first apartment after 5 years.
7. My dad died :(
8. Two of my cousins died :(
9. Lived away from Loving Husband for 6 months.
10. Getting a job at BLG

All in all this was a very very hard year for me. Not only did I relocate my life, but many of the people I hold dear left this world, most of them suddenly and tragically. I know there are reasons and times for everything... but that only yields so much comfort amid the loss and confusion. It wasn't all bad, I've made some wonderful new friends this year, one of my best friends is getting married this coming year, I got an amazing job with excellent people... it certainly has been a life altering year for me... and to be honest, I really can't say I'm sad to see 2006 go. I look forward to a better and brighter year.

Bring it on 2007!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Going All The Way!

The Saints have won the division championship!  It's been a crazy year and honestly I haven't watched many games.   I just haven't had the heart this season.  I so wish my dad could have seen this season!  

Saturday, December 16, 2006

This is one heck of a winter... BEFORE WINTER!

Let's see, we've had a debilitating ice storm that caused life around Puget Sound to shut down, and now in the last 48 hours we've had a wind storm that surpasses the devastation of a 1993 wind storm. Crazzzzzzzzzy weather. When I said I was looking forward to moving somewhere that HAD weather (as opposed to So Cal that is 75' and sunny all year long) I didn't really mean THIS kind of weather. Oye!

Yesterday we were without power from Midnight-11pm... 23 hours without power. Despite EVERYTHING requiring power, even water pressure in the toilet it seems, the biggest problem is that it was COLD! No heat.. no fun. So around midafternoon we headed over to Rich and Carol's. Yay generators! Stayed there for a while with our kitties we had in tow... and stayed as long as my allergies would allow (stupid Christmas tree allergy!) Then I came home and hunkered down in front of a fire and several candles and enjoyed reading for a few hours... yay iPods running on battery power too! :) hehe.

So around 11pm the power surged back on... and apparently we're the only neighborhood that was granted such a luxury so early. Most surrounding us still have no power... yay for us being on the Microsoft grid!

So Christmas is nearing the signal digit approach! I have two tops of quilts done, just need to sew them together and be happy and ready to go! Mom and Grandma come on Thursday and I couldn't be more excited. I wish Derek and Jennifer could join us here too! (Love you guys!)

Merry Christmas all!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Wow a year... but yet only 10 months...

Has it really been now over a year since my grandfather died? It just seems like yesterday. Which I'm told is good that means that it hasn't been that hard... and I agree with that... but I also know that when I cry it isn't over the loss of my grandpa ever, but very much over the loss of my dad.

I just wonder now that it's been 10 months since my dad's death, if this really is what I'll feel for the rest of my life. I don't feel sad daily, I don't always feel down when I talk about it... but there are times that I do feel practically devastated, like it happened yesterday.

Both my dad and grandpa are in better places... I just wish my dad wasn't there YET. Christmas is coming.... the second now without my grandpa, but the first without my dad. We should be spending it together, watching Scrooged and other silly Christmas movies... but we won't, we can't. I will have a very happy Christmas, I will be surrounded by family... but it still can't replace who won't be here.

My grandpa had a wonderful and fulfilled life. It is sad he isn't around... but he's so much better now than he ever was here. Here's to a year of grandpa being well, happy, and better off than any of us here! Cheers Grandpa, Love, Mouse Mouse.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

70 Days??

So when you have a real job, time flys even faster than (my) normal.

Work has been wonderful. I really enjoy working with everyone in the office. The attorneys are great, and ohh boy have I worked with some doozies in the past... but all of these guys are wonderful people and excellent attorneys. Great to know that those type people exist. We had a work function that I had to attend on Saturday, and it was actually a lot of fun. Not a whole lot to do, but I did get to know Lauren a little more, and that was great!

Besides work, my life has settled into a bit more of a routine, which I appreciate. I'm still teaching my online course, but to a ridiculous level. There are now only 3 people in the course and not much is occurring in the way of education. Oye. Frustrating at best (Jen, you're doing just fine.) Loving Husband and I are still mulling over taking more dance lessons, we really enjoy it - but it's pricey. And Monday nights are still excellent for trivia with friends.

I bought my mom and grandma's tickets to come up here for Christmas. I'm quite excited about that. They'll get to see our place, enjoy some time with them - I'm very much excited. But seriously, Christmas is only 70 days away!?!?!! That's crazy. So I've tried to start thinking about what to get people for Christmas.... oh boy.... so what do you want for Christmas? I don't even know what I want for Christmas. But I do know I can't wait for the holiday season to arrive!!! Happy Holidays!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm Employed!!

t's true. I finally have landed a job. I've been looking pretty consistently since the end of July... and let me tell you job hunting is one of the most taxing and infuriating processes that is out there. Oye! Over two solid months of submitting resumes, cover letters, and failed interviews. But that's all behind us!

I am officially a paralegal now. I will be working in a small firm (14 attorneys) and the type of law that I will be doing is estate planning, business law, real estate transactions... pretty much all that I've been looking for! Pay is excellent. Hours are standard... and perks I'll get more detail tomorrow!

Yay a real job!

Friday, September 8, 2006

5 Years Ago...

Where were you? I was sleeping soundly in my bed to be awoken to my cell phone ringing... and my dad telling me what was happening. Carrie, Lys and I quickly all turned on the tv - like every other American that day.

September 11, 2001 - It is a day to remember and pray for our country's continued strength as it continues the fight against terror. Too many innocent lives died on that day and since then fighting against the evil extremists.

On Monday take the time to remember and pray for our country.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Resident

Yep that's me!!! Yes, today (after waay past the legal time period [30 days]) I procured my State Driver's License. So, I can legally drive, vote and donate my organs here its quite exciting, I know.

Whats more exciting was my past weekend although the NW is getting to be less painful to live in finding a few friends here and there to hang out with yay! California is still waaaay more fun because Carrie is there and THIS weekend, Becky was too! And Randy and Alicia! Oh that excitement! It was a tiring weekend, but highly social all around.

I managed to cram in a visit from my mom and grandma, 3 full days with Carrie with much wedding excitement (yay!) and a few hours with Becky and Co.. Getting to meet her new man, her roomie shes had FOREVER, and see my second mom and dad.  It was a ton of excitement and it really perked me up out of my funk, stated in my last blog.

I am so excited that although I am several states away from Carrie that I can still help her plan her exciting day AND she asked me to be a bridesmaid!!! Woohoo! Her dress is beautiful, the one Ill be wearing is too, but no worries - the bride will be stunning and myself and the other two fine ladies by her side will be cute. ;-) hehe. Wedding planning can be stressful, but I find that for the most part the venue shopping this weekend was amazingly exciting and fun. Can I say exciting one more time?! Hehe so happy for Carrie and Jason! On a different note, CONGRATS to Mark and Shelia! Oh weddings weddings weddings 2007 is going to be grand!

Interviewed for a job today my feelings after EH not that it is a bad job, but I didnt get the HIRE vibe from them, nor did I feel a crushing sense of sadness from the lack of that vibe either so well see. Its downtown and theres no parking another feeding factor to the EH feeling. I will keep you posted. For now Im going to go watch some tv and relax and hope this retched cough goes away.

Monday, August 14, 2006


I just feel lost. Mostly because I am lonely but really what is my life? Where am I supposed to fit in here? Sure I have friends here, but they are far from close friends. I watch shows like Sex and the City and wonder how they found each other at that age, that's never really explained. How do adults come together as good friends? My closest friends I met in school. I'm not in school anymore. The commonalities of needing support in a new environment do not exist anymore. I'm the only one. I'm the only new one here. I just feel lost.

I feel like any support of friends comes from the internet. Any sharing of my life (besides my husband) must travel through the internet and that I don't have someone here to talk to. I have surface friends and people that I hang out with and yah I know that I guess close kind of friends will come with time.. but it's just so lonely in the interim. Carrie and Becky were both out of the country doing things exciting and although I was uber happy for them I was desperately wanting them back in the states so I'd have someone to call, chat with. Shelley and I talk daily during the week and I love that but it's not the same, as getting coffee with someone, going to a stupid movie, or shopping.

Saturday, for the first time I felt like I had someone to hang out with - Dana and I got together and went to the mall and then met up with Breanne (her soon to be maid-of-honor on Sunday) We made dinner and watched movies - it was great, and I loved it -and maybe that will be my social network soon enough.

But then there are days like today... where I just feel lost. Maybe I'm simply impatient.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Road Rage & Bar Exam, II

Life is just out to get me yah Im fatalist, but come after a day like this or certainly a morning like todays? Oh boy howdy

The morning started out just fine, it wasnt like I woke up late or anything, I stumbled outta bed just fine at 6:45. Exam begins at 8. We are required to be in our seats by 7:45. No problem, leave the house by 7, get some breakfast and get there in plenty of time to do a read through of notes.

OOOR I could leave the house at 7:05, get breakfast at 7:15 and while sitting in the drive-thru realize OH SHIT! I left my golden ticket and drivers license at home (shit shit shit shit!) Golden ticket? Read last years blog, its not nearly as interesting to describe the ticket a second time around. Yah so Im a not terribly far from my house, but I am a lot of left turns and straight through intersections from my house all of which have ridiculously long lights.
7:27 arrive at my home get the ticket
7:28 leave turn onto 30th (the last residential road) I plan to still do 50-60mph down it until malevolent woman pulls out from NOT stopping at HER stop sign, I SLAM on my brakes, oh yah theres marks on the road. She then proceeds to be annoyed by my tailgating aka near rear ending and slows to the passive aggressive crawl, f*ck that! (yah I know language, but I am STILL PISSED) So I start to veer into the oncoming traffic lane to pass her and she speeds up! FINE BY ME AT LEAST WERE GOING FASTER! (40mph now) She is so enamored by me, she gets her due when she goes over the speed bumps (recommended 15mph) at 45 mph! Hahahahaahahah! She flips me off I smile and wave at her, I went over it at 30. J Then proceed to get back on her ass because she is slowing again and then we are almost to the end of the road and I am screaming (she might have been able to hear me, actually) PICK WHICH DIRECTION and IM GOING THE OTHER WAY!
7:30 speeding down toward Redmond the longer route to the freeway but at least Im able to do 60 mph (recommended 40)
7:35, I get on the freeway 80mph, ahh feels like home.
7:38 ahh brake lights shit shit shit ok get over to the lane I need to connect to for the 405-S, also a bonus to get out from behind the 70s water truck going 80 still calculating my slow down to about 45, Ive got it timed fine until Water Truck gets over!!!!! SHIT! I hit my brakes, harder than I would have needed too, but not black smoke leaving rubber this time. However, HE got over and hadnt calculated for the 45mph traffic and HE spits up black smoke and tire shit everywhere Yum.
7:40 Im on the 405, less panicked, traffic is moving at 60mph and its only 2 exits up. I pull out my computer and turn it on so that it will boot.
7:44 pull into parking structure, park, go inside and sit down. HOLY CRAP! And Begin. 3 essays, 2 hours later I have the worst headache of my life. Goody only 6 more essays!

Lunch? Get out early, beat the crowd and head out to get lunch I get that no problem then I am again on the freeway and I notice hmm I dont appear to be speeding, my nerves are calming and Im trying to give my poor transmission a break. So, I look to see that Im going the speed limit at least, and not driving like an ol lady in my current catatonic state (due to the still horrific headache that remains at this point) and so I look at my speedometer wanna guess my speed? 0mph zero! So due to the world hating me and increasing my road rage skills, my speedometer was too tired to continue to live. But wait, when I got on the 405-S again, I went from 0 to 60 in less than a second. And continued to appear to work the rest of the way to the testing center. WHAT THE HECK. Guess its God telling me to slow down or to take my car in for that desperate need for an oil change. Not tomorrow, tomorrow Im just not getting out of bed.
The bar exam is overI will not be passing, this is not pessimism but knowing what I studied, what I wrote, and what I certainly didnt write. Example: Tort questions my answer? He certainly will be found liable for an intentional tort if so in fact committed it with intent. Haha!

Cheers, Im done .... until February!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Missing him...

Tonight as I sit in my new office, late at night while the rest of the world sleeps - I can't help but truly miss my dad. My dad is really the one that would love getting emails of pictures of my house (my mom and grandma do too, but my dad always the first to respond and be excited.) Late at night would be when my dad and I would chat about our days... for the last couple years of his life, his end of the conversations were extremely limited and boring (in his opinion, too) and that was always saddening for us both, because it would kill me at how discontent he was... and for him it would be just the same a frustration at the limitations of his body and what was left and settled as his life and existence. And I know now he's busy doing a million and one things that he loves to do, with people that he loves to do them with... able to breathe and be healthy in a MUCH better place... but the selfish me really wishes he was still here able to chat with me now online. He never got to see this place, or know that I was happy here (although he knew I would be!), he never got to see me teach MY cats to sit up pretty like he taught his, and many other future "he nevers" ...

Overall lately, it has been much better than the original devastation. I still am numb, and I still think every now and again "hey I should tell my dad that..." and then a sadness and a smile kinda comes over me because I can't tell him, but I can kinda take comfort in that he already knows whatever is that I wanted to tell him. So, it's interesting. Next Friday, surrounded by much excitement of a wedding and much celebration - I will take a moment for my dad - it will have been 6 months. Six months since I've talked to him, hugged him, smelled him, saw his eyes - his beautiful eyes, changed the channel for him, watched football with him (Go Saints!,) told him what was happening in my life... 6 months. It doesn't seem possible - and probably will never seem fair. He should have had another 30 years. Yet he had a great 58.

Monday, June 26, 2006


Argggg! That's all I have to say. This Examsoft, software is insane. I feel like I'm hacking into the FBI top secret documents simply to be able to take this exam and if I hit one wrong button my computer is going to explode! I remember a similar feeling in law school when I used this technology only with a calm while typing the exam (instead of writing it) and then a surge of panic while it "saved" onto the disk/hard drive/the blackhole... and praying that the last 3 hours of my life where not wasted on nothingness. I'm sitting here after downloading the software and reading the emailed instructions that I am supposed to take a qualification exam and that if I inserted a disk into the floppy drive that it would prompt me to do that... did it? No. Is there anything labled "qual exam"? No. WTF. Well, I guess if all else fails I can write it. Goody!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I'm a terrible LJ Journaler

Alright - well, I've severely neglected my livejournal, yet again. I really try to write stuff in here as well - but clearly my thoughts never result in action and thus you get quarterly updates here. Sigh... most of those (or in fact all of those) that read this particular journal a) know what's happening in my life and b) read it on my myspace journal. So either way. My life and it's existence gets known one way or another.

Today, I spent the last 30 minutes going through my friend Ivy's journal and remembering the fun times that I had with her and those during that time in my life. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the woods in 1999. It was stressful as hell and more drama filled than any other summer... but certainly one of the most exciting and fun summers of my life. A healthy level of debauchery as well. (haha!)

Yet here I sit as an "adult" with real responsibilities, bills and deadlines - and instead I'm in nostalgic world... ahh well. I've already made comment to a few people that if I don't pass the bar this time, I won't be terribly upset or shocked. Really, I'm not kidding. I really haven't studied enough to warrant a passing grade (regardless of what I "know" from last summer). So, it's ok - I'm still going to try, but I'm not going to NOT have a life like last summer. I have a husband I haven't been around for 6 months as it is... and the weather here is too damn gorgeous to simply sit inside and study.

I get to go back to So Cal in 4 days! I'm so excited! I miss it already and I haven't even been gone a month. I love it here in the NW. Don't get me wrong, but I also love it there. Oh the conflict. I just want people to visit me and I'll be fine. I hate when you move somewhere and everyone all gun-ho about visiting and then NO ONE EVER DOES. Don't be those people!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

We're Here!

Although it doesn't seem as anyone BUT Carrie cares that we are... since there were no other comments except from my road-trip buddy... but I digress and plan to write a stellar blog that all of you can simply be amused by and leave no interesting feedback for me. (I'm not sad or bitter, really!)

So, we left San Carlos around 10:30am on Sunday morning. A bit later start than we intended, but that's ok. Carrie took this leg of the drive! Some say it saved our lives... just because I'm a fast driver and twists and turns don't mix well with that... hmmph! Well, thank you Carrie for saving my life and yours!!! ;-) We stopped in Starbucks where we acquired and extra riding buddy... nameless until we hit the town of Willits, where we appropriately named him Will Carlos (Adopted from the San Carlos Starbucks) He's a bear by the way... not a serial rapist that couldn't catch a cab.
We drove on the 101 for many many miles on Sunday. We went over a very foggy Golden Gate Bridge, drove past many green trees and few blue skys, said hello to Paul and his pal Blu and somewhere around 5:30pm we said goodbye to California!

We continued our trek into Oregon and for the most part were clouded over, but still a great drive. We amused ourselves with dashboard photos and random shots out the car, T-Rex "replicas" and attempting to find a decent station to play our iPods on. We drove well into the evening and even into the night where we finally stumbled into Coos Bay on the Oregon coast and got a hotel room at 9:30pm. We wearily approached the counter, requested a room and got one with a spa in it! Oh yah! So Carrie and I took our belongings to the room and went back out to McD's to get ourselves Oreo McFlurries. Came back hopped in the spa, ate our delicious treats and watched SATC. Excellent! It was wonderful!!! We got to sleep around midnight.

We woke up around 8am on Monday morning and again Carrie started the trek up the 101 after an hour or so we cut over onto the 126 and headed towards the I-5. Got ourselves some lunch a little up the 5, switched driving positions, and then drove straight on into town around 5pm. Yay!!!! We had made it. Had dinner with Loving Husband and his parents, saw my kitties and then came back to my home to watch a movie on the computer while sitting on the air mattress and drinking some champagne. What a way to end a road trip! It was most excellent.

This trip was far more interesting than the last one, and I can't think of anyone I would have rather done this trip with! Love you Carrie!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

On the Road Again...

Well, Carrie and I enjoyed excellent shopping at the Outlets and were quite successful with a few purchases on our way up to San Jose on Friday, enjoying a few stops for food, clothing and gas. We arrived at my Aunt and Uncle's around 6:30pm on Friday, not too terrible, we were worried that we had spent too much time browsing through clothing stores and we were going to miss dinner, but we made it. My Aunt fixed us a lovely meal and we all spent the rest of the evening and well into the night sitting around and chatting and consuming way more than the recommended dosage of wine (for any of our tastes) ::cough:: 6 bottles. We finally all headed to bed around 2am.

We then awoke way too early for any of our tastes on a NORMAL day and we got ready and my Uncle, Carrie and myself headed to Monterey Bay to see the World Famous Aquarium. One more "theme" park for me to visit before leaving California. However, before we headed to Monterey we had to go shopping, yes it is true we really had to. My Aunt and Uncle had been invited to a rather posh birthday party for a co-worker of my Aunt who was turning 50 and Carrie had to purchase a dress, and we both had to buy shoes. (Yay for packing all shoes I own but flip flops). So we accomplished those two tasks and headed out to the Aquarium. It was great. The jellie fish were by far the greatest, they were amazing. We walked around for a few hours and enjoyed the view and excitement of the area and then we were headed North again back to "home".

We arrived back to the house and got ready for the party. It was a lot of fun, the hordourves were amazing! I couldn't believe all the exciting different things we had to chose from, but man did we get full. :) We socialized minimally, enjoyed another glass or two of wine and then headed out after we partook in the amazing dessert spread. Delicious. We got home and had a mild evening and turned in rather early. We were all dead from our excitement the night before.

And now I sit typing away... getting ready to leave here and head back out onto the 101. We will go over the San Francisco Bridge and see many lighthouses in Oregon. And at some point we will simply crash in a hotel for the night - wherever we are too tired to go on at. :) So wish us luck! There will be another update when we arrive into our final destination on Monday!

Friday, June 9, 2006

And We're Off

It's really happening... Carrie and I are leaving today to head up the 101 on our last adventure to the NW(via car) UNLESS I can convince her and Jason to move there and then I will gladly entertain another road trip! Hehe Until then! ROAD TRIP!

Thursday, June 8, 2006


It's my last day in So Cal. The Movers are now here wrapping things up and packing them into the giant semi that's parked out in front of the house. I'm sorta cleaning around them as they go so that I can get out of here as soon as I can. Not that I was to leave So Cal that bad - I think you can gather that that is not the case. But just so my landlord can come and do the final walk through and I can go get some food. I am starving! I have a cup of water and some tangerine altoid sours. MMM...

After the movers are done and everything is out of here... I'll turn in my keys and go sit at the beach for a minute or two. It's the last time that the beach will be home for me. And although I have only swam the Pacific Ocean ONCE since I've called So Cal home, I still enjoyed many sunsets, tanning sessions and random late night frolics with friends. (frolics in the clean sense of the word, sickos!) So the beach I must make an appearance at before I leave.

Then I will head to PB and drop of my cable equipment and then on the road to Los Angeles the first leg of the road trip where I will arrive at Carrie's and CRASH - I am so tired, sore and just plain exahusted.

Good-bye So Cal!

Wednesday, June 7, 2006


Not the Green Bay kind (even though are my second favorite to the Saints!) ... but those that are packing up my entire life as I sit and observe. It's strange. Also at times disconcerting as to their methods and organization of packing. Sigh. I can't believe that I am leaving So Cal tomorrow! Yah I'll be back in like 20 days for a week for Troy and Jackie's wedding (yay!) but it won't be the same. I won't be a resident of So Cal anymore, I won't even still be a Californian!

It's just hard to believe that 8 years has come and gone and that these past few weeks have gone by even faster. I said goodbye to Shannon, Nikki and Jessica on Saturday (of course I'll see them again!) but it's still sad. Over the past week I sat in Jazz & Java for over 8 hours catching up and saying goodbye to Mark and Rah Rah (hehe!). I said goodbye to my Grandma and my Mom on Monday. It's going to be the hardest to be away from them. Until now, I've been able to drive up if they ever needed me... and although I can still do the same with a quick flight the logistics of it all will be far more taxing (and costly!) I said goodbye to Cassandra today, (THANKS FOR BREAKFAST!) and tonight, I'll say goodbye to Lys. I haven't cried yet... I'm sure Carrie will receive the tsunami force of those tears! But it is all very sad. Yes, I am excited for this new chapter of my life and I am sure the best is yet to come... but it's still incredibly sad.

The movers come tomorrow at 7:30am to disassemble and move to the truck all of what remains of my So Cal life. It's just so hard to believe, hard to fathom. Hard.

Yet, Carrie and I still have a fabulous road trip ahead of us, which I am very much looking forward to! Its going to be great. Friday we head out!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

History Keeps Moving On...

I've been thinking about this phrase "history keeps moving on" ... it's what my dad wrote in my mom's scrapbook from her 50th birthday party. So much wrapped up into it. And although it sounds strange, I find it ever so perfect to describe life in its current state.

Today, May 10th, it has been 6 months since my grandfather died. It doesn't seem quite possible that that much time has gone by. But it has. And yet the last 4 months has seemed like a dragging struggle in my dealing with my dad's death. Time is most certainly a vacuum in and of itself. I go longer periods of time now between crying, but I still do ... history keeps moving on.

5 years ago next week, I moved into this apartment with two other girls. In 30 days, I will move out of it - the sole survivor for that period of time. It was my first apartment, my first home on my own. I've celebrated in this home, I've survived a couple rocky roommates in this home, I've had my heart crushed in this home, I was in this home on that fateful 9/11 day, I've had 5 Christmases in this home, I've made a best friend in this home, I've had amazing dinner parties in this home, I've had many game nights in this home, I've had traditions started in this home, I've graduated twice out of this home, I've gotten ready for my wedding in this home, I've made it my first home with my husband, I've lived alone for the first (and only time) in this home, I've been through so much in this home. It is hard to believe that at the age of 20, I moved into this apartment with Alyssa and Carrie and then Faith shortly after that... Getting ready to start my senior year of college. And here we are now... 5 years later- I am the only one left in the apartment, I am wrapping up my first year of teaching college, and I am headed to the NW to start a new chapter in my life ... history keeps moving on.

Everything is changing...

Monday, May 1, 2006

Birthdays, Moving & Soreness. Oh My!

What a weekend... lots of food, moving and excitement. Where was I? Carrie's! Hehe... I drove up to her place on Friday afternoon and enjoyed a weekend of packing, moving, and unpacking... laced with a little birthday celebration. Yay! Carrie turned 26. And no, she's not old, because that would make me ALMOST old, and no thanks.

It was a great weekend to spend time with Carrie and just hang out. Her poor kitties are rather traumatized, but hopefully they will acclimate to their new surroundings soon enough. Carrie's new roomie is super cool. The two of them will have fun together living in their cute little house.

I am just glad I got to have that time with Carrie. Yes, I do get her for a solid 5 days for our road trip. But this was different. This was like old times when we used to live together. I miss those times, and I was glad that I was able to spend the weekend helping her out and celebrating her birthday with her! I'm a little sore, but I can't complain... with all that work - I don't need to go to the gym all week. hehe.

I'm off to start a new book... number 11 for 2006!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Debate Party!!

So we had our party - with a small showing... all the girls and only Josh. Not to discount him or anything, but yes, just Josh. Which is funny because normally the boys out number the girls. That's ok. We ate at Corvette's and had a grand time. We had a rude waitress - and not the kind of rude that you're supposed to get there. Blah - she was the epitome of the "cat lady" so I suppose she has some credence to be bitter. It was fun, cards were passed, a video was attempted to be run, a straw contest which I lost, some water was passed, a cup of whip cream was discarded, french fries anyone? Grand times! I'll miss them.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

To All my Nazbo Friends

To any of you who want to see Bob Brower throw west side signs... and hear a rap about the Nazarenes... I'm crying laughing right now. Nazbo Rap

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's been a while...

Hmm so it's been a long while since I last posted on this trusty livejournal of mine... so free style, I shall update.

Ready GO!

Jennifer moved back to ND, got a job, still in ND, still married to my brother, American Idol began, access to HdTV, it is amazing, Loving Husband and I signed the lease for our 4 bedroom house, I got sucked into Lost, watched season 1 in a weekend and took a few more weeks to watch the latest on my computer, my cousin up and died for no reason on February 26th, Spring Champs was infuriating, a week up in the NW in our new home, nothing there but a bed and computer, a weekend in Arkansas equally as infuriating as Champs, started watching Lost live with Shannon and Nikki, great times, Tuesday nights continue with Kelley watching Gilmore Girls and Idol, a trip to Vegas shortly after AK, I won $25 on Monopoly slots, grandma gambled, took my first taxi ride, much fun with my family, a few more days of work, debate is over, off to no where for one solid weekend, then off to Boston for a week with Becky, Jamie & Shelley, had the worst flight of my life on the way there, had a great trip minus a few frustrations, came home back to work, listen to persuasion speeches, taught a few more classes, found a replacement for DOF, decided to take the bar exam in the summer this year, started tracking down the mover people, Loving Husband came to visit, started gutting my home of useless crap, convinced my public speaking class not to take their final, only have papers to grade, now have possibly agreed to teach arg & debate online from WA for That College, still addicted to myspace, more detailed blogs there.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Boston was amazing.

After the flight from hell, I am pretty sure that anything would have seemed like Heaven but it really was a great trip.

Arrival - Tuesday:
I arrived around 5:05pm, a bit later than expected, but only by a few minutes so nothing major. I collect my bag, which is one of the first ones out a perk on the gamble of transferring luggage from one flight to another. Then I set out to call Shelley, who was arriving in the terminal next to mine around the same time. I get a hold of her and establish that she is making the trek over to my terminal to meet me, so that we can catch the shuttle to our hotel. We catch the shuttle and arrive at the Roadside Inn. Were about 10 minutes from the airport and not terribly far from a subway stop to go inbound to Boston great place to be.

We meet up with Jamie, who had arrived earlier that afternoon and already checked into the hotel. We caught up, I hadnt seen her since, circa 2000. Then Shelley, Jamie, and myself ordered some room service and talked about what our top things were to do in Boston. We awaited Becs arrival, with wasnt until 10:30pm that night. It was much fun. Watched some Law and Order, SVU etc..

Day 1 - Wednesday:
Only in our best luck do we get the weather that we do. However, we were expecting it, so we bundled up caught our shuttled and headed to the Wonderland Station to buy our week long pass for the subway/bus system. And we headed inbound. (Inbound and Outbound would prove to be a bit confusing at times, but Jamie and I were able to master it for the most part.) We got off at Aquarium in order to buy our Old Town Trolley tickets. We catch the Trolley and as soon as we get on it, it starts to snow. Yep it didnt stick though just was that much colder. We head to do all the exciting things that the Trolley offers us. We first got off and headed into the North End and saw all of Paul Reveres stomping ground, North Church and FOOD found a little caf and had some much needed breakfast. This is when I START the search for a beanie, for my very cold head.

We then continue on the trolley towards USS Constitution and toured the museum. Next stop was the Old State House, where we found some excellent Salt Water Taffy we enjoyed the remainder of the trip and then found our way around near Quincy Market place (later we found out that we hadnt quite made it to there) Our final stop from our trolley tour was to where the Boston Tea Party was, but due to a lightening strike earlier this past year, the museum was not open. However, the place we wanted to eat was: The Barking Crab. It was tasty, Jamie ordered lobster Bec and Shelley were thoroughly disgusted. We then caught a bus to the subway to the Wonderland Station where we walked a couple of blocks to the local grocery store to pick up some snack food for the hotel and then caught our shuttle home.

Day 2 Thursday:
We awoke after a little bit of sleeping in and headed back to the Wonderland Station to start our journey to The Prudential Building its Bostons view similar to that of the Empire State building and there is a ton of shopping that can be done. So maybe we can find my beanie?! Still none anywhere to be found in Boston, and I still have a cold head and I am still counting how MANY of these things that I have back in So Cal. Sigh. So we enter the Prudential Building, eat some breakfast in the food court and then head to the top. We spend a fair amount of time up there and establish that our next stop is the Trinity Church.

We walk to that location and on that walk pass the South Church, the Boston Public Library and get an excellent view of the Church from all angles. The Trinity Church was built in 1877 and was quite pretty. We go inside after taking some exciting pictures with some inexplicably placed statutes of turtles and rabbits and look at the excellent structure of this church. Outside we marvel in the sight of the building next to the church, modern and built in the 70s all glass building, called the Hancock Tower which due to all the glass has a mirror image of Trinity Church on it. Lovely.

We then walk over towards Tom Cruises favorite place to be the Church of Scientology although somewhat crazy, the architecture was amazing and in their museum was something else. The Mapparium was super cool. Its a 3d Globe that you walk into. It was not only beautiful, but it was informative as well it was color coated to show who had control of what at a particular period in time. Besides the school tour we were with GRR more little annoying people. It was great.

We have now made a basic full circle back towards the Prudential Building and we eat at a restaurant and have some tasty Italian food. We walk towards the subway and FINALLY, there it is a store that has beanies!!! Finally, something to keep my poor little head warm. Im now content. We then head toward Boston Commons the original park, established in 1634. We walked around there for a while and see the New State House (or at least the current and used one) and get pictures of us around the area. The weather was pretty decent most of the day, but it was starting to cloud over again and so we decided to go and see a movie. We saw Ice Age 2. Becky fell asleep in the movie, she had already seen it once. Hehe. We then headed back to our hotel.

Day 3 Friday:
This was Jamie and my day! We headed out to the JFK Library and toured that in the morning. Eating breakfast in the museum caf. Enjoyed all the exhibits and the area surrounding the library and then headed out to Harvard. It was very much enjoyable. Decent weather and although chilly still great for pictures of the beautiful campus. We all spent our fair share of dough in the Harvard Store and then headed on back toward Boston. We went back to Boston Commons where we took pictures and viewed the Shaw Memorial and then went onto Quincy Market Place. More shopping, of course, and delicious hot dogs for lunch. We then made a plan to walk to the Haymarket, but went in the total opposite direction and found a few of the old bookstores that Jamie and I had been looking for. We ended our day with another movie, Inside Man and then grabbed some McDs before heading back to the hotel for yet another evening and episode of Dr. Phil.

Day 4 Saturday:
Were headed to Witch Hysteria Land! AKA Salem. This took a bit of travel, but it was still worth it. It was something that Bec really wanted to see. We took a taxi, that the hotel people suggested would cost about $10 it cost $20. We then had to wait at the Commuter Rail Lynn Station for 48 minutes, because on Saturday the trains dont run as frequently. It was another bitterly cold day. Yikes!!! We jumped around on the platform to stay warm had crazy people come up to us occasionally and then we finally got on the train for about 10 minute up to Salem. Not nearly enough time to thaw. So, we head out and walk down the streets of Salem and come to this quaint little diner where we show our pout-frozen faces and ask if we can still have breakfast. They are happy to oblige. We enjoy breakfast and then head onto the hokey witch museum, where (Gilmore Girl reference coming up) they have a scene set up with speakers overhead telling the story of the Witch Hysteria. They had manikins (like those in Taylors museum he put together in the old Twickham house!!) and they told the story. It was random, but why not. We then walked to the Witch Dungeon, which was a replica, because apparently in 1954 PacBell bought the land over the original dungeons and tore it up and we saw a reenactment of one of the trial and then walked through the dungeon. Great fun. We then caught the commuter rail again and headed back to Boston Commons (the center part this time) walked around there for a while and then onto find more food this time good old CPK. After lunch we took some obligatory ;-) Map photos and then headed back toward Government Center for a walk through Haymarket, more Quincy Market and a walk around the area one last time. We enjoyed some sitting time in a Starbucks in the evening and then headed back to our hotel to enjoy a mound of fruit that Bec had picked up for a mere $6. Excellent.

It was an excellent trip. And if youve read this all Im impressed. J

Lessons Learned? Always take a beanie with you, you never know when it might be needed. Yes, even to Hawaii!

Fun Fact About Boston? There are 183 Dunkin Donuts in Boston compared to 155 Starbucks. and in one DD they also serve sushi!


No Seriously. Im not kidding.

Let me begin. Shannon and I wake up at good ol 4:45am so that I can get ready and catch my 6:30am flight. The morning is all good and glorious, I am off to Boston for a week and I have no work! I love it what could be wrong with this. I check my luggage at curb side, YES! No weighing of the bag. I get some McDs breakfast, eat that and then stroll onto the plane in plenty of time, but not a lot of lag time. A perfect trip to the airport and boarding of the plane.

I take my seat in 8F, the window, my claustrophobic safe haven. Excellent. 8E comes and sits down, a fairly normal guy, but he had a cold YUCK. I hate flying on a plane with people with illness, so this is going to be the worst of it, yah? Nope. God was laughing at me, and saying, just you wait. Next comes Row 9D-F onto the plane. Careless Guardian in 9D, two mini-soccer players in 9E and 9F, ages 3 and 5. Soccer players, you ask? Yes, because they spent the entire boarding of and flight of the plane running two by two between Careless Guardian and the window much to the chagrin and beyond rage-insightful me and 8E.

So, you think thats the worse of my hell? Sick neighbor and soccer playing terrors? Nope. Were still boarding, remember? So, they are about to close the doors and 8D is remaining empty, we think that maybe we might just get lucky and have that seat open and thus extra room! Nope in walks the Smell of Death. This man had never showered, I am pretty sure. Yet, he wore a business suit and looked mostly just like a hangover had taken hold of him but man the smell was putrid. I instantly get weak in the stomach. What am I supposed to do now?! Not only is it recycled air through the whole plane, so at least I can take comfort that I wont be the only one in olfactory senses hell, but hes 2 seats away from me and the only one in a worse position (8E) cant smell anything anyway?! So, I quickly jump to action and pull out some lotion that I have in my back. (Arbonne Awaken Lotion, THANK GOD for Aromatherapy!) I quickly rub that on my hands and immediately rub my hands all over my nose hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.

The plane takes off and I render myself unconscious somehow when I awaken, for the most part, my smelling abilities have mostly been killed and the flight is decent. Note, we are flying to Washington, D.C. this is NOT a short flight and mini-Mia Hamm and mini-David Beckham, behind me, are still at it. So, I watch some tv in front of me (I love to fly JetBlue if for nothing more than my own personal tv in the back of the seat in front of me.)

We begin our decent into Dulles Airport its a bit turbulent, but nothing that bothers me- I kinda like it. J However, 8E decided he couldnt handle it. :: If you are eating right now, Id stop:: I am looking out the window when it happens. I hear 8E cough and then I smell something (the in-flight snack of cheese and crackers) and I look, to look to him, but my head stops when I look at my tv screen which is now covered in his vomit! What does he do? NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL! He just sits there with his arms crossed as if it was ME or if it wasnt even there. Between Smells Like Death in 8D, Mini-Hamm & Beckham behind me, and NOW Vomit Man in 8E with VOMIT on my tv screen - I would have jumped out of the plane if this was option.

So the plane lands and I RAN off the plane and screamed. Out loud. I didnt care I really did feel at that point I too was going to vomit. Sick Sick Sick! So, yah that was my flight to the East Coast. My flight TO Boston was far less eventful, and THANK GOD!

Lesson learned? Dont scoff at people that have colds on a plane. God will enlighten you, that you know what? That THAT is the least of your problems.

Monday, March 27, 2006


It was most excellent! We spent a lot of time simply looking around. Grandma on the first evening tried to walk it - but she really just doesn't do long jaunts anymore.. so for Sunday we got her some wheels and put my uncle to work on pushing her around Las Vegas Blvd.

I arrived around 4ish to the Las Vegas airport, which was substantially larger than I would have thought. Although why I underestimated the size of the Sin City airport is beyond me... but anywhooo... I trekked through the airport where I then waited for my aunt and uncle to pick me up curb side. We headed back to the hotel where my mom and grandma were also awaiting my arrival. I hadn't seen any of them since my dad's funeral, so it was nice to see everyone on much happier terms.

Saturday evening we took the tram to Harrah's and then walked to The Venetian, which proved to be quite taxing for Grandma, since the hotel and casinos alone are roughly a mile long. She held up well enough and we enjoyed a very delicious dinner somewhere near the gauntlet inside. We then took a taxi (surprisingly enough, my first taxi ride EVER!) to the Bellagio, where quickly found out that due to "high winds" the show for the fountains had been canceled. Sad day.

Sunday, we got up and took a taxi to the Monte Carlo for a brunch that was absolutely delicious... of course it is - one of the few things Vegas does truly well! Buffets! hehe... so we gorged ourselves on food for a couple of hours and simply relaxed and then did massive wandering through the hotels down the strip. Side Note: My myspace background is featuring the blown glass from the Bellagio's Lobby... It's so intricate and well done. I love it. Eventually we mosisied on back to the Sahara, our home for the weekend and rested for about an hour.
We met up with family friends who live in Vegas, for dinner. We ate at a very nice steak restaurant and again gorged ourselves on food. The rest of the evening was low key, having walked all day and eaten enough food for three... we simply rested.

Today I flew back to town, had some lunch with Kell and headed out to El Cajon to teach... productive and fun all wrapped into one.

It was a great trip! Now I get to be home for a FULL week... and thus ends my travels for the month of March. I leave on the 4th for Boston for a week! I'm so excited!!!

Monday, March 13, 2006


It's really just not been a good year. Don't get me wrong there have been good things that have happened in this year. But in the grand scheme of things, it's not been a good year. From the time I turned 25 it's been one thing after another and I can't HELP but feel discouraged and beaten.

I try to stay positive, happy and move on from the tragedy that life has brought down on our family, but things just keep happening. My cousin Jonathan, not much older than me, died on February 26th. What makes this world so cruel? It makes me angry but mostly forlorn.

I find comfort in small things... but often times I really just feel like I am trying to hold it together. Is it possible get through the rest of the age of 25 unscathed? Death is natural, death is immanent... but damn it, does it have to be all at once?!

Ultimately, I am at peace with my grandfather's death. It's been a little over four months, since he went peacefully onto heaven. If one has to die, it should be the way that he did. Knowing, at peace with life's course, and able to say goodbye. I didn't get any of that with my father. He was unable to speak due to the tube down his throat, unconscious by the time that we took it out, not wanting to die, but to fight for life... and death winning out regardless of all his will power and our hope for a miracle. Damn it, it just doesn't seem fair.

I only have comfort in the abstract. I only find peace in things that I hope are signs that he's well off. The night of the funeral I heard a song on the radio, followed by a block of Shania Twain songs. Now I don't find much musical enjoyment in Shania Twain, but my dad loved her. And that night on the radio they played 5 songs in a row from her Come on Over cd, my dad's favorite. I took comfort in that... I had to... I was never able to hear from him, good bye.

When I get Where I'm Going
When I get where I'm goingOn the far side of the skyThe first thing that I'm gonna doIs spread my wings and flyI'm gonna land beside a lionAnd run my fingers through his maneOr I might find out what it's likeTo ride a drop of rain(Chorus:)Yeah when I get where I'm goingThere'll be only happy tearsI will shed the sins and strugglesI have carried all these yearsAnd I'll leave my heart wide openI will love and have no fearYeah when I get where I'm goingDon't cry for me down hereI'm gonna walk with my grand daddyAnd he'll match me step for stepAnd I'll tell him how I missed himEvery minute since he leftThen I'll hug his neck(Chorus)So much pain and so much darknessIn this world we stumble throughAll these questions I can't answerSo much work to doBut when I get where I'm goingAnd I see my maker's faceI'll stand forever in the lightOf his amazing graceYeah when I get where I'm goingThere'll be only happy tearsHallelujahI will love and have no fearWhen I get where I'm goingYeah when I get where I'm going

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

One Month

At seven p.m. tomorrow night, it will have been one month since my father passed away. It seems like it has been impossibly slow, yet ridiculously fast. The pain still seems as raw as it was the day it happened, yet reflectively better. Life has continued on... yet seems to be at a stand still. I am comforted in his passing, yet troubled just the same. I am in a world of opposites that feels like I'm in a spiral of chaos.

Last night I had a good cry. Nothing new, just the same rawness. I'm not perpetually lost in a sea of depression, but there is a deep sadness that simply won't leave. Yes, life is continuing on... it's just not the same life.

Memories are all I have... and I am blessed and thankful for those.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Little Things

There are so many memories that flood my mind day in and day out... some make me sad, but often times I just smile and enjoy the passing thought. But, really what gets to me is the little things. A simple picture that's been in a frame in my house for years, that I pulled down to dust made me tear up. Changing my profile just now from my hero being "My dad. He fights so hard." to what is now. I guess it's just the small things that catch you off guard, when you think they you are doing well, but the raw feeling returns so suddenly.

My dad was an amazing man... it's been a blessing to see all the memories that people have of him that they have shared, people have been so kind. And yes, one day I'll write a blog about something other than my dad. But for now, that is who is on my mind.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Shitty 2006

As you all know my father died on January 7th. Too soon in all of our opinons, but it was his time, whether he or any of the rest of us thought so. I have a huge void in my heart, and this death is far more painful than my grandfather's.

Last night (late, around 1ish) I was tired and actually came to my computer to switch my AIM from "watching tv" to "sleeping" and I actually for a split second looked to see if my dad was online so that I could say hello. It was sad. Old habits die hard. It seems that nights are the hardest for me, because well no one is here and it's super quiet so then my mind just races with old memories. I was so tired last night that I did just fall asleep without Tylenol PM - but the night before I needed some because I couldn't stop thinking of old memories. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but not the best time for such things.

It's just so interesting to see how I am dealing with my dad's death versus my grandfather's death. With Grandpa I wasn't really sad... he had lived a full life and I had gotten to have him around a lot longer than I ever thought I would. His entry into the hospital was planned and he went peacefully being able to talk to us until the day before he died. It's totally the opposite with my dad. Even though he wasn't in the best of health and I knew he would never make it to the age of my grandpa, I never would have guessed he wouldn't be in our home in 2006. I said good night and that I loved him on the 26th on December and that's the last time I talked to him (where he talked back). So, I guess I just feel kinda robbed for time. Certainly a much deeper wound than with my grandpa. And so I guess that's why I'm sadder with my dad. With grandpa I was really just happy he wasn't in pain anymore and just sad he wouldn't be around anymore... but with my dad, although I am happy he isn't in pain anymore, I just wish he had more time. That I had more time with him. I know it will get better... and I know consciously he's in a much better place ... AND I know it was his time... BUT I was just so looking forward to the next few months being able to go up to Berdo and just sit and watch movies with him all weekend long. Sighh...

2005 in Review

It's a bit late... but this was ready to go before everything - and for the sake of history I felt the need to post it. :)


Best Event: Graduating for the LAST TIME!

Best Movie: Madagascar, Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire

Best Over-Played Song: Mississippi Girl - Faith Hill (good song)

"Best" Radio Moment: Star 100.7 becomes flippin' JACK-FM.... grr, but public voice rises above and Star returns on 94.1!!!!

Best Book: Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

Best New-ity of 05: MySpace!!!! (FOR MOST OF US...)

Most Shocking News of 05: Derek Arrested for writing a bad check in North Dakota. See entries 02/22/05 & 02/28/05

MW's Word of the Year: integrity
Jo's Word of the Year: excellent

Events of 2005:
2. Graduating from Law School.
3. My brother and his wife split unofficially. Hey they lasted a year!
4. I was "fired" from the law firm.
5. Loving Husband and I got two kittens!
6. I got the top grade in Law Practice Management!!!
7. My grandfather died :(
8. Road trip with Carrie to the NW!!!
9. I got hired at That College as a professor and DOF!
10. A visit to Minot in January!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

One Week

It just doesn't seem possible. It doesn't seem fair. It just doesn't seem like it's real. A week ago today, my father died. I am deeply saddened, but at the same time I am happy for him.

For the last 4 years he has been slowly declining in health and in the last 4 months he really hasn't felt like doing much of anything. He had stopped getting on the internet as much, he had stopped watching DVDs because it was too much effort to get up and down to put them in. His quality of life had drastically suffered - and because of that, I can be happy for him that that is over for him.

He can be smiling and happy now. He can argue politics with my grandpa. He can be whole again. I will always have a huge void in my heart to a certain extent, but with time the sadness I feel will be replaced entirely by the happiness I have for him. I'll always be Daddy's Little Girl, regardless of where he is.

I will always have the memories of watching movies at terrible hours of the night. Including on Christmas night watching our last movie together: Scrooged until 2:30am. I’ll think of him every time I watch one of those terrible disaster movies that my dad and I loved to watch back to back: Volcano, Dante’s Peak, Asteroid. I will miss our chats online where we say little, but still managed to keep up with each other. I will miss everything. Love ya, Daddy!

Sunday, January 8, 2006


I know many of you have been holding vigil and wanting to keep updated on how my daddy was doing. Well, today he went to be with Jesus and my grandfather. He went peacefully.

We took out the tubes around 2pm, per his request and he breathed on his own with just his little nose tube of oxygen until 6:50pm. He just went to sleep and it was just as he would have wanted it.

I am ok... terribly sad and I will miss my daddy like crazy... but he isn't in pain any longer.

Sunday, January 1, 2006

Please Pray

Yesterday around 1:30pm I got a call from Dawn to let me know that my dad was unresponsive and that my mom and her had called 911 to transport him. They transported him to the closest hospital because he was too unstable to transfer him to our 'home' hospital and during transport he had a seizure and they had to intubate him. They put him on blood pressure medication because when he first got there it was 83/37. In the afternoon it came up a bit, dropped again in the night, and this morning after my mom got there, it seems to have stabilized a bit and they are currently trying to ween him off of medication for that. His kidneys are fully functional and they are pumping a zillion bags of saleen into him. However, he has not been conscious yet. Mom believes that he can hear her and responds minimally with his eyebrows and furrowing his brow... but he has not opened his eyes since he was transported there. Dawn is there with her again today. However, I finally made the decision to fly back to home later tonight in order to be there with my mom tomorrow, because I am sure that Dawn has to go to work... plus any fun we were planning to have here has been highly overshadowed by my worrying. So, last night we simply cancelled our New Years plans and stayed in. Loving Husband and I finished 24 and I have found the new craze of Sudoku quite mind numbing and had purchased (before the news) a book of puzzles that I did for quite some time. I've been torn about leaving because this was supposed to be a great week of just relaxing and having a good time... but the good time part is gone and I certainly cannot enjoy the  lodge now... so I think it's just going to have to be put on hold. When we reschedule all of that, who knows. Loving Husband will be flying back with me and we'll fly on emergency tickets which are easiest to change the date of the ticket for... so we can come back early, later, etc.. hard to say if mine will be a one-way or a round-trip ticket, we haven't discussed that yet.

Please pray for my dad. They still don't really know what is currently wrong. His catscan came back negative, so he didn't have stroke... so we're not sure if this is simply a result of his body shutting down from all the meds or if it is something fixable. Either way, we all need prayer. More tests are supposed to be run today. Hopefully that will yield some answers.