Sunday, May 2, 2010

An Announcement!

I love to surprise people. I love the anticipation that builds within me as I am scheming to pull off surprises - and what better surprise that annoucing to your husband that you're pregnant! Now it wasn't like totally unexpected (contrary to his joke in the video.) In fact we were "trying" to get pregnant. Wednesday morning I peed on a stick. And on Wednesday night ... later than I had hoped (9:30pm) I got to announce to Loving Husband.

Since we had been plotting to add to our family and knowing my inability to keep THIS big of a secret for THAT long I had gone ahead and purchased Ace a t-shirt and decided that when I was pregnant that would be how I announced it to Loving Husband. Wednesday was a busy day so most of it sped by. Loving Husband said he'd be home late, around 7:30, so around 7pm (after dinner of course) I put Ace in his new shirt and he proudly posed for a few pictures.

Around 8:30, LH was STILL at work. 8:30 is bedtime normally for Ace.... Ace was trooper though sitting next to me awaiting the arrival of his dad so that he could play his part in the excitement.

This is how it went down!

Our first 'family of four' photo


mark said...

Love it! Great video. Congrats!! Almost makes me want another one already.... almost.

Helen Ramsby said...

That is so special. Gives me ideas... ;)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that video! So cute!

nadya T said...

LOVE the video!!!