Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ten Months Old

Double digits! How did this happen? When did by baby grow up?? I can remember when I first uttered "double digits" it was when he was DAYS old. How have be come to be ten months old? He's so big, growing up SO fast.

New firsts in his tenth month of life? Lots of them: Ace is WALKING! Ace had pneumonia bronchitis, his first chest xray, his first bloody bonk, his second and third words, going down a slide into the water, and did I mention walking?
Yes Ace is walking most of the time now. When you set him down from holding him, he no longer wishes to be set on his bum - no he wants to stand and go go go! And he does, at times he's almost running. He still has a bit of a franken-walk to him but he is picking up speed and comfort with every passing day. He's just plain adorable! He's so proud that he can walk. He took his first steps moments after he turned nine months old and has gathered his confidence throughout this tenth month of life. He's just so excited (as are we!)

Ace wrapped up swim lessons last week and is enrolled in the summer session which begins later in July. He enjoyed the swim lessons so much and does great under water. Mommy got to watch his expression when he goes down the slide into the water - his face lights up with surprise and delight and it would melt your heart if you were submerged under there with me watching it. Ace has also taking a liking to more outdoor kiddy pools, and even those that don't have water boiled to the perfected temperature of his liking. I think in large part that was due to the heat wave we experienced a few weeks back.

Ace got to go to a few new places this last month including the Aquarium which he enjoyed greatly. Getting to see all the giant fish (and nemos!) was a real treat for him. He also experienced his first carousel ride. That... not as delightful, but he didn't scream or wail so I'm guessing he'd be willing to try it again.

Ace was sick in his tenth month of life. The sickest that he's ever been and I hope the sickest he'll ever get. (I can hope) He was so sad one day. It came on in less than 24 hours and in less than a week it was gone - but boy was he miserable. Then not a week later he had a patch of skin that looked like ringworm. Siigh back to the doctor we went - to be told it was just a touch of eczema (thank goodness!) and all was well - the nice thing is while we were there the doctor was able to listen to his lungs again and gave us the all clear nod. Which was comforting because at his follow up appointment we were told they were still pretty sloshy.

Ace's vocabulary is steadily gaining sounds and words. He can say "cat" and "kitty" pretty much whenever we say it first relatively clearly. However in Ace-speak "ththththth" is "kitty" yesterday I heard him say mamamamamamma while walking around - but when I say "mama" to him... he smiles and says "dad" yes Ace has progressed from "dada" to "dad" although many things are also "dada" including me... apparently. Siigh. Ace also is waving bye bye and can point at things very well.

We are looking forward this coming week to visits from Ace's southern-based Grandmas who are both coming to town. Grandma from Oregon will be here this weekend and then Grandma from California will be here next week! Many things to be excited for. My little guy is growing up, but that's ok - he still cuddles with me when he sleeps and I cherish every second that I can because I know they are fleeting.

Our traditional monthly shot in the chair is getting increasingly more difficult ;-) he isn't sad in the shot in the chair just more a contemplative I'm going to stand up and get the heck outta here pose. So I've provided a few smile-ier shots when he was free to be mobile. The last one is a tad blurry and dark, but he's so cute with his smile I couldn't resist.


S Club Mama said...

oh my goodness he's so adorable! And walking at 10 months! Wow!!! Go Aiden!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

What a cutie! He's such an early walker...he should be proud!

Have fun with the Grandmas...they are going to gobble him up I bet!

Crazee Juls said...

I think he's just getting cuter! He walked so early. My lazee, I mean crazee kids didn't walk til 11 1/2 and 13 months. So--he's advanced. :) And grandmas coming for a visit. Too much fun!

Lindy said...

Although he's only 10 months old he looks like such a little man.

The hardest birthday I've celebrated with my daughter was when she turned 5....HOW did she get to be a whole freakin hand old!!??

blueviolet said...

He is absolutely adorable! Walking at 10 months is awesome and I so love the little drunken sailor walk they start with. :)

Holly Tried It said...

Visiting from SITS. Your son sounds adorable. And you are a great mom.

Barely Domestic Mama said...

He is so adorable! It is too cute to watch a 10 month old baby walk all over the place. They just seem too little to be walking.

Kristen said...

Aww!! I so miss that. Give him extra hugs and squeezes from me. {Umm...not now though. You can wait til he's awake}

UPrinting said...

Cool, he's walking now. And in ten months old. That's pretty early, quite a feat indeed. :)