Friday, April 4, 2008

First Quarter of 2008

It seems crazy that we’re already into April, and I suspect it will pass us by almost as fast as January, February and March did! This first quarter of the year was good. Started out ok, much morning sickness and the getting used to not working after the holidays; it was a bit daunting with the fact that I was used to working 50+ hours a week regularly – but the fact I was crazy sick eased me into the nonworking world. January we had some nice snowy weather… similar to that which we just had this last weekend in March. January I had a nice trip to So Cal to see the family and specifically to see Derek and Jen. That was a nice trip.

Dana was sick and in the hospital for a time, and we tried to keep her happy and visited her as often as we could (or were allowed, hehe) Loving Husband switched jobs at work in March and is enjoying his new job role. Bo and Olga had their little girl and named her Aviva. She is adorable, but we haven’t met her yet in person. We have enjoyed spending time with Brian and Jayme whose baby is due two weeks after ours.

Book club has been progressing nicely this year, we’ve read some interesting books and continue to read different books that are interesting and exciting. I’m looking forward to the coming months… and mostly I’m excited for Monday!