Monday, May 3, 2010

Where to?

I know no one will read this for at least another month - and by then we likely will have decided... but I'll capture our my thoughts here and now.

You see Loving Husband thought we should go away - a 'babymoon' of sorts. Under no circumstances did he phrase it as such, but that's the popular term these days and that's essentially what it is. So we began talking about Italy again - then we looked at ticket prices... ouch - we really need to want to go (and we do!) for those prices. So after he headed off to sleep my mind continued to reel and so I continued to comb the internet and my brain for insight and ideas. How will I feel after a 13 hour flight? Can I walk around as much as I would like? Do I want to sit on a beach or will I just feel like a beached whale? Do I want to do some east coast touring? Bed and Breakfast? Epcot Center? My knee jerk answers of 'no' to several things started to sound more appealing --- but are they? The debate continues.

Florence, Italy
I really want to go back to Italy and Florence is next on our list of places to visit. But like any touring around an ancient city that involves a lot of walking - plus being in Tuscany without being able to drink?? Not sure that's smart! The ticket cost to get there is pretty pricey, not a deal breaker but certainly an investment. When we first started talking about it this was my favorite option - but the more I weigh the pros and cons and what-ifs the less ideal Italy is sounding at this time. Sad!

My knee jerk reaction was NO WAY. Why would I want to be in a bathing suit when I'm fat pregnant?? But then the idea of lounging on a beach, or wandering around looking at water falls and beautiful sunsets seemed more the speed that a 20(ish) week pregnant woman would enjoy. If my feet were swollen I could lounge on the beach. I won't be hideously pregnant so a tasteful maternity swimsuit would be pretty cute. Plus I've never been to Hawaii - my husband has been several times and loves it - so he'd know just where to go.

East Coast
A much shorter flight and perhaps some fun scenery, perhaps a nice Bed and Breakfast to relax in and take in some quaint town. Or maybe another trip to New York and catch a Broadway show or two (can't do THAT with a baby!)

Last night when I went to sleep I was sold on an East Coast adventure... but today I'm leaning more toward Hawaii and I think almost entirely ruled out Italy, which makes me sad - but I really want to enjoy Italy and take in as much as I possibly can - and I won't be able to do that if I'm swollen, sore, achey, or any other of the 'lovely' things that come with pregnancy.

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