Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Trip to Ikea

Yesterday I took a trip to Ikea. I am always baffled by their pricing and some of their products. How do they manage to price so low? Are they so self sacrificing that they are the ONLY store to turn no profit on a set of glassware or plates? Or are they all made of lead since they are made in Taiwan? Yesterday I bought 10 plates at $0.59 each. They are smaller dinner plates about 8" in diameter and match our other dishes nicely. We currently have these UBER giant plates that are flipping heavy that make a pretty presentation look like it was slopped on cafeteria style (because the plates are so huge!) so I wanted something a little less massive - and heck for $0.59 how can you go wrong?

Well slow leaking poisons would be one way. But to the best of my knowledge they don't have any. How can I be sure??! Well - my husband would spend endless hours researching the materials they are made from, plants they are developed in... or more simply put - he wouldn't buy them. The way I research their safety? Safety recalls and any class action lawsuits pending on Ikea ;-) Yup if there's more than five people in the world that have been afflicted by slow leaking poisons out of these $0.59 plates, the world will know about and so will the courts. After my morning search I have found nothing suggesting that if I eat off these plates, microwave them for hours, or lick them endlessly that I will have a belly full of paint or poisons. And well - that's good enough for me.

Ikea, I don't know how you do it - but thank you!


Mrs. G said...

Its because of what a plate is really made out of, stone wear. The cheaper outside costs of international manufacturing is how to do it just like cruise ships are docked at homes outside the US for tax reasons and cheaper labor to work on it.

Lori said...

And, well, if anyone knows, "slopped on cafeteria style" it's you.

Color Printing said...

"Or are they all made of lead since they are made in Taiwan?"

LOL. I want to say, "that's so racist!" But I appreciate a good joke. So, bravo! :)

Mark said...

Since I work right next to an IKEA now, I eat their hot dogs all the time now, which are also surprisingly cheap. So far my insides haven't melted. Just for good measure, I lick all their plates out on display too and everything seems fine.