Friday, April 30, 2010

Flashback Friday

Me (S), P, A, N

Exactly eleven year ago today, this was me and three of my friends in my freshman dorm room. It was the weekend before finals were going to begin and we were taking a moment to relax and as you can see we went all out. Us four girls were known (to each other) as S.N.A.P. we created this acronym/nickname for each other because we had been accused on our hall of 26 girls of being a click by a select few individuals and so we decided 'click' we didn't have enough people to spell that ;-) so we became SNAP - I still have the key chain with the little block letters spelling it out.

The real question... are we still friends? Well we are all Facebook friends now. N and SAP had a falling out our junior year, after a far too close living quarters with five girls. It was all very passive aggressive on all of our parts. Then P got married and slowly disappeared, after we graduated conversations were sporadic, she came to my wedding (as did A) and I literally did not hear from her until last year when she joined Facebook (five years time gone by.) A and I have stayed the closest. We lived together for three years, even moving into our first apartment together the summer before our senior year. After that A moved out on her own and we remained friends (better friends than roomies!) I ran into N at our 5 year reunion and we got to chatting again and through Facebook and blogging we've reconnected So are we still friends? We don't plan get togethers or send each other Christmas presents, but we do keep in touch and stay up to date with what is going on in each other's lives. And I certainly would not trade any of the memories we have from our freshman and sophomore year shenanigans. These girls truly made my college experience what it was: Amazing!

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