Sunday, August 29, 2004

Life as it were

It was a good weekend around here. Everything with our apartment is coming together nicely. It's starting to look like a home now. Most everything is in order. Our office no longer looks like it exploded. My tire has it's second patch and second nail removed. And my brother came down to visit and to remove the bed from the living room!

My brother down here was the final time that he'll visit here. Derek and Jen are leaving for North Dakota on Wednesday. It makes me kind of sad that the only time I'll see him now is when I fly to exciting MINOT! I will be doing that in January, the dead of winter... if I don't come back, send out the snow dogs.

So to mark his visit we spent Saturday night watching movies,forfeiting game night...deep sadness, next time guys. Today we got ourselves up for church and then Derek and I headed to the zoo for the afternoon. 5 hours of hiking (4 miles) it was a lot of fun to just spend time with him and I am glad that we got to do it before he took off to start working with the missles. (Scary thought by the way.)

The weekend is now over, and I must return to work and school. ECK! Another week to go. (Hopefully fast.) Is it bad to wish for the weekend before the week has even started? Hehe

Enjoy your week everyone!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Back to the swing of things...

So for all that haven't heard, our honeymoon was in JAMAICA! It was so fabulous. The water was super warm, we just laid out and relaxed. We stayed at this all inclusive resort, where everything was free (well once we paid the extreme upfront costs) but it was so nice. We ate at 5 star restaurants, room service 24 hours a day, and a gorgeous view. Our first room was literally 10 feet from the ocean, then Hurricane Charly came and we had to move to a different room, still nice, but not as close. It was so nice to be able to just spend time with each other and not have to run off and be somewhere at a particular time.

Again I still have to thank everyone that helped out with the wedding so so much! I couldn't have done it without any of you. And I have pictures, oh so many pictures. We have the professional ones back from the photographer already too. They are really really good. Stop by and see them some time.

Yesterday I started back to classes, so not ready to, but it wasn't that bad. I think I'll actually enjoy my remedies class (the one that I didn't want) but my real property transactional class I am a bit skeptical about still. I have two more classes today and then I have Fridays off! (at least this one)

I myself head back to work on Monday, but I don't have nearly as cool of a job as Shannon. I am so happy that your job is kick-ass Shan. But I'm even more happy that it's a kick-ass job in So Cal. (Can I say ass on "Livejournal"?)

Loving Husband and I are slowly getting our house into order, and I do mean slowly. We opened all of our gifts and they were rad, most people gave us cash and we aren't complaining at all about that. We have the reception up in our hometown on Saturday from 4-8... all you peeps are welcome to come, just email me for the directions and info.

Must start my day now. Enjoy yours.

Wednesday, August 4, 2004


Guys, it has been a glorious time. First, I want to thank everyone sooo soo much for making the wedding day super great! IT wouldn't have gone off so well without everyone that helped! Shannon!!! Seriously thank you for all your help. I am so glad that you were able to be a part of it, and I hope that your mouth didn't kill too much from all the pictures. :)
The wedding was marvolous and ON TIME (much to Joann's shock and dismay I do believe) Yes, that was my one mad-bride-ism (that I am aware of) But it was on time and I was super happy. The ceremony was great. The pastor/priest blessed me by banging me on the side of the head, talked over me on one of my lines... I think it was the "Honoring one another line" so I think I get to skip that part.... but despite the loon of a pastor/priest... it was beautiful. Kelley and Dawn worked their asses off to make it look wonderful, and everyone else did great to get everything in order before hand.
Seriously though, I owe the most graditude to my dear maid of honor. I would have died without Becky and she seriously did way above and beyond the duty of a maid of honor. I was so happy to have her there!
Honeymoon so far! OK guys, I married the greatest guy ever. (I knew this beforehand but he has reaffirmed over and over again) So far every place we have been to (which includes his parents house, stop 3 on our list) there has been a dozen roses, strawberries, and chamagne waiting for us when we arrived. The hotel that we stayed at the night of the wedding... his parents/Troy/and Sister had gone in and sprinkled rose petals on the bed. So nice. We arrived at the lodge, they had music playing and the roses (more pretty than at the wedding!) so nice. We are at his parent's house for the next couple of days since Ryan the groomsman is getting married on Saturday, and it's been nice to just relax and do nothing but lounge around. We've taken some pictures of the places that we have stayed at so that everyone can get an idea of the places.
I am having a relaxing time, unwinding from all of the stress of the event. Again though, serious thanks to everyone that helped out with that. It wouldn't have been nearly as cool or elegant without all of the help that I had on the day or before! Leann! Thanks so much for the well wishes on the day of the event.
Again everyone, please don't forget you are all invited to our party up in Berdo on August 21st! Check our website for further information and for WEDDING PICTURES! There's only a few, but they are pretty good. I get the ones back from the photographer on the 20th of August! So all the proofs from the wedding photographer will be at the reception in Berdo.
Well, I have rambled on for quite awhile. Loving Husband and his dad are off playing Soccer, so I think that I am going to go read a book. It's cloudy here, but I am still convinced it doesn't rain here. Hehe. I can't wait to come home and have a girls night, game night, or something so that I can see everyone!
Hope all is well! Shannon have a great move! When are you coming!?
Much Love.