Friday, May 28, 2004

My Car

After years and YEARS of driving around cars that you have to hold your mouth just right, as to not upset the delicate balance of the PMSing vehicle I would guide down the road, I F-I-N-A-L-L-Y have a brand new, all mine (although I think Loving Fiance might take it from time to time) CAR! Ahh the happiness!American Idol is over. Fantasia won. As it should be. It was sorta sad without Shannon there :( But I hear that she was busy jumping out of trees so all is sorta well with the world.I get to babysit the cutest little girl tomorrow. My roommate's niece. She's super sweet. 7 Months old. It will be good because then I can get my baby fix :) I need one from time to time to remind me that I in no way need one in any near future.. Hmm besides work, watching the end of American Idol and buying a new car. I haven't been doing much. Sadly. So my future plans will consist of driving, driving and perhaps... watching a little tv.Ahh the life of a student in the summah.

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Jess @MCC said...

YAY on the car buying. LOL We had to buy our own car last winter/spring. I've written a post about back in June I think. I hear ya about the baby fix!! I have two and I feel ready for another but wont because we just aren't there yet financially.