Friday, September 30, 2005

Bar Results

None yet... But, as the end nears and the waiting period dwindles, I've been weighing and dealing with the fact that people don't really know the exact time in which I receive my results... Some of those close knew the date, but others I could simply put off letting know. Thus if I failed I had a few days to come to grips with that... Well, that's silly. Although prayer won't change the results, it will certainly help calm my nerves as the day approaches all too rapidly now for my stomach to handle. I was a wreck for a few months and studied like crazy, survived the test and did a happy dance and now I am back to being a wreck... ahh full circle.

The last 2 months have been relatively calm, but I woke up on Monday, with this looming dread over my head (sorry for the rhyme) and have yet to shake it entirely. It isn't always beating down on me... but it's there and I'm just plain nauseous.

On October 10th, between 8am-Noon the State Bar Association will be posting (or not posting) my fate. You all can find out at the same time I do (of course I will be awake far sooner than those of you who are not required to be awake before 9am) all you have to is go to the website you will know my fate, just the same as I will. It's simple: if my name is posted, I am happy. if my name is not, I am not happy. Meaning - if my name is posted on the website I have officially past the test to become a lawyer and the last hurdle I will have to endure will be the swearing in as an official officer of the court.

I just have this looming dread. I remember when I tried out for a team in law school and I was certain I had made it. When the email was sent out for those new members, I was completely shocked and had this sense of defeat as I read that email 10 times with no such luck of finding my name. That was for a team that I didn't even care about... THIS is so much bigger. I keep praying for peace about it - whatever will be will be, right? God has a plan and it's his choice, I did the leg-work... but sitting back and relaxing right now, seems like the biggest farce I've ever heard.

Thus, the ticker... you all can know and pray right along with me, up and until the moment I sign online... along with 900 other eager and vomit-pending test-takers.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Stars and Rain

Yesterday was filled with ups and downs...

UP: I slept for 8 hours (sunday to monday)
DOWN: It was from 9:30pm until 5:30am
UP: I wasn't tired when I woke up, went to class and taught a good one!
DOWN: Immediately following class, I had to go to the dentist.
UP: In the car on the WAY to the terrible dentist I discovered that STAR is BACK! Jingle Ball, Jeff and Jer, the whole shabang! It is now Star 9.41 to be found at!
DOWN: Spent an hour with the dentist torturing me!
UP: I ran some errands after the dentist that included: finally getting my car washed (it had been since JUNE!), and buying some killer random shoes at Target.
DOWN: IT RAINED NOT 45 MINUTES AFTER GETTING MY CAR WASHED. & I threw away the receipt for the free re-wash.
UP: I had nothing else to do all day long except work on my new hobby quilting.
DOWN: My body started to hurt from all the hunching over from quilting so long... (still does, oww!)
UP: I finished my quilt! We had an excellent thunder and lightening show and Loving Husband and I fell asleep in each other's arms.

The UPs win! THE END!

Sunday, September 4, 2005

Babysitting, Pet Sitting & Weddings!

For all of those itching to know how teaching is going... it's going really well. It is time consuming, challenging and exciting. I love teaching the ethics class and getting the students to really think about ethics rather than adhering to them or denouncing them as a rule that they must "obey"... it's really interesting and has already brought up very interesting topics of conversation. My Argumentation & Debate classes/team are coming together nicely, I've created a great buzz for the event and people are really excited to jump right in. So, that's my teaching experience so far. I'm loving it!

Thursday & Friday of this week I got the pleasure of watching little Aly. This is my (ex) roommate's niece whom lives up in L.A.. Her mommy and daddy and Carrie (the roomie) were all headed to Boston for a wedding. So, I volunteered with excitement to watch Aly (22 months) and adorable as ever. We enjoyed playing in the yard, playing at the mall and watching much Seasame Street! Did you know they now have a spanish word of the day? Interesting. It was a lot of fun. I also got to visit and watch Carrie's kitties one of whom left a wound on my arm. :) See picture below of Aly and one of Carrie's adorable kittens.

Saturday, I passed Aly off to her Mimi (Grandma) and I headed back to So Cal for our friend Brad's wedding. The wedding was wonderful and the reading of Genesis was interesting.... the reading was longer than my entire wedding ceremony and in fact if you would like to read what we heard, please turn to Genesis Chapter 24. Yes, it is in fact 67 verses long and Brad's Grandpa read it ALL, much to the shock and surprise of EVERYONE... Just for perspective people were starting to chat amongst themselves around verse 50... and to make it better, that's all he did... there was no message, lesson or significance attached to the message. Ahh Grandpas.... So, because of Grandpa's reading the ceremony lasted an entire hour. The ceremony was still beautiful- as was the bride and the happy groom. The reception was fun times had by all. :)

So that's what I have been up to. What about you?