Monday, April 19, 2010

Carrie's Baby Shower

Carrie and I have been friends since 2002, we lived together since 2001. :) Yes it's true we really didn't speak for the first several months we lived together. We didn't like each other. Seems some of my best friendships begin with a bit of opposition from both parties. God has funny ways of bringing friends together. After the first few months of living together and not speaking, we slowly began to socialize and realized that we had a lot of fun together. Over the years we have had many adventures: (lots of fun pictures in these links!) road trips, weddings, champagne nights, Disneyland, New Years Eve parties, a Sex and The City Movie weekend, and many more!

Four years ago this June I moved to the NW and of course Carrie was there to be a part of that transition for me. We took a road trip to the NW and I was so glad that I could have that fun experience with her (again!) Even though we live states apart we still manage to get together for some girl time. We have been present at all the important events of our lives thus far - and I was hell bent to make sure I didn't miss the latest one: her baby shower.

However, I had convinced her that I wasn't able to come, and that made for a great surprise! Our friend Lys helped me pull off the surprise - and her and I had an excellent Friday evening out and enjoying white sauce from Miguels! YUM!

The three of us headed to LA to her shower, sitting in the infamous never-ending traffic and even arriving a tad late - but we had the guest of honor so no party starts without her! She had a great time and got LOTS of great stuff for Baby Avery!

After the shower we headed out to dinner with her sister, niece, and Sandy to meet their dad! It was nice to see him and we enjoyed dinner at Bob's Big Boy and enjoyed a few random pictures with Bob himself. :)

We headed back to San Diego and stopped by Lys' place and picked up James, the dog she was watching and he joined me in the back of her car and we headed over to Carrie's place. He looks like a giant, and while he is a large chocolate lab, he's not 3xs my size. Maybe only 2xs ;-) We then opened a birthday present Carrie received... and that's all I'm going to say about that. I also had a good laugh - and haven't laughed that hard in a long long time. I'm just sayin'! It was a great trip and was not a huge fan of having to get up at 4am to leave - but I was super excited to get home to my guys. Check back tomorrow on a post about that.

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