Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Project 365 - February

This month I seemed to have some challenges picking up my DSLR more than the previous months - there were at least five days that I used my cell phone to grab a picture and only one of them was intentionally chosen to use it.  There is one day that I took a picture of near blackness - simply because I was protesting taking a picture at all.   I suppose it's 'poetic' when I piece together my book for this project to have a near black page.  It was the day Loving Husband returned home from a deployment - I wasn't really thinking about the camera, just having him home.  I snapped the shot just before bed with my cell phone.    There were other creative days though, plenty of them really!   There was the frozen lake day where we went out to see the lake JUST to take the picture - the kids enjoyed throwing rocks onto the frozen surface and the noise that it made.   In February we also hit the 100 Day milestone!   It was overall a great month!  I also finally started compiling all of my shots (in their full sized form) into a folder so that come November 1st of this year I can order my 365 book! 

My goal for March also includes some backlogged blogging (Mae's birthday party being top of that list!)  So hopefully you'll hear a bit more from me between now and the end of March!  :)

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