Friday, December 23, 2005


For all of you that have been waiting and wondering right along with me. Today the results came in. I failed the bar exam. I will have to take it again. I won't be taking it again until February 2007 - so until then I can concentrate on teaching, debating. Peace out.

Merry Christmas. I hope that you all have a blessed holiday.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas & Changes

It's amazing to me what can take place over the course of a year. Think about where you were back in early January. For me, I was sitting up in Bottineau, North Dakota with my sister in law and their 5 dogs freezing my butt off. Now, I am back at home wrapping presents under my tree - and my "sister-in-law" is doing the same here in California, while my brother is still in North Dakota, in a state of mind that has me in constant worry mode. In February, I was interviewing for a job to be the director of forensics at a small college I had never heard of. Today, I am headed out to that same college to my office - to finalize grades and turn off the light on my first semester of teaching college. In March, it was pouring rain which it had been relentlessly doing all winter season. The month of December has seen maybe an inch of rain in this winter season? In April, I was finalizing my last scholastically graded papers of my law school career. This month I just finished grading several papers and essays. In May, I graduated law school and I headed out with Carrie on a road trip towards hell. The road trip was excellent, but the end result was studying... June & July resulted in much of the same: studying and taking the most grueling test of my life. Now? I don't have anything to do but lesson planning and quilting. August was spent reconnecting with my husband who I hadn't seen in three months, this month is spent gathering his belongings so he can move to the NW for the next six months without me. September was the introduction of my debate team to the circuit. December, That College took 5th place sweepstakes at Fall Champs. October, I find out I did not pass the test I spent weeks studying for. October I submit my appeal for those very results. Even still I am awaiting the results of that appeal. November, marked a large family change. My grandfather passed away. A void in the family - certainly, but more importantly faith in God and hope for a better future for us all in Heaven. December? December has brought many things - Job offers for Loving Husband he certainly could not turn down. Christmas parties, shopping, quilting, present wrapping & packing. 2006 is certainly going to be a year of some of the biggest changes in my life. Stay tuned

Monday, December 5, 2005

Family Time, Turkey, & Tournaments

It has been a busy few weeks - since Disneyland life has been a whirlwind of ups and downs. My grandfather died on the 10th of November, leaving me in my hometown for two weeks unexpectedly. Derek was able to come home to be with the family, and was able to see Grandpa before he passed. It is sad, but it was quite a blessing for my grandfather. He had a very happy and fulfilling 83 years. Thanksgiving came and went with little event. I avoided Black Friday, but truly made up for that today... more of that to come.

This weekend was PSCFA Fall Champs - before the weekend began, I had little desire to really go. I was glad that I did. Not only did my students do great, but it was simply a lot of fun!!!! I can't believe that the students managed to get 5th PLace sweepstakes. That's crazy! That makes me feel like I've done something this semester. :)