Monday, April 26, 2010

Power of a Purse

I love purses. In fact I love them more than shoes. Although shoes are a very close second. But I love myself a good handbag - and I have a few, ok a lot too many. Since having Ace though there are many that I just can't use. Sure I could break them out for the one afternoon I get a little freedom without the boy. Sure I could carry my cute purse and a diaper bag. Sure I could save them until I am through with the diaper carrying phase of life (and for a select few dozen, I am.) However, for 9 of my bags, it's time for them to find a new home. Last year I sold at least a dozen when I had a yard sale - and planned to do a similar purge again this summer at another yard sale - and then upon one of my strolls through the internet I happened across Mother's & More.

Every year they have a campain - Power of a Purse. According to their website:

The Power of a Purse Mother’s Day Campaign is designed to raise awareness of mothers’ economic issues through the act of collecting new or gently used purses for mothers in need. The purse symbolizes a woman's economic power, something we wish for all women, especially mothers in need. No matter where a mother is on the social ladder, there is “power in her purse” having money of her own to control, to buy things and provide for herself and her children. Mothers & More’s goal is to collect 10,000 purses for mothers in need this Mother’s Day.

Mothers & More chapters around the country are organizing Power of a Purse campaigns in their communities. Each chapter is collecting new or gently used purses this Mother’s Day season. Our chapters have partnered with organizations that directly impact the daily lives of mothers in need to receive the collected purses and, in some cases, items to go into those purses and events to celebrate the power of those purses.

And I thought what a great cause - my purses certainly can be loved by someone else less fortunate than me, and I don't need to recoop $1 at a yard sale for them because of it. Unfortunataly there is only one location in the Northwest, but it was worth the trek to deliver the bags. The bags that are donated for this campaign from this chapter will be going to benefit a center for battered women.

If you are interested in donating some of your purses to this cause, click here to find a chapter of Mother's & More near you.

Bye bye, purses! You will be missed!


Mom said...

This seems like a great way to thin out your collection. Glad you found the site.

Mothers & More said...

We're so glad you found our Power of a Purse campaign and are very excited that you made the drive to donate your purse! This Mother’s Day, our goal is to educate about the social and economic factors that put mothers at greater risk for poverty and your post helps to get the word out about this campaign!

Tara Brettholtz said...

Thank you so much for making the effort to get those purses to one of our chapters. I don't know how far you had to drive, but the gesture means so much to the women who will get them, and to us.

Gorgeous purses, by the way!

Tara Brettholtz
Director, Mothers & More
Project Manager, Power of a Purse