Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

Ace celebrated his second Easter awakening at 7:15am (uuugh!) to the demand of food, only to head downstairs and be instantly distracted by the hawk-eye spotting of his first hidden Easter egg. Yes, we left several easy finds for him and a few more tucked away gems... unaware on what his interest level or concept grasping would be like this year. Last year he did great collecting the eggs we laid out in the middle of the room. I still love to watch this video every now and again.

This year he was off like a lightening bolt scurrying around the house hunting for any and every egg that he could find. Including the ones that were a part of a toy inside his Easter basket. After spending some time discovering his new found loot the hunt continued. He really did have a blast searching for the eggs and it was such a joy to watch him be so excited.

After some good hunting we enjoyed breakfast with Grandma who was up visiting and staying with us for the weekend. Ace enjoyed her visit a lot, especially since he doesn't get to see her as often as we'd all like. After breakfast it was time to get ready for church and put on our Easter clothes! Well Ace had Easter clothes, the rest of us dressed in "slightly better than we usually do on Sundays" clothes. :)

The sun was shining and it was a beautiful morning here in the Northwest. A wonderful sunny break from the damp, pouring rain we've been having for what seems like FOREVER. In fact, the sunny weather lasted until we got into church and sometime during that the cold, wind and clouds had returned, but oh what a beautiful sunny morning it was. What a great way to head to church to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior!
It was a wonderful church service. Great sermon, great music, wonderful sight of several baptisms and just enjoying the celebration of this great day. Ace slept on me through most of it (Praise the Lord!) although before that we did spend a little time in the Nursing Room allowing him some downtime away from all the crowds. As expected the church was a bit busy and so there were lots of people, and it was a bit overwhelming for him. Once in the room with no people he had a good time reacquainting himself with this tucked away space. This picture just cracks me up...

After church we headed home and enjoyed leftovers for lunch and then Grandma left to head to her brother's for Easter dinner. We had some down time before Pop Pop and Gran came over to bring and enjoy Easter dinner here. Ace was spoiled with the riches of Grandparents this weekend. The only Grandma missing was my mom, we wished she would have been able to be here to celebrate this wonderful day. Ace had a very blessed and lovely day - as did we all.

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Stsesha said...

His Easter outfit is so cute! In the last photo, he looks like a little man!

Hugs and Mocha,