Friday, September 10, 2004

Life is too short sometimes

Wow, so I just heard from Faith, and her younger brother Daniel, died yesterday. He was only 21. 3 years ago he went to his chiropractor and his life changed. A "knot" in his back turned out to be a tumor the size of a football. A couple of surgeries, 3 ribs removed and 42 staples in his side later he was tumor free. He went through Chemo and after a while seemed to be on the up and up and even went back to some classes at a JC. Then because fate wasn't cruel enough to him, he ended up with secondary "kids" leukemia. At one point he had no white cells ... but he fought on. From what I am told, in June the doctors told him to go live the rest of his life the way he wanted to, there was nothing more they could do. So Daniel went back to Roswell to be near family, friends and his church. And that is where his story ends as of Thursday evening.

It's just so hard to imagine that someone our age could be gone just like that. He led a normal life just like the rest of us ... but it wasn't in God's plan to have him be with us longer than those 21 years. He is in a much better place now. But for the rest of us left here it's a tough blow to reality, life's frailty and what really matters.

May you rest in peace, Daniel. You were an awesome guy.