Monday, October 5, 2009

Monopoly and more MOH duties

Monopoly comes to McDonald's tomorrow. It's my favorite form of gambling. I eat there entirely too much for a nearly 30 year old, but I looove the fries. I think they've morphed into my DNA and it's a requirement that I eat them as often as possible and with the chance to win big (or a small fry) I tend to frequent there even more during the month of October. Yes ridiculous advertising gimmicks work GREAT on me. I'm well aware of this fact. So I don't feel duped, I feel I've made the conscious decision to imbibe and it's a-ok that way. hehe

I've been MIA from the blogging world because I've been in MOH task mode making the happy couple's slide show and might I say it's quite awesome - I mean look at my subjects then and now, they're pretty cute small and later in love. :) The bottom picture is one I took on their engagement photo shoot. One day when I get a slightly better camera and more disposable income I'll use this in my portfolio. :) Until then, I'll just enjoy taking some pictures and piecing together their slide show! Back to work! The wedding is in 12 days!


Lori said...

I hear you on the McDonald's fries. I don't understand people who don't like McDonald's.

PhoinixFury said...

Awesome...on both counts! You are doing a fantastic job as MOH. And we'll have to make a few McD jaunts while you're in town. hehe.
See ya Friday!!

Kristen said...

Monopoly is coming? I love their fries and their Sugar Free Vanilla Iced Coffee.

And the engagement pic didn't load. So sad :(