Tuesday, June 1, 2004

My brother...

is getting MARRIED! BEFORE ME. I am not sure what I think about that... other than the concept of my brother getting married at all is a bit strange. I just finished printing up their wedding invitations, why did I print them? Because they are getting married June 26th, yes of 2004. Crraaaaazy.

Besides that... not much has been transpiring in sad So Cal. No one is here. I was staring at Cranium collecting dust on my living room floor... and being sad because there is no one to play with Loving Fiance and I. Sniff Sniff.

All the shows have ended for the season, so now we are left with reruns and lots of Law and Order. Excellent.

Shan~ Keep on learning how to skate, and fo sho take a picture. Sounds like an eventful summer if nothing else. Hope it keeps being fun. Poor Carrie feels ya' with the whole sun burn thing. She fell asleep on Shelter Island. OUCH!

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