Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Mess

It began with silence. Mommy upstairs, Ace on the midlevel. I called for him. Nothing, not even feet scurrying... that's when you know something is really going on. No noise and no movement. Bad combo. So I ventured downstairs and I found this....

... for a split second I thought it was lots and lots of vomit and utter dread washed over me. I am sick of vomit! I would have demanded new carpet rather than cleaning it up. What it actually was became clear after that sheer moment of panic: a half of a box of granola. Good stuff too, I was kind of sad it was all over the floor. Upon my arrival (prior to grabbing the camera) in the midst of the sea of granola sat my son with his cheeks stuffed to the brim and we had the following conversation:

Me: Ace what are you doing?
A: (as bits fly out of his overly stuffed mouth) Eatum, Mom
Me: (chocking back laughter) Oh, I see. Do you realize you made quite of a mess?
A: (looking and pointing at his created sea) Mess! Messy! Piggy!
Me: (nearly dying from not laughing) It's not nice to throw food on the floor that is why we use a bowl.
A: (looks at me, looks at the mess, gets up scampers off to his toy pile, rummages, finds a bowl, goes back to the sea of granola) BOWL!

Ace then starts putting the granola into his bowl and I go to find my camera, I'm laughing hysterically because really it's just a little half of a bag of granola. The vacuum will get it. As you can see he had been pretty busy already with terrorizing the midlevel. There was stuff EVERYWHERE. So he got to help clean up so that the vacuum could even find the floor. Everything worked out fine, and then we got Ace something else to eat... because clearly he was hungry.


brianne said...

lmao. yours was the first of my reader this morning and i am falling out of my chair here at the office. little ones have such good intentions, haha!

Stesha said...

LOL! Where there is silence, there is mischief! But he's so darn cute:)

Hugs and Mocha,

Heather said...

HA!! That is so funny! What a cutie. I especially love the dialogue.