Sunday, August 29, 2004

Life as it were

It was a good weekend around here. Everything with our apartment is coming together nicely. It's starting to look like a home now. Most everything is in order. Our office no longer looks like it exploded. My tire has it's second patch and second nail removed. And my brother came down to visit and to remove the bed from the living room!

My brother down here was the final time that he'll visit here. Derek and Jen are leaving for North Dakota on Wednesday. It makes me kind of sad that the only time I'll see him now is when I fly to exciting MINOT! I will be doing that in January, the dead of winter... if I don't come back, send out the snow dogs.

So to mark his visit we spent Saturday night watching movies,forfeiting game night...deep sadness, next time guys. Today we got ourselves up for church and then Derek and I headed to the zoo for the afternoon. 5 hours of hiking (4 miles) it was a lot of fun to just spend time with him and I am glad that we got to do it before he took off to start working with the missles. (Scary thought by the way.)

The weekend is now over, and I must return to work and school. ECK! Another week to go. (Hopefully fast.) Is it bad to wish for the weekend before the week has even started? Hehe

Enjoy your week everyone!

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