Friday, October 23, 2009

The Beach

Growing up I lived at the beach... well I resided 2 hours from the beach, but whenever I could get myself out to the ocean I lived at the beach. I loved going in the water (even if I turned blue, literally.) It was just so much fun to get to go to the beach and so on our excursion to California and traveling all over So Cal I knew that Ace needed a good trip to the beach sometime during our time here.

Well today was that day! Yes we spent nearly two hours running around on the sand and the second we got to the beach Ace started screaming with excitement. It was adorable to see him race straight for the waves and to run in the surf and feel all the different textures of dry and wet sand. He chased birds. He collected rocks (and trash, grr) and even played in the water just a tad (but it was a chilly!) He had a GREAT time. He ate a little sand (wasn't a fan, again) and enjoyed chomping on grapes in between his sprints down the beach. He made friends and played with their sand castles (with permission of course) and the weather was perfect. Warm but not blazing hot and not chilly even a little bit.

I'd say Ace had a great first experience with the Pacific ocean and one of his mom's favorite places: the beach!

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