Wednesday, March 26, 2014

To My Children

 Dear Ace and Mae,

It's been a while yet again since I last wrote a letter to you.   So much has changed in just one year.     The phrase the days are long but the years are short is the mantra that we live by around here.     Your giggles fill the house, as the piles, forts, and imagination spread throughout it as you play and run and chase each other.    You are so loud and yet (most of the time) so happy.   

Spring has arrived and so has the sunshine.  Trips to parks, walks, and playing in the backyard has returned as possibilities without frostbite and being soggy from the rain.   I am so looking forward to more of the fun outdoor adventures that we'll have as the spring turns to summer.  

Mae, since my last letter where you were telling everyone you were three (yet you were two)  you have turned three, and yet now  you tell people you are five (like your brother.)   You are constantly are informing us, with your hands on your hips, that you're a big girl now (and you nod in affirmation in case anyone had doubt that should help cement that as fact.)    Sometimes we will refer to you as Baby Girl - and you are quick to respond with your arms out to either side and sort of looking down your nose "Yah, but I am not a REAL baby.  I'm a big girl."   Yes, that is true.     You love to snuggle, you are constantly requesting more hugs and kisses before bed or before I leave.   

Ace,  you're growing up - you're set out on some personal brave adventures recently - and I'm so glad you're seeking independence, I hope you learn the best way to express that independence though and exercise bravery that doesn't leave me hyperventilating.   You're killing it at school and you're doing so well.  You're reading so well, and I most especially love to hear you read to your sister.   I hope you continue to love and protect your little sister every day.   

Mommy loves you both so much and it's hard to believe that time flies go by so quickly.    You might drive me crazy on the day to day life - but every gray hair and mess it well worth it.    As you continue to grow and stretch your world views please hold onto your budding faith in Jesus and lean on him to know right from wrong.  

All my love,  

Your mom

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Project 365 - February

This month I seemed to have some challenges picking up my DSLR more than the previous months - there were at least five days that I used my cell phone to grab a picture and only one of them was intentionally chosen to use it.  There is one day that I took a picture of near blackness - simply because I was protesting taking a picture at all.   I suppose it's 'poetic' when I piece together my book for this project to have a near black page.  It was the day Loving Husband returned home from a deployment - I wasn't really thinking about the camera, just having him home.  I snapped the shot just before bed with my cell phone.    There were other creative days though, plenty of them really!   There was the frozen lake day where we went out to see the lake JUST to take the picture - the kids enjoyed throwing rocks onto the frozen surface and the noise that it made.   In February we also hit the 100 Day milestone!   It was overall a great month!  I also finally started compiling all of my shots (in their full sized form) into a folder so that come November 1st of this year I can order my 365 book! 

My goal for March also includes some backlogged blogging (Mae's birthday party being top of that list!)  So hopefully you'll hear a bit more from me between now and the end of March!  :)