Friday, February 16, 2007

Friends & Communication

Friends & Communication
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I am lucky to say that in my 26 years of life I have maintained many friends from my early years of life. I doubt that many people can say that they have friends that they've known since they were 4... or a best friend who has held that role for 15 years... at the age of 26. But I am lucky. So sometimes I wonder, do I put too much pressure on my friends? I don't think I do - I mean I am capable of keeping in touch so why shouldn't they be held to that same standard I hold to myself?

Since moving to the NW I find a truth (or at very least a pattern) unfolding as to whom my true friends are. I'm sure a large part of all of this is a part of growing up, edging closer to 30 every day, far beyond the teens, party- 20s (ha!) and finally into the official-no-question "Adult World"... but why is it that people that I talked to daily, seem perfectly accepting of a monthly myspace comment or a spammed text message on holidays as effective communication with a friend? It frustrates me. Maybe that does make me too demanding... but I guess I don't care. What I care about are people that I hold dear, that I want to hear about their lives from them. I'm not looking for daily chatter, I understand that is reserved for a limited number of folks... but why not an email once in a while, a phone call on occasion? We're all busy, we're all working full time, we're all doing something in our day to day... but why can I find time and they can't?

I am truly lucky to have all the friends I do, and I value the friendships that I have... I just hate to lose them over a lack of communication due to distance... in this age of technology, that excuse is laughable. I don't want friends that I used to talk to daily to turn into "Christmas Card" friends. I want communication! Email, text messages, phone calls, instant messages, cards, letters, or flowers (ok maybe not...) but seriously... meaningful life updates by ANY of those forms of communication even once a month has to be better than some of what I've not been getting lately. I don't write this to bitch, be angry or to guilt anyone in particular... just expressing my sadness over what I don't see as being a chore or difficult... but maybe that's just it, I'm difficult to please. But that's why you all love me right?

Sunday, February 4, 2007


That's right - we have moved into our new place!
Still need to clean the other place and get the last bits of stuff - but for the most part we have everything over here and slowly making it's way into its proper place. Yay!
Loving Husband's off to San Francisco for a week! I've got to get back to studying!