Monday, October 26, 2009

Sea World in Pictures

You all can look at the camera, but I'm going to keep an eye on these things you call 'sharks'.


Shamu was ok, but the flock of birds in the stadium really was his main attraction.

Sea World has a splash pad and well Ace did a bit of that.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fourteen Months Old

Ace is growing strong as ever. Although he eats like a bird! Yes I don't even want to think of how few calories he actually consumes on a regular basis for fear of creating a panic in me that he's going to waste away into nothing. I have to remember that plenty of children go through fickle eating phases and he still is getting breast milk (the best nutrients ever) so he isn't going to starve. Oh yes and he's fourteen months old.

Ace continues to discover and enjoy new things and has had many new adventures this month: the swine flu, first visit to a fire station, babysat by Grammie, Sea World, San Diego, visit to his mommy's college, first trip to the beach, lots and lots of California adventures during his 14th month.

New vocabulary includes both verbal and signed words. In the verbal department he says: dog, door, out, up, light (well it is wwwwwiiiiiiiiiT, but he's pointing right at the light when he says it) he's doing very well. He understands a ton of other things. He takes instruction very well (when he wants to) including taking his dirty diapers and throwing them away. He always brings his shoes to you when he wants to go outside. And he knows to sit on his bottom when he's instructed to do so. In the signing department he has slowly been grasping the understanding of Please and Thank You. Although 'thank you' and 'water' are virtually the same and it also mirrors blowing kisses which he does from time to time - so it can be a bit of a guessing game :) Overall we are beaming with pride at how well he's soaking up vocabulary and knowledge in general.

Ace also appears to be jumping back into the teething arena and starting to work on breaking those molars in. So far no immediate sign of their breakthrough but we have had a handful of otherwise inexplicable runny noses, lots of chewing of the hands and other objects and gagging because he's pushing said things further back to relieve the pain. Hopefully they'll be kind and either come fast and together or grant him a bit of reprieve between their arrivals.

For several weeks Ace has been away from his dad, since him and mommy are down in California for a month long adventure that started with wedding festivities and ends with mommy's birthday at Disneyland. Ace and his dad have missed each other terribly, but Ace is adorable when he talks on the phone with his dad almost every day. He waves at the phone and occasionally will even kiss it. It is very sweet and I know that both of them will be very happy to not be separated for much longer.

I have to say Ace is a born traveler. We've been all over the place and in the last week he's been so many new and very different places and he's handled them all with curiosity and excitement. He sleeps just as well as he ever does where ever we may be and he doesn't miss a beat. He's such a great adventurer. Can't wait to see how his 15th month unfolds.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Beach

Growing up I lived at the beach... well I resided 2 hours from the beach, but whenever I could get myself out to the ocean I lived at the beach. I loved going in the water (even if I turned blue, literally.) It was just so much fun to get to go to the beach and so on our excursion to California and traveling all over So Cal I knew that Ace needed a good trip to the beach sometime during our time here.

Well today was that day! Yes we spent nearly two hours running around on the sand and the second we got to the beach Ace started screaming with excitement. It was adorable to see him race straight for the waves and to run in the surf and feel all the different textures of dry and wet sand. He chased birds. He collected rocks (and trash, grr) and even played in the water just a tad (but it was a chilly!) He had a GREAT time. He ate a little sand (wasn't a fan, again) and enjoyed chomping on grapes in between his sprints down the beach. He made friends and played with their sand castles (with permission of course) and the weather was perfect. Warm but not blazing hot and not chilly even a little bit.

I'd say Ace had a great first experience with the Pacific ocean and one of his mom's favorite places: the beach!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vacation Getaway!

Vacation all I ever wanted. Vacation time to get away! Oh Belinda! How we love thee. And Oh how we love to wander So Cal. This week we are down in So Cal visiting my Aunt and Uncle and several others in the area! So far our trip has been grand! A trip to Sea World and the World Famous San Diego Zoo (ah home!) yes Ace had a WONDERFUL time at both of these parts on Tuesday and Wednesday. He was able to enjoy it with his Great Aunt and Uncle and Grandma, and of course good ol' mom. :) Sea World is BY FAR the favorite.

He's doing great with travel. He's doing great with all the unknown and excitement. Tomorrow we're going to go visit his mom's college and professors. :) Ace also on this vacation getaway will get to experience the beach for the first time! I can't wait to introduce him to the ocean. It's one of my favorite places. Especially with San Diego beaches. :)

Be patient, I will post more pictures later in the week. However until then. Enjoy this gem. Ace in his new hat from Sea World while he's chomping on a grape. Yum!  I absolutely love San Diego.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

She's Married!

My best friend of 19 years is married. Yes after months of planning and organizing both of my dear friends walked down the aisle yesterday. The bachelorette party was tame but exciting and the bride got a lot of great loot for the honeymoon. There were a few really late nights with program production and assembly and other details to attend to. The wedding was beautiful. There were some surprises... like the one the bride sprung on the groom when she had the girls walk into Love is a Battlefield, which was really amusing for all of us. You'll notice we are not wearing these dresses and I'm not wearing these shoes; that was a hiccup in the planning phase back in July when DB (I refuse to give them googleable free-advertising due to their idiocies) informed us that dresses would arrive on October 13th... 4 days before the wedding. Are you kidding?! So DB was scratched and we all went on the hunt for our own black dress.

My speech went over very well and the video I made for the bride and groom drew tears and applause. I was flattered and honored to be able to put it together for them. Here is an excerpt from my speech I said this with the speed of Micro Machine man lady!

"When I started writing this speech it seemed impossible. How do you cram 19 years into a few minutes? I think I've done it: It started in Girl Scouts, loud vs. bossy, I migrated people in tents, which led us to Sherman where we became friends, we were Mut and Jeff, a country music addiction was formed, ice pops in the couch, an invite to church, we went high school, we dated best friends, we took a bad trip to Arizona, we became Elmo and Grover, a perfect 10!, we went to Texas as delegates, palm springs in the summers, Kobes, Can't Buy Me Love, our wine, family camp, and the beach, we went to separate colleges, we worked camp together 'taste likes dirt and I like it', I went to law school, she went to boot camp, she stood by my side as my MOH, and today I am standing by hers. Whew. "

I played wedding coordinator in addition to my MOH duties and also photographer assistant in getting people in and out of shots. I was to say the least BUSY, but I enjoyed every second of it.

I could not be happier for these two and I am so glad that their day was wonderful and beautiful.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Weekend Getaway

My best friend (the bride) and I planned one last 'single gal' hurrah for her. AKA an excuse to go away for a weekend. We went to the hotel out in the desert where we went for 5 years when we were in high school/college. Our tradition was to stay a night in the 5 star resort and spend the afternoon poolside. After sufficiently baking ourselves (cautiously to avoid tan lines and severe burns for the wedding that is in single digits from now) we get dressed up and head to a Japanese Steak House down the road. My mother happily volunteered to watch my little guy so that I could lounge poolside stationary and not running around chasing around Ace. My mom and Ace joined us for dinner and then Ace stayed the night with us.

The view from our balcony.

The pool was wonderful. The drinks ended up being free (I told them to charge them to our room and they failed to do so, yippee!) The weather was perfect on Sunday afternoon, great sun to tan in but not dripping in pools of sweat. The water was refreshing. The dinner was amazing as always. Ace did great and loved the hotel room. He hogged the bed in great fashion. In the morning we headed down and Ace got to swim. He got his first taste of sand. He wasn't a fan. It was a bit chilly by So Cal standards, but for the NW standards it was a-ok. Ace was chilly after swimming for over an hour. After swimming we checked out of the hotel and headed home. It was a great trip.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Yes, we survived. My shoulder is a tad worse for wear - but otherwise all is well. The airline had their staff out at the curb so I was able to unload my gianormous suitcase straight away to them. Thank goodness because I'm not sure I would have made it. In fact just walking the 50 feet from baggage claim to the pick up curb once in California ended up being nearly impossible resulting with a lot of dramatic drop-all-at-once when I made it to the waiting spot. So to say I was glad for curb-side check in is an understatement - that and the added bonus that they don't check the weight there :-D

The flight itself was booked full. In fact this was our first flight that we've had a full full flight. Every other flight we've managed to have at least the middle seat free. Not this time, but luckily we had a very understanding lady that was happy to be nudged every now and again by my little active boy. And active was he ever. I attempted about 30 minutes into the flight to get him to sleep walking him back in the beverage staging area - and I got him to sleep - then the flight attendants came and banged their cart and awake again he was. But he was happy and just squirmy so we went back to our seat and he occupied himself in all sorts of fashion. He did great. He made two new friends. The guy in front of us and the guy behind us were very great in making faces, giving high-fives, and in general entertaining my little guy.

Take off and landing was the most amusing this time. He got SO excited. As we were landing and taking off he was doing his little bouncy dance on my lap and when we landed he was waving to the ground. It was so cute - he probably waved for a solid 2 minutes as we landed and taxied to the gate. He did great with his ears, he understands that he needs to drink in order to get them to pop and while he doesn't typically drink during the decent (he's too busy bouncing and waving) he will eventually take a moment or two to take a swing and correct the uncomfortable ear issue. As soon as we were in Shell's car he was out like a light.

Once again, Ace has proven he is a born traveler.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane

Today starts my son and my adventure to California. Yes, we're leaving dad behind to work and we're headed down for pre-wedding festivities. Another flight to California happens in another few hours. Hoping for good results again. To date Ace has been on six different flights and has done wonderfully on all of them. He's a good traveler. I'm hoping that it will continue to trend in that direction.

My issue at the moment is the fact that I am carrying luggage about double my weight and mass wise it exceeds me by 3xs. I have the largest suitcase I own full to the gills, but hopefully less than 50lbs otherwise they're going to charge me $50 extra dollars on top of the $15 I already paid! Eek! THEN I have the 'diaper' bag that is an oversized shoulder bag in order to stuff the extra baby-needs in it. Then I have another wheeling bag to carry on that has the laptop and all the other electronic bits. Then I have Ace's backpack of toys. Finally I have Ace in his carseat that will wheel to the gate. It's insane. MADNESS. I've done it before but everything was on just that much smaller of a scale.

We'll see how it goes! :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monopoly and more MOH duties

Monopoly comes to McDonald's tomorrow. It's my favorite form of gambling. I eat there entirely too much for a nearly 30 year old, but I looove the fries. I think they've morphed into my DNA and it's a requirement that I eat them as often as possible and with the chance to win big (or a small fry) I tend to frequent there even more during the month of October. Yes ridiculous advertising gimmicks work GREAT on me. I'm well aware of this fact. So I don't feel duped, I feel I've made the conscious decision to imbibe and it's a-ok that way. hehe

I've been MIA from the blogging world because I've been in MOH task mode making the happy couple's slide show and might I say it's quite awesome - I mean look at my subjects then and now, they're pretty cute small and later in love. :) The bottom picture is one I took on their engagement photo shoot. One day when I get a slightly better camera and more disposable income I'll use this in my portfolio. :) Until then, I'll just enjoy taking some pictures and piecing together their slide show! Back to work! The wedding is in 12 days!