Friday, September 17, 2010

Sleeping through the night!!

Wait, didn't you blog about this yesterday? Didn't you already tell us that he slept nearly 12 hours?! Didn't that happen two nights ago? It did and guess what it happened AGAIN! Last night, we again started the bedtime routine at 7:30 - we brush his teeth, get him in pjs, read a story in the chair, another one in bed and then we say prayers, sing songs, and chat for a few minutes. The process is about 20 minutes, and last night it involved no revisits to his room (often there is usually one.)

I actually woke up at 7am and was done sleeping, I don't think my body is used to uninterrupted sleep. Don't worry body, you don't have long to enjoy it anyway. :) But I woke up at 7 and enjoyed laying in bed until about 7:40 when Ace started to stir, and I went in with the camera and captured the little guy awake and starting to stir.

There was much praise and hugs and high fives for another great night of sleeping. Mommy is so proud of her little guy!

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Mom said...

Hurray for little man!! His jamies are color coordinated with his wall ;^)