Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Week 14 Boy or Girl

It has been interesting these last 14 weeks. When this week is over I'll officially be through my first trimester. Whew! It's been an ok process so far. The first several weeks was rocky with "morning" sickness, then the next couple with dizziness and now these last two weeks it has been headaches. Out of all of those... I'll take dizziness. These headaches suck, can't do much at all except listen to tv. That's how Loving Husband and I spent our Valentine's Day: me lying on the couch for 9 hours with a cold compress on my head watching Disney movies and Loving Husband at my feet playing a game. Romantic! Guess baby didn't want to miss out or be forgotten on that particular day.
We had our 13 week appointment and received another ultrasound (pictures are in the picture section) the baby was quite active at first and then settled down to relax on his/her back ... just what the technician didn't want. She needed to see the baby's neck for one of the tests that they run. So she was bouncing the device around on my stomach quite vigorously trying to get baby to move around. It was fun to be able to watch the baby. We got to see the heartbeat, and on the next trip to the doctor March 10th we'll get to hear it. It was 151 beats per minute (yes she took that before she started jumbling her/him all around.) It was just so amazing to see the little bones and arms and legs. We met our doctor, she's very nice and she says our baby is perfect and just the right size for the time: 3 inches.
The belly is ever expanding and is still bigger at night than in the morning, I just say the baby is like his/her mom in that I am a night owl. Loving Husband is hopeful that is not the case. hehe... I've been keeping myself busy with updating the registry researching the best items to buy and getting things organized around here still. We're registered at Target and Babies-R-Us. There will be a Southern California shower and also one up here in the great Northwest. Likely to be held in May and July.
We won't know the sex of our baby until April after 20 weeks. However there has been extreme speculation from just about everyone on what we're having. So what do YOU think we're having? Leave us a comment so we can know your thoughts. Again thank you for all your thoughts and prayers as we head into our second trimester.