Monday, July 29, 2013

Pre-K Graduation

Ace absolutely loved Pre-K this year!  He made some great friends, there were many play dates,  there was lots of things learned during school.  He had a blast throughout the year and I think we were all sad to say goodbye to this chapter in his life.    Ace is now primary school bound! 

On graduation day, Ace again chose to be a fireman!
At school when asked a week or two prior he said he wanted to be an electrician.
 Another great year of theme days, fun times, and adventures! 

He was always excited to go to school, missed it when it wasn't a school day, and was always asking when he could see his friends again.     It was a great experience for him and for all of us!   We were so proud of his what he learned and how he grew this year!
So proud of my boy!!
Dad was sad to have missed graduation, but he was away on a mission.

Pop Pop was able to come and Ace was so excited to see him!

Some of Ace's BFFs from his class!

He met Lu on Day One and they were inseparable from the start!
Congrats, Ace!  Here is to a whole new world of adventure waiting for you in just a few short weeks when you begin kindergarten!!!