Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fourteen Months Old

Ace is growing strong as ever. Although he eats like a bird! Yes I don't even want to think of how few calories he actually consumes on a regular basis for fear of creating a panic in me that he's going to waste away into nothing. I have to remember that plenty of children go through fickle eating phases and he still is getting breast milk (the best nutrients ever) so he isn't going to starve. Oh yes and he's fourteen months old.

Ace continues to discover and enjoy new things and has had many new adventures this month: the swine flu, first visit to a fire station, babysat by Grammie, Sea World, San Diego, visit to his mommy's college, first trip to the beach, lots and lots of California adventures during his 14th month.

New vocabulary includes both verbal and signed words. In the verbal department he says: dog, door, out, up, light (well it is wwwwwiiiiiiiiiT, but he's pointing right at the light when he says it) he's doing very well. He understands a ton of other things. He takes instruction very well (when he wants to) including taking his dirty diapers and throwing them away. He always brings his shoes to you when he wants to go outside. And he knows to sit on his bottom when he's instructed to do so. In the signing department he has slowly been grasping the understanding of Please and Thank You. Although 'thank you' and 'water' are virtually the same and it also mirrors blowing kisses which he does from time to time - so it can be a bit of a guessing game :) Overall we are beaming with pride at how well he's soaking up vocabulary and knowledge in general.

Ace also appears to be jumping back into the teething arena and starting to work on breaking those molars in. So far no immediate sign of their breakthrough but we have had a handful of otherwise inexplicable runny noses, lots of chewing of the hands and other objects and gagging because he's pushing said things further back to relieve the pain. Hopefully they'll be kind and either come fast and together or grant him a bit of reprieve between their arrivals.

For several weeks Ace has been away from his dad, since him and mommy are down in California for a month long adventure that started with wedding festivities and ends with mommy's birthday at Disneyland. Ace and his dad have missed each other terribly, but Ace is adorable when he talks on the phone with his dad almost every day. He waves at the phone and occasionally will even kiss it. It is very sweet and I know that both of them will be very happy to not be separated for much longer.

I have to say Ace is a born traveler. We've been all over the place and in the last week he's been so many new and very different places and he's handled them all with curiosity and excitement. He sleeps just as well as he ever does where ever we may be and he doesn't miss a beat. He's such a great adventurer. Can't wait to see how his 15th month unfolds.

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