Monday, June 29, 2009

Matron of Honor

It's true! I have been asked to be the Matron of Honor in my best friend Becky's upcoming wedding. Yes her and her high school sweetheart (and one of my best friends) David have been reconnected and are tying the knot on October 17th! I'm so excited. I'm excited for the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, the rehearsal, the wedding and my speech and the shopping!

Being the MOH my expenses are many - especially since the wedding is in California. That means a handful of plane tickets, a dress, bridal shower dress (I suppose not required, but a great excuse), shoes, the list goes on and on - and truly I'm not complaining - just planning ahead. See if I purchase things slowly over the course of the next few months and spread out the expenses then the damage to the pocketbook won't be nearly as bad. Well, not nearly as noticeable. :)
I've being charged with needing "silver" shoes and a peridot dress (which will be obtained from David's Bridal in July) I decided to hunt for the shoes. I don't often drop more than $30 on a pair of shoes, but a pair of heels that I am going to be wearing for literally most of one day, standing for most of it - I like to own a quality pair of shoes, and well it's just a fun excuse to shop! (I can hear my husband cringing.)

So shoe shopping I have been. I've exhausted most local shops, retailers, and the like. So off to the Internet I went. It's hard to find a pair of "silver" shoes that aren't disco metallic. I'm wearing a soft green and disco-metallic silver just is not going to cut it. Not even a little bit. So finding a tasteful pair of heels has proven to be challenging. I decided to peruse Nina shoes, because I wore a pair of those for my other BF's wedding a few years back and they worked great, my feet didn't hurt at all.

I found a pair! Nina's "Gita" in Royal Silver. $69.95+ tax and shipping on the Nina website, but at they were $69 (tax included and free shipping) and I found a 20% off coupon code (BFF09) which saved me $13+ so for an out of pocket expense of $55.20, I got these delightful shoes, which will match the bridal shower dress and will work perfectly for the wedding!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brain Child Book Review and Giveaway

As new parents you are quick to recall the basic things that you need to teach children: shapes, colors, numbers... but there are so many other more complex ideas that can be introduced to children earlier than we might thing. A big issue that is plaguing America is nutrition and healthy living. A concept that often isn't taught but rather is emulated or it is not. That is why when I came across Brain Child Press, Inc. I was intrigued.

About the Company:
Brain Child Press, Inc. was founded in 2006 and is an independent publisher of children's nonfiction picture books, teaching materials, and educational games. Their mission is to develop child and family-friendly books and materials that help create healthy individuals and communities. I love their concepts: present big ideas, but use simple text; vivid photography, not abstract art or cartoons, and they have been developed and reviewed by experts in education, pediatrics, and nutrition. Not often do you find books with that attention to detail and education.

The Review:
I was given A Very Purple Pepper and A Visit to the Farmers' Market to review. First thing that catches my eye are the beautiful pictures that are in these books! Ace of course was instantly drawn to the colors - the books are geared for pre-k and onward, but honestly they are perfect to read to him for him to understand colors and they will continue to be useful as he ages beyond just the understanding of colors because he can learn about the Farmers' Market and about all the different veggies. The books are made of good quality material so while not indestructible to my little tot, if he managed to grab a page it won't instantly shred under his toil.

The company also gave me a few flash cards made of some sturdy material with wonderful pictures of fruit - they have a fruit set and a vegetable set. They are cute and certainly will hold a child's attention. The last item that we reviewed was the Match-Up Veggies card game. And by we I mean me. Although Ace is advanced in many ways - he is still far from holding the patience to flip over cards and find the matching partner. However, when he is old enough - these will be wonderful to take with in my purse. The box is super compact and the 40 cards are like the size of a min deck of cards. They have great colors and a wide variety of veggies to match up.

My overall impression with Brain Child Press, Inc. is a very positive one. I find that their goals and targeted methods for achieving those goals are spot on. Their products are a great learning tool with a very amicable and important message: healthy living and proper nutrition.

Interested in their books, flash cards, games? Stop by their website and purchase them directly.
Brain Child Press has generously donate a copy of one of their books to one A-Priori Mommy Reader!

Would you like to win a copy of A Very Purple Pepper: Colors to Know So You Can Grow?

How to Enter (Up to 12 chances to win!)1. Leave a comment! Your first entry it's that simple! (1 entry)
2. Visit Brain Child Press, Inc. and tell me one of the items you like! (1 entry)
3. Blog about the giveaway with a link to The A-Priori Mommy and leave the URL to your post in the comment. (2 entries)4. Follow me on blogger. Already follow, you count too! (1 entry)
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7. Purchase anything from Brain Child Press, Inc. between now and the end of the giveaway and post 5 comments with the transaction number. (5 entries)
Please leave a separate comment for each entry (i.e., if you blog about this giveaway, leave three separate comments stating that you did. Your comments are your actual entries.)

This giveaway will end July 13th at 11:59 PM PST. Winner will be chosen via and will be announced July 14th. Winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize before a new winner is chosen. US entries only, please.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Favorites - Vacations

As adults we can take vacations whenever we want as long as we have the vacation time away from work. However when we have kids, at least the school age variety - we get sucked back into the summer vacay-schedule. There has been lots going on in our world the last two years and so we haven't had much of a vacation beyond long weekends.

My favorite vacation by far to date was our trip to Roma. Loving Husband had to go for work and so his trip was paid for. So we just had to get me on a plane and give me a wine budget (haha there was no budget) and we were off for 10 glorious days! You can read about our adventures go here & here.... there are some great pictures in there, but this one is one of my favorite. We had been walking all over the Vatican and were now over at the Castle and I was tired. I just love the smile on my husband's face.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary

My brother and his wife were married five years ago today. And according to them "they haven't killed each other yet!" so congratulations you guys. We cannot wait for Ace's cousin Kaylee to join us on the outside later this summer!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ten Months Old

Double digits! How did this happen? When did by baby grow up?? I can remember when I first uttered "double digits" it was when he was DAYS old. How have be come to be ten months old? He's so big, growing up SO fast.

New firsts in his tenth month of life? Lots of them: Ace is WALKING! Ace had pneumonia bronchitis, his first chest xray, his first bloody bonk, his second and third words, going down a slide into the water, and did I mention walking?
Yes Ace is walking most of the time now. When you set him down from holding him, he no longer wishes to be set on his bum - no he wants to stand and go go go! And he does, at times he's almost running. He still has a bit of a franken-walk to him but he is picking up speed and comfort with every passing day. He's just plain adorable! He's so proud that he can walk. He took his first steps moments after he turned nine months old and has gathered his confidence throughout this tenth month of life. He's just so excited (as are we!)

Ace wrapped up swim lessons last week and is enrolled in the summer session which begins later in July. He enjoyed the swim lessons so much and does great under water. Mommy got to watch his expression when he goes down the slide into the water - his face lights up with surprise and delight and it would melt your heart if you were submerged under there with me watching it. Ace has also taking a liking to more outdoor kiddy pools, and even those that don't have water boiled to the perfected temperature of his liking. I think in large part that was due to the heat wave we experienced a few weeks back.

Ace got to go to a few new places this last month including the Aquarium which he enjoyed greatly. Getting to see all the giant fish (and nemos!) was a real treat for him. He also experienced his first carousel ride. That... not as delightful, but he didn't scream or wail so I'm guessing he'd be willing to try it again.

Ace was sick in his tenth month of life. The sickest that he's ever been and I hope the sickest he'll ever get. (I can hope) He was so sad one day. It came on in less than 24 hours and in less than a week it was gone - but boy was he miserable. Then not a week later he had a patch of skin that looked like ringworm. Siigh back to the doctor we went - to be told it was just a touch of eczema (thank goodness!) and all was well - the nice thing is while we were there the doctor was able to listen to his lungs again and gave us the all clear nod. Which was comforting because at his follow up appointment we were told they were still pretty sloshy.

Ace's vocabulary is steadily gaining sounds and words. He can say "cat" and "kitty" pretty much whenever we say it first relatively clearly. However in Ace-speak "ththththth" is "kitty" yesterday I heard him say mamamamamamma while walking around - but when I say "mama" to him... he smiles and says "dad" yes Ace has progressed from "dada" to "dad" although many things are also "dada" including me... apparently. Siigh. Ace also is waving bye bye and can point at things very well.

We are looking forward this coming week to visits from Ace's southern-based Grandmas who are both coming to town. Grandma from Oregon will be here this weekend and then Grandma from California will be here next week! Many things to be excited for. My little guy is growing up, but that's ok - he still cuddles with me when he sleeps and I cherish every second that I can because I know they are fleeting.

Our traditional monthly shot in the chair is getting increasingly more difficult ;-) he isn't sad in the shot in the chair just more a contemplative I'm going to stand up and get the heck outta here pose. So I've provided a few smile-ier shots when he was free to be mobile. The last one is a tad blurry and dark, but he's so cute with his smile I couldn't resist.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Thank you for all that participated in my giveaway sponsored by The Ravenna Girls. Please stop by and visit their blog. They always have such great things happening over there and their stores are so filled with goodies. The winner of the yarn wreath is: #10!!

Sue said...
I like the Set of 4 Upcycled Mug Soy Candles
June 9, 2009 4:34 AM
Stop by and congratulate Sue!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bebe au Lait - Nursing Covers BOGO Deal

Interested in a nursing cover? Did you enter the giveaway I had last month and didn't win? Well Bebe au Lait is offering a GREAT opportunity for nursing mothers! They are offering a Buy One Get One deal on their website from now until the end of the month! To read my review click here. But the short of it is that they are AWESOME.

How wonderful to have one in the diaper bag and in the house (you know for when your father-in-law comes over and doesn't want to be THAT close to you to have your breast exposed in his presence.) It would be great to have two - or have one to giveaway on your blog and give Bebe au Lait some well deserved press. Or a wonderful shower gift. Think about the opportunities, they are endless... they convert into a nice cape for your little one after nursing days are over. ;-)

Select any Bebe au Lait, Hooter Hiders or Simple Organic nursing cover (Or any Bebe au Lait or Simple Organic gift set), and use coupon code "MYSTERY09" at checkout. That's it! A mystery nursing cover will be added to your order for free!

A Trip to Ikea

Yesterday I took a trip to Ikea. I am always baffled by their pricing and some of their products. How do they manage to price so low? Are they so self sacrificing that they are the ONLY store to turn no profit on a set of glassware or plates? Or are they all made of lead since they are made in Taiwan? Yesterday I bought 10 plates at $0.59 each. They are smaller dinner plates about 8" in diameter and match our other dishes nicely. We currently have these UBER giant plates that are flipping heavy that make a pretty presentation look like it was slopped on cafeteria style (because the plates are so huge!) so I wanted something a little less massive - and heck for $0.59 how can you go wrong?

Well slow leaking poisons would be one way. But to the best of my knowledge they don't have any. How can I be sure??! Well - my husband would spend endless hours researching the materials they are made from, plants they are developed in... or more simply put - he wouldn't buy them. The way I research their safety? Safety recalls and any class action lawsuits pending on Ikea ;-) Yup if there's more than five people in the world that have been afflicted by slow leaking poisons out of these $0.59 plates, the world will know about and so will the courts. After my morning search I have found nothing suggesting that if I eat off these plates, microwave them for hours, or lick them endlessly that I will have a belly full of paint or poisons. And well - that's good enough for me.

Ikea, I don't know how you do it - but thank you!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

This Father's Day there is something to celebrate! Ace is very much Dad's baby bear. Yes our almost 10 month old has blessed Loving Husband with his first Father's Day! It seems like yesterday that he fit in his dad's arms and now they chase each other around the house. Soon they'll be playing soccer in the backyard.

Happy Father's Day, Loving Husband. You are a great father and Ace and I love you very much.

This year marks the third Father's Day without my dad and this obvious holiday is a time I think about him more than others. I try to remember the times that I did have with him, rather than the times that I will not. Today is a day that I miss him more than ever, but it isn't a sad day, it is a great day to reflect on what an amazing dad I had for the time that he was with us. Happy Father's Day, everyone.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Favorites - Cherry Pie

This summer I thought I'd do a series of "Summer Favorites"... Blogging on the weekends often doesn't happen because well the sun is out - we are busy, time to be out and about! That doesn't mean I can't schedule a summer favorite! This could be anything from what I love about summer - to an old post that is a favorite that I thought I'd share with my newer readers. If you're interested in joining me, simply take the picture and add it to your blog and create your own summer favorites post.

This post, I thought I'd bring to you one of my favorite things of summer. Cherry pie! I know that you can have cherry pie almost any time of the year thanks to freezers and Marie Calendars... but to me it feels like summer is on it's way when the cherries are made available at the stores. I was even more excited when visiting Cheryl at The Coolest Mom on the Block, she had posted about this. I love new kitchen gadgets, I love to find unique (but useful) tools to use in the kitchen and when I saw this one -- you better believe my outing the next day was to Williams-Sonoma.

Home I came with cherries that were 1.99 a pound! Woohoo for Albertson's sales! And my cherry pitter and I made myself some cherry pie. Yes a square pie, I was just in the mood. It was yummy.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Walking - Phase Two

My son is walking. Two and a half weeks ago I was reporting that he was up to 4 independent steps and post this video. Since then he has surpassed the need for counting. Last count was 25 steps; now we don't even bother counting them. He's walking. All over the place. I'm so proud of my little man. He started to take steps in this 9th month of life and before he turns 10 months he's going to perfect the art of bipedalism!

At the moment he's about 50/50 - it is still a full body experience as he walks - he keeps his shoulders up high around his neck and toddles along, eventually establishing that crawling is by far quicker - but he can walk if he wants. Where is the video? Yah I'm working on that - I have several videos with a few steps, but he's doing so well and walking across ROOMS that I wanted to get more than just a few steps on film. He's been less than compliant. It's as if he knows what I'm after and refuses to give it to me. In fact I'm convinced this same mental game is true with the word "mama" I'll save that gem for another blog.

Ace is walking and he's not even 10 months old.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blue Ribbon Photo Contest - Faces

A Cowboy's Wife is having another Blue Ribbon Photo Contest! This month it is Faces.

My new trick!
The nose crinkle.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I ♥ Faces - Sepia Toned

Week 23 at I Faces is a theme of “Sepia.” And what better subjects to use for this than my two favorite men. :) First my little man and second my favorite man. Enjoy and check out others at I Faces
Kids Category:
Ace has the biggest eyes and I love them. This picture was taken nearly two months ago (crazy how time flies) while he was enjoying himself a bath. He's just so content and contemplative. They look so dark in sepia, almost black - but in color they are a beautiful blue!

Adults Category:
My husband isn't the biggest fan of me having the camera out - I love this picture because he's still trying to resist the shutterbug in me, but he's almost compliant in posing for this picture. :)

Head on over to I Faces and check out all the great shots in Sepia this week!

Monday, June 15, 2009

BabyLegs Review and Giveaway

I have an on the go boy! Never wanting to be still - and since he learned to crawl there is no stopping him. Even when his diaper is dirty! So trying to get a pair of pants back on him after a quick diaper change is often futile. But with all that crawling around if he isn't wearing pants his little knees get rug burn and in the mornings his legs are chilly. And so I sought out a solution and the company BabyLegs was there to be of assistance.

BabyLegs is a Northwest company (I love to support local!) Nicole Donnelly, then a stay-at-home mom, created BabyLegs to keep her daughter's legs warm. After numerous inquiries from other moms about where Donnelly found the little leg warmers, she began selling her invention out of a diaper bag, and the popularity of BabyLegs spread quickly throughout the community. BabyLegs can now be found in over 50 countries from Israel to Chile to Iceland.

The Review:
The thing that I love about these BabyLegs is the convenience! I can put them on my son in the morning when I change him into his clothes for the day and then diaper changes throughout the day are easy! Just have to undo the onesie and go for it. They are a great item to carry in the diaper bag in case he gets chilly while out - and aren't nearly as bulky as a pair of pants. Ace seems to be more than ok with them on his little legs, and appreciates the quick diaper changes so he can squirm and crawl away sooner.
I love that they have them for boys there are other companies out there that sell similar products, but they only seem to have them for girls - well that's silly. BabyLegs is wonderful and provides products for boys, girls, older kids and now even adults!
The only downside to BabyLegs is they cannot be tossed in the washing machine. And they mean it! There are lots of things that say do not machine wash - but really they fair just fine... and it is possible that just washing BabyLegs would be ok - but drying is OUT of the question. I have a pair that I washed and dried and they no longer fit on his legs. However, they do work as arm warmers and those are great for the night when he refuses to put his little arms under the covers! So you have to be sure to separate them out from the rest of your items and in a sea of laundry that can be a tad difficult.

Buy them! Buy from BabyLegs directly or to find a local store near you that carries them click here.

Win it! BabyLegs has generously donated a pair of BabyLegs for you to win!

How to Enter (Up to 12 chances to win!)
1. Leave a comment! Your first entry it's that simple! (1 entry)
2. Visit BabyLegs and tell me one of the patterns you like! (1 entry)
3. Blog about the giveaway with a link to The A-Priori Mommy and leave the URL to your post in the comment. (2 entries)
4. Follow me on blogger. Already follow, you count too! (1 entry)
5. Follow me AcesMomma on Twitter AND Tweet about this giveaway. (1 entry)
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7. Purchase anything from BabyLegs between now and the end of the giveaway and post 5 comments with the transaction number. (5 entries)

Please leave a separate comment for each entry (i.e., if you blog about this giveaway, leave three separate comments stating that you did. Your comments are your actual entries.)

This giveaway will end June 29th at 11:59 PM PST. Winner will be chosen via and will be announced June 30th. Winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize before a new winner is chosen. US entries only, please.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I just wanted a mocha...

So I had to wait a few days to post about this. Wait for my mood to lighten, to find this amusing... because the day it occurred... I found it anything but amusing.

See the thing is I love iced mochas, but I do not love to pay $4.50+ for a decent sized iced mocha. So I decided to make one at home. Now I've done this before with NO issue what so ever. However, the day from hell this day was a bit of a challenge, I was already nursing a headache and some caffeine was just in order. How do I make an iced mocha at home? I make exceptionally strong coffee. Pour two shots into the martini-shaker along with some chocolate syrup and then I shake. This is where it all went wrong. (I'll say here I've done this before with no issue!) I could have sworn the lid was on tight when I went to shake and THIS happened.

Everywhere. EVERYWHERE!! It's on the floor, the cupboards, the fridge, the stove... MY SON! I stood their stunned for a long time. A long time. Then I decided I needed to preserve this on film, so that when my husband came home and wondered why I was in such a foul mood... and well, I knew eventually I'd blog about it.

I eventually cleaned up the above mess and still craving the mocha went for round two. I held the top of the martini shaker this time... and do you know what?! It pressure vaulted off! Not nearly as big of a mess since I was holding the top, BUT it made me feel much better about the first mess. I had put the lid of tight but due to the hot coffee the pressure caused the eruption. So for a few seconds I was happy that the first mess wasn't my entire fault. That quickly faded when I looked down to see MORE coffee and chocolate all over the counter AGAIN. I persisted, I hadn't dumped all the coffee out this time and damn it now I really needed caffeine and chocolate. I cleaned up round two and finished my mocha. And I enjoyed every bit of it.

So if you're wanting to risk the mess my recipe for an iced mocha is: 2 shots of strong coffee, as much chocolate as you want, fill with milk - mix and pour over ice. You can also add a little bit of half and half if you want to make it a little thicker and ridiculously unhealthy, but I don't find it necessary - but apparently that's what they do at my local coffee stand. Yikes.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Java Jaunt

New to Java Jaunt? Click here to read more about it.

It's been a few weeks since I've jaunted around the blogosphere looking for a new blog to read in depth. Between Ace being sick and my lack of motivation in general I took a few weeks to be more laxidasical with my blogging. However, I am back and off to have a cup of coffee with a new found (and unsuspecting) friend. This week I decided to choose one of my new followers: Marla from Pak Adventures.

I've been visiting her blog off and on recently and I love the content she posts. She's a fellow northwestener (if that's a proper phrase) her husband is extremely handy and can sew and not like an apron like and entire cover for an outdoor patio cover! She prefers to host parties rather than attend (me too!), she has a maid service to clean her house (I am sooo jealous!) she has the two cutest kids. I loved visiting her blog - although I couldn't find the archives so I had to go back a page at a time. :) It was fun to visit a few months back and see all sorts of neat things about Marla. Go stop by and say hi.

Did you visit someone? Leave a comment with the link so we can all find it and meet someone new.


Thank you for everyone who entered. The winner of the Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover is: #28!

Hailey said...
1. I blogged about your fabulous giveaway!
June 7, 2009 8:00 AM

Stop by and congratulate Hailey!

Don't forget to enter The Ravenna Girls Yarn Wreath Giveaway (6/21)!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

When sick you should...

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Get Plenty of Rest

And You'll Feel Better in No Time

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Gran gave me this (once) beautiful climbing plant for Mother's Day (it hasn't been that long) when it came to me it had beautiful flowers all over it and was ALL green. It now still has some green... it is still "alive" but really the question is not how big will it get, or will it take over the yard, but moreover how long will it survive.

I have a black thumb. I'll just say it. I'm sure there's something that could be done about it. There are books that could be read, techniques that could be learned - but for the most part, plants come here to die and on the rare occasion I bring them here myself to do so. I don't TRY to kill them. But it happens. EVERY TIME. Sometimes they make it a while, some even make it a year or two (cactus) but eventually they all die.

So yesterday I decided that with all this beautiful sunny weather we've been having I'd like some color to stare at out on my deck. And so in a rare moment of "gardener" I headed to the store to procure a planter and some flowers. Sorry plants, when you left your nestled home in the garden department of Fred Meyer you probably thought you were going to flourish, to spread your roots... you never knew that my black thumb had come to collect to your imminent doom. Ok so it's not THAT bad, but it is true.

Yesterday, I procured these plants (the ones in the back like sunlight, I know that much at least) and then I also purchased an already planted planter that was on clearance - plants already doomed to die! So I wasn't totally euthanizing them by taking them home- they were on the chopping block already! I brought them home, filled the planter up and planted my flowers. They look so pretty (today). When they will expire only God knows - but me and nature don't get along so I suspect it will be far sooner in my household than in others, or in the garden department at Fred Meyer.

In other news, Ace is in much better spirits. Thank you everyone for your concern. He finishes his antibiotics today and has a follow up appointment for Thursday. He isn't sounding 100% yet. That cough is still pretty phlegmy and painful sounding but he doesn't seem to cry every time he coughs so I think he's well on his way to healthy. Sadly today he isn't able to go swimming - just to be safe for the other kids. So today we're just hanging out watching him walk around 5-11 steps at a time. :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Ravenna Girls - GIVEAWAY!

I love to surround myself with crafty and delightful people and B and D of The Ravenna Girls are just those kind of people. This summer season, they are expanding their crafty selves into the blogging world. So let's give them a howdy-ho neighbor and welcome them to the blogosphere. Stop by their blog: The Ravenna Girls and give them a wonderful welcome!

These two ladies, although new to the blogging world are seasoned pros over at Etsy and have recently expanded into two different shops.

One shop is for all things vintage. Ravenna Girls - Vintage has all sorts of gems from vintage books, dishes, and jewelry. These cups are adorable and these serving trays are a steal of a deal!

Ravenna Girls is a shop that I frequent often to see what they've come up with is is for all their handmade and creative items. I own one of their Jewelry Hangers and love it. These headbands are so adorable and use upcycled felt and fabrics. They also have a wide variety of soy candles in upcycled containers. I think my latest favorite thing the Ravenna Girls make are their wreaths. They make both silk floral wreaths and yarn wreaths (which I own one of each!)

The Ravenna Girls have graciously provide one of their medium yarn wreaths which measures 9" in diameter to one A-Priori Mommy Reader. This wreath below is the one up for winning!

A message from the Ravenna Girls:

These wreaths can be made in nearly any color or size so custom orders are always welcome. So if you don't win one... we can make one just for you.

How to enter:
Visit Ravenna Girls and tell me something else you like in their shop.
This must be done first before any other entries will count.

Additional Entries: (Up to 13 chances to win!)
1. Visit The Ravenna Girls blog and leave a comment on their blog, be sure to come back here letting me know! (1 entry)
2. Follow me on blogger. Already follow, you count too! (1 entry)
3. Follow me AcesMomma on Twitter AND Tweet about this giveaway. (1 entry)
4. Add my button to your sidebar. (1 entry)
5. Purchase anything from Ravenna Girls or Ravenna Girls - Vintage between now and the end of the giveaway and post 5 comments with the transaction number. (5 entries)
6. Blog about the giveaway with a link to The A-Priori Mommy AND The Ravenna Girls and leave the URL to your post in the comment. (3 entries)

Please leave a separate comment for each entry (i.e., if you blog about this giveaway, leave three separate comments stating that you did. Your comments are your actual entries.)

This giveaway will end June 21st at 11:59 PM PST. Winner will be chosen via and will be announced June 22nd. Winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize before a new winner is chosen. US and Canada entries welcome!

Friday, June 5, 2009

He has WHAT?!

On Wednesday morning, my otherwise healthy boy woke up with a cough. Ugh, not another cold! He only coughed a couple of times and seemed in relatively good spirits so we proceeded with our day as normal. We got ready and went for a walk with Vanessa and Sabria. It was another hot day out in the Northwest. Ace and Sabria seemed to be doing ok. We walked to a friend's house who had a pool out with just hose water and Ace who typically is anti anything below 90' got right in and was splashing around. Having a grand old time. On the ride home he got fussy and so I strapped him into the Ergo carrier and walked to rest of the way home with him on me. We were SOAKED by the time we made it home, and he was out, snoozing away - or passed out from the heat - either way. After he woke up he coughed again and that was the first indication it was deeper than a regular ol' cough.

As the afternoon turned into evening, my boys overheated body due to the weather turned into a temperature of 99'-100' - from 7pm to 10am we administered three doses of Tylenol - all to little to no avail in assisting with the fever or the discomfort of the cough. I called the pediatrician who was booked solid. So we made an appointment for Friday at 11am. However over the next hour my baby's breathing got more and more labored and my normally very active baby had been clinging to me all morning with his head on my shoulder. (I haven't had his head on my shoulder since he learned to hold his neck up!)

By 2pm I was taking him to the walk-in clinic. Loving Husband joined us. When we arrived they took his temp, it was 102.3! However by the time we saw the nurse it was 99.9', so I attribute those extra degrees to the ride in the car on a 90'+ day and the fact I was wearing him in the carrier. They stuck a monitor on his toe to test his oxygen level, he hardly seemed to care he was so out of it. They did a nose swab to check for the flu, we waited - that came back negative. The doctor suggested we do a chest xray. A chest xray?! On my baby?! So off we went to radiology. They strapped him into this plasticy high chair of sorts while dad and I on either side held his arms off to the sides. They took two pictures. We waited again. The doctor says he has a general pneumonia. His lungs are all inflamed. He just showed symptoms less than 36 hours ago!? How does he have pneumonia?!

So a prescription was prescribed and baby ibuprofen was recommended over Tylenol and we were on our way. Loving Husband picked up the medication and I grabbed us food as Ace was out before we even got him in his car seat. We gave him the antibiotics which he took like a trooper and spent most of the rest of the evening in our arms or lying next to us with a whimper. Around 8:30pm with his fever still working pretty well, we decided to give him some of the baby-ibuprofen. His fever started to come down and today it has stayed gone. The night was better than the night before but he still woke up crying a few times whenever he coughed.

He is crawling around and standing today and is back to 80%. I almost wish he'd cough more than he is - he sounds a tad wheezy, but today he's smiling. Yesterday he tried to smile, he wanted to smile but he just couldn't for real. Today his smile brings a smile and a sigh of relief to me. Just want him to get that crud out of his lungs.

I can't believe my baby at 9 months old has pneumonia!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tips To Go!

There are many types of blogs out there. There's the mommy blog. There's the giveaway blogs. There are coupon/saving blogs. There are tip blogs. And all things crafty blogs! This is far from an exhaustive list. I'd like to think that while I maintain a mommy blog, that I am also well rounded in my content. I've offered some tips here. I've offered some giveaways. My latest is a Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover and you can enter here. The crafty blogs are on their way too, just need to complete a project! :)

Today, I bring you a few more tips, tips to use on the go and some finds for the on the go person for this new blog "segment" Tips To Go!

My Tips:

How often do you visit someone else's house with your mobile tot and their house while attempting to accommodate your tot always seems to be less than adequate in the baby proofing department? Your tot can show you things that need to be relocated, but there is always those pesky plugs that you can't move. My solution, carry plug covers in the diaper bag. I know ONE more thing in the diaper bag, but truly if it saves you from having to reset your child over and over again while trying to have a cup of coffee with a friend - more than worth it.

Next, everyone knows to have the poison control number "next to the phone" - ah technology - why not put it IN your cell phone. Have it ready to go. Even home phones these days have speed dial set-ups. Program it in there. Just have it one click away. No need to dial (which I cannot imagine I'd be capable of if my son ingested something) just click 2 or 3 buttons and they're on the line.

Around the Web:

Are you among the many that is Twilight obsessed beyond control a fan? Then you might be interested in the Twilight Cruise coming in August 2010.

The Penny Pinching Diva pointed me to Arby's Freebies all summer long on Wednesday! She's got the list posted on her blog! She is also a great source for coupon information and all sorts of other great things!

Regal Cinemas is having Free Family Film Festival. Selected G & PG movies start at 10AM each Tuesday and Wednesday during the festival. First-come, first-served seating is limited to theatre capacity.

Finally, my favorite new amusement on the WWW is Awkward Family Photos!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sheer Excitement

Ace is in love with Nickolas. He wants to spend every moment he can with him - even with Nick is asleep and is awoken and turns Ace's leg looking like an argile sock with scratches (that was yesterday). But his excitement is just too precious for his best friend, Nicky. Listen closely on the video and you can here him say "cat" and "kiiiiiitttthheee" throughout - although never when prompted by me. :) Figures.

Monday, June 1, 2009

First Blood

Dear Son,

Yesterday you cracked your mouth on your crib and caused your mouth to bleed. You took such a deep inhale before your ulimate wail I thought you were never going to take a breath again. I think that scared me more than the blood. How you managed to make the gums behind your tooth bleed, I do not understand the physics of. All I do know is that mommy and dad were very sad for you. You immediately sucked on a cold wet wash cloth provided by dad, as I rocked you in my arms.

There wasn't that much blood - I'm sure as you get older there were be much more. You are a very active, squirmy, on the go boy and I don't see one ounce of fear in those eyes. There certainly will be more cuts and scrapes along the way, I've resigned myself to this already. But yesterday you were so sad after the bonk, cut, bang? I was standing right there and I still don't understand how exactly you hit, cut, or banged against against the crib and caused that part of your mouth to bleed.

Ultimately the most tramautic part for mommy and dad was the time when the other one of us wasn't holding you for comfort. Yes we went back and forth comforting you (and ourselves) holding you. You're a tough guy. It didn't take long before you were back crawling around and being busy. To be safe though we exchanged your hard toys (blocks, cars, etc) and put out some softer toys for you to chew on if you were so inclinded while your little pallet healed.

Today it's like it didn't even happen. Your tooth looks fine, we were a little worried about it, and is snug in its socket and your lip shows no sign on a bruise - so while you shed just a tiny amount of blood you seem to have faired quite well. However, please in the future please refrain from chewing on your crib, headbanging with your mouth, or whatever it was that caused the loud bang followed by a short cry and the inhale that lasted faaaaar too long before the wail. Thank you, son.

All my Love,