Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Father & Son Weekend

Yep, I boarded a plane on Friday afternoon and said goodbye to my guys! I was gone from 1pm on Friday until around 9:30am on Sunday morning. I had a blast. And so did the guys. This was Ace's first 'weekend' away from his mom. He's never been away from me for 24+ hours. Two weeks ago he got close when he stayed overnight with his grandparents while mom and dad went away, but this past weekend was a definite first. He had two nights that he was away from his momma, and while he said my name repeatedly over the weekend I'm told he had a great time.

Ace and his dad spent Friday afternoon playing in the backyard and learning how to blow dandelions! He also enjoyed 'painting' them on his face - and I'm told only tried to eat them a handful of times. Excellent!

Saturday, they went to a park and spent three hours running around the park, chasing birds and having a good time. Then they did some grocery shopping and stopped by Jamba Juice for a snack. After that it started to rain buckets (not sad I missed that!) and so they played inside with his car.

He went to sleep really well both nights and even slept pretty decent through them.

Sunday morning, Loving Husband and Ace parked and came inside the airport to await my arrival. After I met them, I gave LH a hug and went to hug Ace who smiled at me and then continued to be fascinated by the baggage claim area and went about running around. It was like 'oh there you are... check!' and then off and running. :)

He had a great time and so did his dad! I'm glad he did so well, and while I missed them both - I enjoyed my time in San Diego - and look forward to going again over Memorial Weekend to see the Sex and the City movie!


Stesha said...

So sweet that Aiden and daddy had a chance to spend some alone time together. Boys weekend out! Aiden is getting cuter by the minute. They grow so fast. Glad that you enjoyed your trip, and had a safe return.

Hugs and Mocha,

Helen Ramsby said...

Why go all the way to San Diego for the movie? It's not played here?

Heather said...

I ditto Helen! You won't be here to see it with us??