Thursday, September 16, 2010

A New Bed

Back in May our crib was recalled. Since then Ace has been sleeping on his mattress on the floor. His sleep pattern remained the same really, maybe regressed a tad (waking a bit earlier to come crawl into our bed.) But otherwise he seemed unphased. Boy was I wrong!

One of my friends is preparing for a 3rd addition to her family, and thus her two boys are getting ready to get themselves some bunk beds! Which means she had a steal of a deal for us on the bed. They even delivered it for us! What service.

I went to work setting it up and putting Ace's bedding on it - and when it was all done I let Ace explore his new bed. To say he was happy would be a super understatement. He seriously was thrilled. He loves it.

Now sleep - what a blissful difference an actual bed makes! On Monday night, Ace's first night in his *new* bed, he slept until 3am. I was excited but him waking up at 3am while more rare than most nights of his 1am crawl into our bed time, wasn't unheard of. I still appreciated it. Tuesday night, he first woke at 4:30am! Wow I can't recall the last time that happened - I was loving this new bed for sure. Last night, he went to sleep a little after 8pm a bit earlier for him than his typical bedtime - so perhaps that also helped... he did sorta wake up at 10pm because he felt like he was falling out of bed (he was on the wall side, so he wasn't) so I readjusted him and he was asleep before I left the room - and when he woke up it was 7:50AM, nearly 12 hours! That is the FIRST time that he's slept much past 7am when he's slept through the night and seriously it's only the 3rd or 4th time he's slept through the night and the first that it was an uninterrupted length that was that long. Did I mention I love this new bed?! :)

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