Sunday, October 18, 2009

She's Married!

My best friend of 19 years is married. Yes after months of planning and organizing both of my dear friends walked down the aisle yesterday. The bachelorette party was tame but exciting and the bride got a lot of great loot for the honeymoon. There were a few really late nights with program production and assembly and other details to attend to. The wedding was beautiful. There were some surprises... like the one the bride sprung on the groom when she had the girls walk into Love is a Battlefield, which was really amusing for all of us. You'll notice we are not wearing these dresses and I'm not wearing these shoes; that was a hiccup in the planning phase back in July when DB (I refuse to give them googleable free-advertising due to their idiocies) informed us that dresses would arrive on October 13th... 4 days before the wedding. Are you kidding?! So DB was scratched and we all went on the hunt for our own black dress.

My speech went over very well and the video I made for the bride and groom drew tears and applause. I was flattered and honored to be able to put it together for them. Here is an excerpt from my speech I said this with the speed of Micro Machine man lady!

"When I started writing this speech it seemed impossible. How do you cram 19 years into a few minutes? I think I've done it: It started in Girl Scouts, loud vs. bossy, I migrated people in tents, which led us to Sherman where we became friends, we were Mut and Jeff, a country music addiction was formed, ice pops in the couch, an invite to church, we went high school, we dated best friends, we took a bad trip to Arizona, we became Elmo and Grover, a perfect 10!, we went to Texas as delegates, palm springs in the summers, Kobes, Can't Buy Me Love, our wine, family camp, and the beach, we went to separate colleges, we worked camp together 'taste likes dirt and I like it', I went to law school, she went to boot camp, she stood by my side as my MOH, and today I am standing by hers. Whew. "

I played wedding coordinator in addition to my MOH duties and also photographer assistant in getting people in and out of shots. I was to say the least BUSY, but I enjoyed every second of it.

I could not be happier for these two and I am so glad that their day was wonderful and beautiful.


S Club Mama said...

great speech! you looked beautiful. your hair is getting long

FROGGITY! said...

well that is lovely! you were a great speech-er! :) everyone looks pretty and happy. good times.

Maricris Zen Mama said...

Wonderful times! Best wishes to your friend and congratulations for having a friend for 19 years strong!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

You all look lovely... sorry about the dress drama. Aiden looks so cute. What a great speech you gave, even if it was fast - I have a tendency to do that when I'm nervous, too.
Thanks for sharing the pictures.