Sunday, May 2, 2010

Crib Recalled

Yes unfortunately we are amid the group of the latest crib recalls. Although I don't really foresee any issue with Ace sleeping in this bed as a problem, I'd hate to keep it around and find out that the problem rears it ugly head whenever we have child number 2 - and by then the recall will be so stale they won't give us a refund or exchange because we should have done it earlier - or something. So while I think Ace probably is a-ok in his recalled bed - we'll still be returning it tomorrow - because while I think he'd be fine and even future siblings most like would be... how stupid of a thing to be terribly wrong on? So dismantling is in Loving Husband's future.

Ace got one last good snooze in it this afternoon - and he'll continue to sleep on his mattress until we replace his bed. We're contemplating what to do next. Do we buy another convertible crib and set it up as a toddler bed like our current arrangement - or do we simply buy him a twin and go full steam ahead with a big-boy bed with safety rails? I think it will depend on if Target gives us cash or store credit :)

If you're unaware of the latest crib recall, click here and here.

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FROGGITY! said...

bed recalls! yikes!

we love our toddler bed. LL started with it when she was almost 2, it has been awesome!