Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's been a while...

Hmm so it's been a long while since I last posted on this trusty livejournal of mine... so free style, I shall update.

Ready GO!

Jennifer moved back to ND, got a job, still in ND, still married to my brother, American Idol began, access to HdTV, it is amazing, Loving Husband and I signed the lease for our 4 bedroom house, I got sucked into Lost, watched season 1 in a weekend and took a few more weeks to watch the latest on my computer, my cousin up and died for no reason on February 26th, Spring Champs was infuriating, a week up in the NW in our new home, nothing there but a bed and computer, a weekend in Arkansas equally as infuriating as Champs, started watching Lost live with Shannon and Nikki, great times, Tuesday nights continue with Kelley watching Gilmore Girls and Idol, a trip to Vegas shortly after AK, I won $25 on Monopoly slots, grandma gambled, took my first taxi ride, much fun with my family, a few more days of work, debate is over, off to no where for one solid weekend, then off to Boston for a week with Becky, Jamie & Shelley, had the worst flight of my life on the way there, had a great trip minus a few frustrations, came home back to work, listen to persuasion speeches, taught a few more classes, found a replacement for DOF, decided to take the bar exam in the summer this year, started tracking down the mover people, Loving Husband came to visit, started gutting my home of useless crap, convinced my public speaking class not to take their final, only have papers to grade, now have possibly agreed to teach arg & debate online from WA for That College, still addicted to myspace, more detailed blogs there.


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