Friday, May 28, 2004

My Car

After years and YEARS of driving around cars that you have to hold your mouth just right, as to not upset the delicate balance of the PMSing vehicle I would guide down the road, I F-I-N-A-L-L-Y have a brand new, all mine (although I think Loving Fiance might take it from time to time) CAR! Ahh the happiness!American Idol is over. Fantasia won. As it should be. It was sorta sad without Shannon there :( But I hear that she was busy jumping out of trees so all is sorta well with the world.I get to babysit the cutest little girl tomorrow. My roommate's niece. She's super sweet. 7 Months old. It will be good because then I can get my baby fix :) I need one from time to time to remind me that I in no way need one in any near future.. Hmm besides work, watching the end of American Idol and buying a new car. I haven't been doing much. Sadly. So my future plans will consist of driving, driving and perhaps... watching a little tv.Ahh the life of a student in the summah.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

A free Saturday?

What does this mean!? Hmm so I woke up today and realized I have nothing pressing to do. I don't have to stand in line to watch my friend's graduate... I don't have to get up and be at work... I can just do whatever the heck I want. So I went and test drove my car! Ok well not exactly mine, but within a couple of weeks it will TOTALLY be mine! Yes that's right folks, no more POS for me. I'm moving on... leaving it behind... or trading it in for $1.50.

What does this all mean? This means:* NO more swearing at my car because: it has the hiccups, it's leaking oil like crrrazy, the blinding crack in my windshield has caught the sunlight again. F!.* A ticket to FREEDOM! This means trips to the AZ are highly likely, because I can just take a nice little drive there.* I won't be spending $2.35 per gallon on my car every 3 days because my car only gets 165 miles to the gallon! F!* This means a car payment, but I soo just don't care. (right now) So with that, I am going to go continue to update our registry. You should check it out! It currently is one giant list of random things. Mayhaps Loving Fiance can fix that. Hmmm...

Glad to hear that Camp is going well for Shan-a .... Britton keep on truckin' with the 909, if it doesn't get better, fo sho, you'll just go numb for a few months... that's how I survived before. Peace!

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Ode to Driving in So Cal

No one in So Cal can drive. I am aware that clearly includes me. I am willing to take that to uphold this statement.
First, my boss makes me drive out to the desert to the court house at 3:30 and not a second before rush hour mind you. So I sit, and inch forward on the I-8 waiting and waiting as some dumbass decides what a great idea it would be to cut of a cop and hit him. An innocent side swip. Thus stopping traffic and making for one pissed of piggy. I decide to continue to inch forward and let others be good citizens, because with all the violations my car has... to stop would be detrimental with a pissed piggy. So I move on. That poor dumbass is never getting out of jail now.
Later I am almost run down by a little old lady screaming at me (mind you this is while I am parked in a parking space on the side of the road) to get off my cell phone. She is so busy wagging her finger at me that she nearly collides into another car.
Finally, not only the drivers but those too stupid to be afforded a drivers license. Carrie and I followed a Razor Scooter down the road for a good hundred yards till it decided it was time to yeild to the CAR! I personally thought running him down would be more appropriate than honking... but alas I was out voted.
That in a nutshell has been my day. It's no dog riding a motorcycle... but you can only find that in NM. :)