Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Favorites - Cherry Pie

This summer I thought I'd do a series of "Summer Favorites"... Blogging on the weekends often doesn't happen because well the sun is out - we are busy, time to be out and about! That doesn't mean I can't schedule a summer favorite! This could be anything from what I love about summer - to an old post that is a favorite that I thought I'd share with my newer readers. If you're interested in joining me, simply take the picture and add it to your blog and create your own summer favorites post.

This post, I thought I'd bring to you one of my favorite things of summer. Cherry pie! I know that you can have cherry pie almost any time of the year thanks to freezers and Marie Calendars... but to me it feels like summer is on it's way when the cherries are made available at the stores. I was even more excited when visiting Cheryl at The Coolest Mom on the Block, she had posted about this. I love new kitchen gadgets, I love to find unique (but useful) tools to use in the kitchen and when I saw this one -- you better believe my outing the next day was to Williams-Sonoma.

Home I came with cherries that were 1.99 a pound! Woohoo for Albertson's sales! And my cherry pitter and I made myself some cherry pie. Yes a square pie, I was just in the mood. It was yummy.

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