Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Favorites - Vacations

As adults we can take vacations whenever we want as long as we have the vacation time away from work. However when we have kids, at least the school age variety - we get sucked back into the summer vacay-schedule. There has been lots going on in our world the last two years and so we haven't had much of a vacation beyond long weekends.

My favorite vacation by far to date was our trip to Roma. Loving Husband had to go for work and so his trip was paid for. So we just had to get me on a plane and give me a wine budget (haha there was no budget) and we were off for 10 glorious days! You can read about our adventures go here & here.... there are some great pictures in there, but this one is one of my favorite. We had been walking all over the Vatican and were now over at the Castle and I was tired. I just love the smile on my husband's face.


BK said...

That is a very sweet shot; a shot of love and happiness.

CEOmum said...

Hi I am visiting from SITS. Just joined yesterday.

I'dlove to visit the Vatican. So far our favourite vacation has to been to Negril,Jamaica.

blueviolet said...

I absolutely love that picture of the two of you. There is so much love there. :)

UPrinting said...

Wow, I actually teared-up upon seeing that lovely photo. Hubby is so sweet... :)
How I wish I can visit Rome too.